Why an RV Road Trip Is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift


It’s almost Mother’s day and the pressure is on to find the perfect gift to show her how much she means to you. Sure, you can always make her breakfast in bed, buy a bouquet of flowers or treat her to a day at the spa. But why not make this year special by planning an unforgettable trip the whole family can enjoy? Here are a few more reasons why road trip in an RV rental is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

No Hassle 

An all-in-one vacation, RV road trips take the hassle out of planning a full-fledged getaway. No need to scour the internet for the perfect hotel, stalk airline prices months in advance or reserve tickets to popular activities or concerts. Simply book your RV rental vehicle, determine a few destinations and map out your drive. RVing also means no time restrictions or set schedules, giving you ample time to explore or take an unexpected detour. Hitting the open road without pre-determined obligations is guaranteed to relieve unnecessary stress and create a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day weekend. 

For those embarking on their first RV excursion, consider our RV road trip planning guide for some helpful tips.

Low Cost 

RV road trips are often more cost effective than alternative vacations, especially when you consider flight tickets and multiple nights in a hotel or luxury resort. There are many free RV campgrounds located across the United States that are perfect for getting off the grid and enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. Avoid restaurant costs by whipping up some delicious camping meals or grilled camping cuisine in your RV. You can even mix up a few camp-inspired cocktails to round out the meal. Whether you’re planning to hike, mountain bike, fish or simply enjoy the campfire, outdoor activities are often less costly than popular tourist attractions. 

Quality Time Together 

There is nothing like an RV adventure that brings families together. Whether it’s exploring exciting destinations, trying out a new outdoor activity or preparing a home-cooked meal, RV road trips allow you to set daily distractions aside and spend quality time with the ones you love most. It’s also a great time to partake in a digital detox and get away from technology. Set limitations on your screen time or commit to storing your electronic devices away entirely. You will be amazed how reducing tech time can turn your vacation into the ultimate family bonding experience. 

Fresh Air & Endless Exploring 

Getting outside and enjoying some fresh air is never a wasted opportunity. Besides endless health benefits, exploring newfound outdoor destinations or trying new activities creates unforgettable memories for everyone involved. There is also something about the great outdoors that makes time slow down just a little and allow you to embrace the time spent with family. You can even make RV road trips an annual Mother’s Day excursion, planning a new route every year! 

No matter where you decide to adventure this Mother’s Day, the uninterrupted time together is what truly makes the day so special. Book your Cruise America RV today and start planning your holiday getaway! After your road trip, consider giving your mom a scrapbook of the adventure so that she can always treasure the experience.