Dive into the Southeast with Must-See Louisiana Waterfalls


Visitors to Louisiana, the Pelican State, usually have their reasons for stopping by, and those reasons are usually New Orleans, Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, or some combination of all three. Still, others want to take in the beauty of a Louisiana bayou, of which there is no shortage.

Whatever the reasons for visiting Louisiana, there's no denying that the state is filled with natural wonders. More outdoorsy folk love all that the Bayou State has on offer, but even they might not know so much about an unsung feature of Louisiana: Its waterfalls!

The Best Waterfalls in Louisiana

Yes, Louisiana is known more for its bayous than its waterfalls, but rest assured, there are enough waterfalls in Louisiana to enjoy, thanks to all those wetlands. Here's a list of some of the best waterfalls in Louisiana you can enjoy in the Bayou State!

Tunica Hills Area Falls

If you have a bit of patience, then Tunica Hills Area Falls, within the Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area, can provide a big payoff for your wait. These are seasonal falls, best experienced in the rainy season. As with some other waterfalls in Louisiana, the Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area falls are best paired with a hike.

You can enjoy the trails even when the water flow is lower; at times, you'd never guess that any water ever flows in the area, much less that waterfalls could form. If you want to see some water when you visit, call or check ahead online before heading out.

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Woodriff Falls

The cascades of Woodriff Falls can make you think you're in another region entirely, rather than Louisiana. They flow, rush, and gush over a rocky ledge; with the right footwear and a bit of bravery, you can try to climb up some of them. If you're not so adventurous, you can still find your way under the ledge for some truly unique photos of Woodriff Falls from a different perspective. It's an easy hike to get to Woodriff Falls, making this a charming little falls stop for the whole family.

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Rock Falls

The tallest waterfall in Louisiana, Rock Falls, is a tiered waterfall in the J.C. “Sonny” Gilbert Wildlife Management Area, which is located in Catahoula Parish in northeastern Louisiana. They're best seen on a hike along the Big Creek Nature Trail. Though the trail specifically leading to Rock Falls is steep, it's only 0.7-miles long. Be careful, and you'll be fine. As for the waterfall itself, it's 17 feet tall and drains into a creek. If you're exploring the area after some heavy rain, you might even find some smaller falls!

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St. Mary's Falls

St. Mary's Falls, in the J.C. “Sonny” Gilbert Wildlife Management Area, is a perfect stopover on a balmy day. They're not all that tall –– about 10 feet high –– but still good to cool off under. If all you want to do is snap photos, you can do so from in front of the falls or venture underneath to get a unique perspective when the water flow gets substantially lower. St. Mary's Falls are perhaps best enjoyed after a hike along the nearby trail loop, so pack both a bathing suit and your hiking boots!

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Kisatchie Falls

Located within the Kisatchie National Forest, these Class II rapids (one of only a few in Louisiana) exist courtesy of the Kisatchie Bayou. The area is very popular with both campers and hikers, but the environment remains relatively pristine, enabling you to enjoy it all without regret or distraction. For a bit of calm, you can take off your shoes and dip your feet into the many small pools formed by the rapids. On the other hand, if excitement is more your thing, you can strap on a lifejacket and thrill to some whitewater rafting.

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A Tip for Visiting Waterfalls in Louisiana

Keep in mind that many waterfalls in Louisiana are at the mercy of the weather. Louisiana is great for a visit any time of year, but if you're going specifically to see waterfalls, try to visit during the wetter times of the year. Late spring, specifically May, tends to see the most rain, so that's the best time to visit to see Louisiana waterfalls in all their glory.

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