Discover Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a sliver of land that helps make up the six-state northeasternmost New England region. The Appalachian Trail cuts right through the tail of the state, while Cape Cod and its many beaches reach out into the Atlantic Ocean. The commonwealth is drenched in history. From the founding of the country to the invention of basketball, there`s no shortage of historical sites. And, the best way to experience it all is to rent an RV from Cruise America.

The Freedom Trail - The Freedom Trail is free and easy. You get to set your own pace as you follow the 2.5-mile trail laid in red bricks right into Boston`s sidewalks. You`ll be taken to 16 different historical sites, including the home of Paul Revere, the patriot that famously warned, "The British are coming!" You`ll learn about the founding of America by visiting sites like Faneuil Hall, the Granary burying grounds and Boston Common. The trail ends at the USS Constitution, which is the Navy`s oldest commissioned vessel. Then it’s back to the comfort of your rental RV to your next adventure.

Fall Foliage - The mixture of moisture, temperature and daylight in the fall stimulates trees to change the colors of their leaves. The forests of Massachusetts become an ocean of reds, purples, yellows and oranges. And, there`s no better way to chase the changing leaves than in an RV rental from Cruise America. Peak foliage changes every year, so you`ll want the mobility of your rental motorhome to stay in the most beautiful areas across the commonwealth. This annual phenomenon rakes in $3 billion for the Massachusetts economy, And, while a Cruise America motorhome rental will help you stay ahead of the crowds, we’re guessing that it won’t be pulling in $3 billion dollars for you.

The Basketball Hall of Fame - The rolling hills of Western Massachusetts are interrupted by the urban sprawl of Springfield. It`s here, in the metro center of the Pioneer Valley, that basketball was born. George Naismith pinned peach baskets to the walls in his gym to keep his young students conditioned and warm in the winter months. He published 13 original rules, one of which says that three consecutive penalty calls results in a score for the opposing team. The rules have changed over time, but the game still recognizes its birthplace. which enshrines the greatest NBA, college and amateur players, coaches, writers and influencers.

Boston`s Whispering Glass Sphere - Pilot your RV rental from Cruise America down Massechusettes Avenue in Boston, where you`ll find the Mary Eddy Baker Library. Inside is one of the most interesting places in the entire state. You`ll walk into a giant dome of stained glass resembling a map of the earth. It`s beauty is nearly as fascinating as its function. Stand on one side of the dome while your friend stands on the other. Whisper in your faintest voice and watch as your friend hears across the entire room. Then listen for your friend`s whispered messages that carry around the glass dome without losing clarity. It’s a great educational experience for the kids and grownups, alike.

Discover Cape Cod - Connected to the mainland of Massachusetts by two massive bridges, Cape Cod is a summertime paradise. A rental RV in Massachusetts allows you to drive over the manmade Cape Cod Canal that was commissioned to give people work in the 1930`s. The engineering marvel is jaw dropping, but Cape Cod`s beauty is unparalleled. Colonial houses line quiet lanes that lead down to the ocean through protected sand dunes. Head to the southern side of the cape for heavier surf. The northern side is protected from the current where you`ll find beaches that expand up to a mile at low tide. It`s the perfect time to look for hermit crabs, minnows, horseshoe crabs and many other treasures that may manifest themselves in the waterless sand.

Fenway Park - Baseball`s cathedral stands proudly in The Fens neighborhood of Boston. The park was built in 1912 making it older than the state of California. Players like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez have all played under the shadow of the Green Monster through the decades. The monster, standing more than 37 feet tall, was revealed after clearing away a hill nicknamed Duffy`s Cliff, named for the talented 19th-century leftfielder that prowled its banks. Fenway is often sold out, but the ticket office holds 1,000 tickets for game day sales at Gate E behind the Green Monster. You can always opt for a daytime tour of the ballpark. And, there’s always room in the parking lot to park your rental RV, so you can just hop right in and relax, once the game is over.

The Berkshires - The Berkshires are the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains out in Western Mass. It`s where you`ll find the Appalachian Trail, as well as a variety of outdoor activities. It was also the spot where Norman Rockwell made his famous paintings. Use your rental RV in Massachusetts to discover his museum, and so much more, out at the western edge of the commonwealth.

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