What You Need To Know Before a Long-Term RV Rental

If you’re all about that #RVlife, you may be ready to embark on your first long-term RV road trip. Trust us – it’s the adventure of a lifetime! Here are a few, key things you should know about long-term RV rentals

Plan Around the Weather

If you’re planning a long-term RV trip, it’s helpful to keep the weather in mind. If you’ll be traveling during the coldest part of winter, you might consider traveling to more temperate areas of the U.S. If your dream trip is that RV tour through Canada, then the summer is the perfect time to make that trek.

Pack Lighter Than You Think

When going on a long road trip, it’s awfully tempting to bring everything (AND the kitchen sink!). Having too much stuff with you can make the space inside an RV feel a little cramped. 

With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can embrace your inner, road trip minimalist! For example, schedule a laundry day into your route each week. Or plan on stopping at thrift stores along the route to stock up on seasonal clothes as needed. 

Break Up the Drive

So you want to drive across the country – we totally understand the feeling! While the amenities in an RV makes it easier to find joy in the journey, it’s important to break up the days of traveling with stops along the way. A good rule of thumb is to keep daily legs to a max of about 400 miles a day. 

A great way to break up the trip is to stop and visit with friends and family along the route. Not only will you get to make some new memories together, but it can save you a night of camping costs as well. Just make sure your friends and family have a good spot nearby by RV parking.

Buy a National Parks Pass

If you’re anything like most of the people here at Cruise America, you probably love visiting national parks. If you’re planning on stopping by a few during your long-term RV rental, we 100% recommend getting a national parks pass. The America the Beautiful pass covers entrance fees all national parks, wildlife refuges and forests and is good for a full year after the date of purchase. And after one or two visits, you’ll find that it pays for itself. 

Photo Credit: Carlie Handshy

General Maintenance

If you are opting for the long haul with your RV adventure, you’ll need to make plans to get your oil changed while on the road. 

You also need to monitor and maintain proper tire inflation. If the seasons change during your trip, it’s fairly common for vehicle tires to get over or underinflated. 



If you plan to utilize your gas cook top,  you are responsible for refilling the propane tank before returning your rental. This can be done at most gas stations – we recommend that you have a station attendant assist you.


If you find yourself staying in campsites that do not have electric hookups, you will more than likely put your generator to use. Generator usage is billed at an hourly rate, so the more you use it the higher the cost. If budget is a concern, monitor your usage by designating specific time frames that your travel party can use the generator. 

The RV generator runs off the same tank as the engine, and in order to maintain proper operation we suggest not letting the gas level drop below a quarter of a tank. It’s a good idea to monitor fuel levels closely and keep the tank filled with unleaded gas. 

Be Flexible

We understand wanting to see a lot during your RV adventure. However, sometimes life happens or you find something unexpected that you want to explore. Try to create a flexible travel schedule, giving yourself extra time between destinations so you can make up the drive time if you get behind schedule by a day or two. 

Long-term RV rentals can be an absolute blast but come with some additional planning and preparation. Download the Cruise America RV App before you hit the road for easy trouble shooting and assistance.