The 5 Most Scenic Trail Runs in the U.S.


There is no better way to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors than taking advantage of gorgeous trails. Across our 50 states, there are thousands of miles of trails everywhere and an RV rental is the perfect way to help you explore as many as possible. Check out our list below for our top-5 most scenic trail runs in the United States. 

Colorado Trail


Ideal for long-distance runners, the Colorado Trail runs more than 500 miles from Denver to Durango. This trail travels through eight mountain ranges, five river systems, six national forests and six wilderness areas, providing the most gorgeous views of Colorado. From start to finish, the lengthy trail would take about four to six weeks to traverse, which is why it’s been divided into 28 segments. Choose a part that looks interesting to you and enjoy the breathtaking views as you drive there in your Colorado RV rental.

RV-rental-Scenic-Trail-runs-U-S-2-(1).jpgGorgeous vistas await the avid trail runner in Colorado.

Vasa Pathway


The Vasa Pathway in Traverse City, Michigan offers stunning views no matter the season, and is easily accessible in your campervan rental in Michigan. Located on state forest land, the 26-mile trail caters to runners of all abilities, offering 3K, 5K, 10K, and 25K loop options. Runners can enjoy colorful foliage in the fall, sparkling lakes and clear skies in the warmer months and snow-covered trees in the winter. This trail run is actually most popular in the winter, where many choose to visit for cross-country skiing. Part of Vasa Pathway, the Vasa Snowshoe Trail consists of 2.5 miles made up of various loops. 

RV-rental-Scenic-Trail-runs-U-S-3-(1).jpgFall is the show-stopper season for trail running in Michigan.
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Wildwood Trail


Located in Portland, Oregon, Wildwood Trail is known to be a difficult trail run, but the challenge is worth the view. The 30-mile trail is surrounded by wild flowers open for use year-round. A designated National Recreation Trail, a portion of Wildwood Trail enters Forest Park, one of the largest urban forests in the United States. Wildwood Trail is also dog-friendly and is a great spot to enjoy one of Oregon’s most popular trails. Celebrate your trek with a relaxing night in your RV rental in Portland

RV-rental-Scenic-Trail-runs-U-S-4-(1).jpgGet your green on with a trail run in Portland.
Photo by Nikita Taparia on Unsplash

Hidden Valley Trail


Situated between Moab, Utah and the Grand Canyon rim, Hidden Valley Trail leads through walls of Sandstone and provides gorgeous views of the LaSal Mountains. The 6-mile trail run is best to visit during the spring when the greenery begins to bloom, and the hot temperatures have not yet arrived. Hidden Valley Trail even includes an ancient path used by Native Americans where trail goers can find petroglyphs on the rocks. Enjoy the dark skies, beautiful sandstone formations and other gorgeous views from your RV rental in Utah

RV-rental-Scenic-Trail-runs-U-S-5-(1).jpgOtherworldly views await in Moab. 

Lakefront Trail


Even some of the most scenic trail runs can be located in urban environments. Chicago’s Lakefront Trail is an 18-mile paved path that runs along Lake Michigan. The trail passes through six Chicago neighborhoods with the lake on one side and the skyline on the other. This trail run is fairly busy but has been separated to designate one side for bikers and one for pedestrians. The Lakefront Trail is a great option for those who want to experience true city scenery. Save on hotels in the expensive metro area with a motorhome rental in Chicago.  

RV-rental-Scenic-Trail-runs-U-S-6-(1).jpgEnjoy a more urban experience with the trail run along Lake Michigan.
Photo by Josh Soriano on Unsplash

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