Vegan Camper’s Food Guide: Plant Based Meals, Snacks, & More


Camping is a wonderful way to get outside and get in tune with nature. A lot of the traditional camping food that comes to mind, however, is not vegan-friendly. For the vegan camper looking for all of the joy of cooking over a campfire, a little extra foresight can ensure filling and delicious meals to please anyone.  

Tips for a Successful Vegan Camping Trip

As you plan your RV camping adventure, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you have all the vegan camping food you’ll need for a stress-free trip. These include: 

  • Prepare in advance. The more prepping, cutting, and pre-mixing you can do before your trip, the easier it will be to make healthy meals quickly. 
  • Don’t forget the spices. Pre-make your own seasoning blends to quickly flavor your food. 
  • Bring plenty of snacks. Make sure to pack protein-heavy snacks just in case a meal gets delayed or to fuel up during your favorite camping activities. 
  • Bring vegan marshmallows. You can now find them in many grocery stores! Everyone needs a good s’more when camping. 

Before the Trip 

Preparing for a trip featuring vegan camping food requires a little more work than just grabbing a package of hot dogs, but with a little foresight, you can ensure quick, easy, and delicious meals. 

Kitchen Prep

What kind of camping will you be doing? If you’re car camping or RV camping, you’ll have more room and more weight that you can bring. In addition to a solid camp stove, bring a camp pot and skillet, too! Cast iron cooks and cleans easily. It also has the advantage of handling the direct heat of the fire. Don’t forget to bring reusable silverware, plates, cups, and bowls. Cooking utensils (with long handles) are key for cooking over hot flames, as is a good potholder! 

Food Prep

Start thinking about meals in advance to make it easy to grocery shop and start preparing your food and snacks. Look for easy-to-cook meals, especially one-pot dishes, that are loaded with color and nutrients to make sure you’re well fueled for any camping adventure. A vegan camping food list should include plenty of vegetables, protein, and filling seeds, nuts, or whole grains. 

Many items can be prepared at home to cut down on work at the campsite. Make a sauce or soup ahead of time to easily reheat. Slice your vegetables or pre-make skewers to go from cooler to the cooktop with no extra hassle.  

The Ultimate Vegan Camping Food List 

There are countless excellent vegan campfire recipes out there. Vegan doesn’t always have to be the other option. Read on to find out how to make the camp carnivores not miss the meat on your next camping trip. 


Camping breakfasts should be hearty enough to set your day on the right path. For something to make in advance, try a scrambled tofu breakfast burrito loaded with veggies. This can be frozen and will keep everything else in your cooler cold for a little longer. Cook over the fire for a little extra smoky flavor. 

Oatmeal with fresh or dried fruit will also start the morning out right, leaving you full and fueled for the day. Oats are also easily customizable. Make a toppings bar and let your campmates make themselves the perfect bowl. 


For lunchtime vegan camping food, think very quick and easy meals. Maybe a can (or premade jar) of soup or chili that can be reheated with little effort. You’ll want to make sure lunch doesn’t hold you up from getting back to your camping activities — whether that’s a long hike or just hanging out and enjoying the campsite. 

Sandwiches and wraps are a perfect option for lunchtime because you don’t even need to heat them up. Load them up with colorful vegetables and a nice spread such as hummus for a refreshing meal sure to please anyone. 

Hiking Snacks 

Snacks are sometimes the best part of camping. High protein snacks will keep you full and energized on trail or off. Trail mix is the best for this and allows you to be creative. When making trail mix for the group just remember this customizable recipe: 2 part nuts; 1 part of something crunchy such as seeds, grains or cereal; 1 part dried fruit; and 1 part of something special. You’ll need about 1 cup of trail mix per person (plus an extra cup for that person who just really loves trail mix). Try pistachios, almonds, puffed quinoa, dried cherries, and little dark chocolate chips for a good mix. 

Granola bars (store-bought or homemade) are also a great snack in addition to fresh or dried fruit and hummus. Try grilling your favorite fresh fruits for a smokey sweet vegan campfire dessert. 


Dinner is the time to show off your outdoor cooking skills (or not). For a camping crowd favorite, you can’t go wrong with black bean burgers and plant-based “hot dogs.” But there is more to dinner than substitute meats. Try vegetable skewers with mushrooms over the fire and brown rice for a dish with Mediterranean flair. 

Cauliflower that’s well seasoned makes an excellent taco filling with pickled onions and possibly a cabbage slaw on top. Aluminum foil packets are also a great way to easily roast delicious vegetables. Add pre-chopped vegetables into the cast iron for a quick stir fry. Bring your sauce in a small jar to shake and add as you cook. This Udon noodle dish is an excellent option to cook over the fire. 

Campfire Food for Everyone 

Whether you’re going full gourmet on your next camping trip or just looking to eat fast, filling meals outside, there is vegan campfire food for everyone. With the right menu, plant-based eating can only add to the experience of communing with nature in a cruelty-free way. Bon appetit! 

So, are you ready to show off your vegan camping food knowledge? Then it’s time to hit the road! Head to one of Cruise America’s convenient RV rental locations and choose an RV rental that fits your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our rentals and plan your next adventure!