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Oregon is a beautiful state, with seven different regions that feature diverse habitats like high desert, coasts, lakes, mountains and forests. These regions include Central Oregon, Greater Portland, the Coast, Eastern Oregon, Willamette Valley, Southern Oregon and Columbia Gorge. Each of these regions offers its own unique attractions and activities, and renting an RV in Oregon from Cruise America is an excellent way to travel to every site you would like to visit.

The Newberry National Volcanic Monument - This park in Central Oregon was created in 1990 and is within the Deschutes National Forest. Visiting the park in a motorhome rental offers incredible views to 54,000 acres of lava flows, lakes and amazing geological formations. Paulina Peak at 7,985 feet is the highest peak and offers hikers stunning views of the Cascades, the high desert and Newberry Caldera. Newberry Caldera encompasses 17 square miles at the heart of the active Newberry Volcano.

Wallowa Barn Tour - RV in Oregon and take a self-guided tour of old barns in Oregon`s Eastern Region. This road trip will take you by 31 well-preserved old barns through several picturesque small towns and sites of natural beauty. Each of these barns are privately owned, so this is a drive tour only. Start the trip just outside of Lostine on Highway 82, where you will see six classic barns. Besides these and other historic barns, such as the Eggleson Barn from 1910 that is surrounded by mountains, you will also see the Sunrise Iron, a museum collection of antique tractors that have been restored. A great way to end your tour is at the RimRock Inn, which offers teepee lodging on the edges of Joseph Canyon.

Portland - This city straddles the Columbia and Willamette rivers, underneath Mt. Hood. Washington Park houses a varied community of museums, gardens, forests and a zoo. An RV rental provides easy access to it all. The Hoyt Arboretum has over 2,000 species of plants and trees, and the Oregon Zoo has almost 2,000 animals that are representative of 200 species from around the world. Besides its plentiful parks and paths, Portland has a vibrant theater scene. Portland`s Center for the Arts is one of the largest art performance complexes in the country and includes the Portland Opera, the Oregon Symphony and the Portland Youth Philharmonic. It also regularly hosts Broadway tours.

Oregon Coast - The Oregon coast is unique in that all 363 miles of coast are accessible to the public by law up to 16 vertical feet above the low tide line. Thus the coast has earned the moniker "The People`s Coast." A Cruise America RV is a great way to visit many of the 75 state parks located directly on the coast, which offer visitors access to the varied terrain of Oregon`s coast. Rainforest, tide pools, sand dunes and rocky formations are just footsteps away.

Newport - Located in the Oregon Coast region, Newport has many attractions an RV rental offers great access to such as the Yaquina Bay Bridge with 2 areas for observation, Yaquina State Park, which houses the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, and a basalt rock beach in the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. The Oregon Coast Aquarium is host to marine mammals, sea birds, fish, invertebrates and plants that are indigenous to the coast.
Mt. Hood - Mt. Hood should be on everyone`s list of places to see in Oregon. Your RV rental will take you through Mt. Hood’s 11 glaciers. You might consider visiting the Historic Timberline Lodge, a WPA work constructed in 1938, which features year-round skiing. Built of locally acquired wood and stone, the design is aligned with the mountain. Besides glaciers, there are also many alpine lakes on all sides of the mountain. When in season, flowers and fruit line the trails and roads around the mountain.

Oregon Caves Monument - Located in Oregon`s Southern region, the Oregon Caves Monument has tours that are seasonal March through November. The caves are open to children who are 42 inches or taller who can successfully walk up the test stairs without assistance. The temperature inside the caves is a constant 41 degrees Fahrenheit, so everyone should dress warmly.

Salem - Salem is the capital of Oregon and is located in the Willamette region. There is a great variety of fun things to do in the capital, such as taking the Ale and Cider Trail which celebrates the local craft beer venues, hiking the new 3.7-mile Catamount Trail at Silver Falls State Park and walking along the new Peter Courtney Minto Island Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge that joins the downtown area to the 1,200 acre Minto-Brown Island Park.

When you consider the freedom of movement that an RV rental provides, it makes perfect sense to rent an RV in Oregon from Cruise America. The diverse natural beauty that Oregon possesses is available to you in any direction you choose to drive in a motorhome rental.

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