Motorhome Purchasing Questions

Sometimes, that can be the case. This is why we order our fleet of motorhomes with many commercial materials and specifications that are not added to their retail counterparts. Our fleet motorhomes are built to our rigorous specifications. This benefits us during their rental life and the customers we sell them to. 

When our motorhomes are finally retired from our fleet, they will have plenty of useful life left. Don't take our word for it; ask any previous sales customers (about 30,000+ so far!). They will tell you about their many adventurers and additional miles driven post-purchase!

If you still have reservations, please be aware that we have many options for purchasing extended service contacts for that additional piece of mind. 

Yes, we will rebate up to $3,000 of your time and mileage rental charges to the original credit card used with your RV rental from Cruise. You must act fast; you will have six months to take advantage of this rebate offer. For further details on this rebate, click here.

Yes, we have many options for purchasing extended service contacts for that additional piece of mind.  Be sure to ask your sales representative for details. 

Yes, you can cancel your warranty at any time. You will usually receive a pro-rated refund minus a small administration fee. Please refer to your contract for the details. 

You may transfer the optional service contracts for a nominal one-time fee.  This can prove to be a valuable add-on to customers wanting to sell their motorhome at a later date. To complete this transfer process, you would contact the issuing company, pay the fee, and fill out the transfer paperwork for the next owner.  Please consult your contract for all the details.    

We are not a buy here, pay here entity, but we have relationships with many banks and internal lending institutions that provide retail financing options in conjunction with a purchase. Please note that not every bank or lending institution finances motorhomes or vehicles with higher miles/kilometers, so we established relationships with many entities to get our customers the best financing terms possible.

Your sales representative can provide a link to our secure online credit application to start the process.

Usually, there are no prepayment penalties with any of our established internal lenders.

Yes, generally, and that’s one reason an RV purchase is a good idea. However, there are restrictions and limitations, such as the RV must be used as security for the loan and must be one of two qualified homes on your tax return. With that said, you should always confirm deductibility with your tax advisor.  

We allow inspections before delivery, with a few items to note (detailed below). 

  • The inspection must occur on our property, meaning you or your inspector will not be permitted to drive it to an off-site location to complete the inspection. 
  • As with all types of inspections (e.g., home inspections), you pay someone to find deficiencies (so expect them to find something). It is our experience that there will always be a few items to address post-inspection. In most cases, these items are easy to remedy. Just be aware that just because the inspector notes an item does not obligate us to repair it before the final sale. You always have the option not to move forward with the sale. 
  • The buyer is responsible for paying all inspection fees, regardless of whether they finalize a sale. 

Thor Motor Coach, a division of Thor Industries, manufactures most of our fleet. They build the Majestic brand motorhomes exclusively for Cruise America and Cruise Canada. 

The cutaway chassis for our class C motorhomes are built by Ford Motor Co.  

We have purchased motorhomes from other manufacturers, including Winneabego, Tiffin, Fleetwood, Coachman, and Lance Campers.    

Not really. Our sales fleet is exclusively gasoline-powered, which keeps the sales price lower than diesel units.

We have many sales centers across North America.  Here is a link to our current sales locations.

Most of our sales centers are close to many major airports.  We encourage you to take advantage of our Fly & Buy Rebate offer.  Click here for details.  

Unfortunately, our internal service records were never formatted for public release.  They contain proprietary information that, in some instances, we do not want to be disclosed to the general public.  Examples of that proprietary information include favorable wholesale parts costs and labor rates in our vast vendor network.    

Rest assured, Cruise only buys its fleet new from manufacturers and has maintained that vehicle from day one. 

Our sales efforts are centered around selling off our late-model used fleet.  We do not sell new retail motorhomes or RVs. 

We have provided you with a link to the electronic version of the Owner's Manuals. Click here to view them.

Most vehicles we sell have a hitch rated for 5,000 lbs. and a 500 tongue weight, but your actual towing capacity may vary based on many factors. They are also equipped with a multi-tow 7-way blade and 4-way flat connector.

We always refer you back to the motorhome manufacturer for complete towing capacities.  Click here for the manufacturer towing guidelines