Why Taking an RV to a Hockey Game Won’t Disappoint

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When taking an RV to a sporting event, it's usually football that springs to mind, right? As generations of sports fans can attest, there's no better way to tailgate before a football game than in an RV.

But is football the only sport that provides enjoyable and memorable experiences for RVers? No, in fact, you can enjoy other sports in an RV, too — sports like hockey!

As you're about to see, whether you're into professional or collegiate hockey (or both), taking an RV to a game is an experience that won't disappoint.

Why Taking an RV to a Hockey Game Won’t Disappoint

Here are several reasons why your next hockey road trip should have you behind the wheel of an RV!

You Can Get to the Game Comfortably

You're probably aware that traveling in an RV is a great way to get practically anywhere in more style and comfort than road trippers ordinarily enjoy — and that's just as true when traveling to hockey games. In an RV, you're not cramped up in the space of a much smaller vehicle; you have far more space to lay out your jerseys and hats before the first face-off. It's just so much more convenient!

RVing Makes Tailgating Easy

If you're tailgating in your RV before the game, you're able to have everything you need — food, drinks, appliances, and prep space — right there with you. Plus, you can rest up inside your RV before the game! And, let's say that, for whatever reason, you couldn't snag tickets to the game. You can still watch it on your RV's TV screen near the venue, partying with other fans like you!

No Need to Book Expensive Hotel Rooms

Following your favorite team on the road can rack up lots of miles on the odometer but can also rack up significant hotel fees in each city. In an RV, though, you're able to bring your accommodation with you wherever you go — whether up to Toronto, down to Dallas, or all the way to San Jose, all you need is a campground (at best) or a parking lot (at worst).

See the Games, and See the Sights

And then, of course, there is the chance to sightsee while on the road to the next city and game. More than 30 cities across the U.S. and Canada host professional NHL teams, and there are literally hundreds of universities and colleges with hockey teams in North America. All of these places have their own charm, and the roadways connecting them often pass by major tourist sites.

What this means is that there are almost endless opportunities to visit places you've never been while traveling from hockey town to hockey town in an RV across America and Canada. 

Don't think you can fit a visit to a nearby National Park before the game? Well, there's always the chance to do so afterward or on your way out of town! Aside from the games, your schedule is your own.

Logistical Issues with Traveling to Hockey Games in an RV

As you might expect, it's not always just fun and games when traveling in an RV. And, there can actually be some logistical considerations when taking an RV to hockey games, more so than doing so with football games. Like what, you ask?

Space May Be Limited

One main major issue you will have to contend with is finding space for your RV. Aside from Winter Classics, which are played outdoors, most hockey arenas are much smaller than your average football stadium — and that means they have less parking, too.

In fact, some arenas may not even have RV spaces available in their lots, leaving you to figure out where to park your rig.

Tailgating May Not Be Allowed

What this means for your tailgating plans depends on whether you're able to find space in a parking lot, if tailgating is even allowed there, and how early you're permitted to start pre-gaming if it is.

Campgrounds Can Fill Up Fast

What if you're already planning on staying at an RV campground when traveling to hockey games?

You may not think you have much to worry about, but if your visit coincides with a major holiday or tournament, spaces at nearby RV campsites could fill up quickly...even long before your visit.

The Solution? Plan Ahead for a Smooth Trip

Such concerns needn't put you or your hockey travel plans in the penalty box, though.

With enough planning before you head out, you can figure out parking arrangements in cities or at arenas that aren't as RV-friendly as others.

And, a great many RV campgrounds offer the ability to book spaces months in advance, so if you're heading somewhere popular, just book a space early to be safe.

Travel to Hockey Games in a Cruise RV!

As you can see, taking an RV to a hockey game won't disappoint. The opportunity to party in an RV before and after the puck drops — and of course, also stop and see the sights on your way to the game — is an unparalleled fan experience.

If you're eager to see for yourself what taking an RV to a hockey game is like, there's no better way to get there than in a Cruise America RV!