RV Camping Near Unicoi State Park


In northern Georgia, there lies over one thousand acres of preserved natural landscapes to explore. The park has been a peaceful respite to all travelers since the 1960s when it was founded by the CCC. Today, it still attracts countless visitors, thanks to its beautiful scenery and wealth of fun things to do.

In this guide to RV camping near Unicoi State Park, we’ll cover where to camp, when to visit, and what to do in this gorgeous slice of Georgia.

Unicoi State Park Facts 

Before you hit the road, learn a bit about the park with these Unicoi State Park facts!

  • Unicoi State Park is just outside of Helen, Georgia. You can enter from Georgia 356 off of Georgia State Route 75. 
  • The park holds 1,050 acres of forests, hiking and biking trails, and the 53-acre Unicoi Lake.
  • Uncoi comes from a Cherokee word meaning white, hazy, or foggy.
  • October is the high season at Unicoi for its beautiful fall foliage and Oktoberfest celebration in the nearby town of Helen.
  • Picturesque Helen draws plenty of visitors with its beautiful scenery and plenty of Georgian charm. This alpine-style village is definitely worth a visit coming in or out of the park.

Now that you’re familiar with Unicoi State Park, let’s take a look at the best RV parks nearby.

Best Unicoi State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds 

Spend less time planning and more time doing what you love in the great outdoors. We’ve made it easy to hunker down with our list of the best Unicoi State Park RV campgrounds.

Unicoi State Park and Lodge

Amenities: The RV sites in Unicoi State Park are your best bet for convenience and price. Be situated right near all the action in the middle of the park. The grounds have a nice amenities list, including sewer, power, and water hookups at every RV site. Restrooms with showers are nearby to wash up. Gravel plots accommodate 30- or 40-foot RVs, so be sure to say which you need when you make a reservation. Light up your spot’s fire pit, and enjoy a nice meal on the community picnic tables.

Capacity: 84 RV sites

More Information: Unicoi State Park and Lodge

Top of Georgia RV Airstream Park

Amenities: For some quiet solitude in the middle of an Appalachian forest, check out this RV campground near Unicoi State Park. The 200 sites of this large campground are spread out far enough for plenty of personal space. Keep in mind that the park has full hookups but no showers. A bare and sparse campground at an ultra-affordable price is the main draw here. But, you’ll find horseshoes, tetherball, a library, and a laundry room. The park is divided into three sections. If you need Wi-Fi, ask for the upper pavilion.

Capacity: 200 RV sites

More Information: Top of Georgia RV Airstream Park

Creekwood Resort Campgrounds & Cabins

Amenities: This small RV campground near Unicoi State Park is another great choice for a quiet, peaceful stay. The park is for adults only so you’ll find a more low-key and relaxed vibe compared to some of the bigger family campgrounds. Plenty of trees provide shade and privacy between each lot. You’ll have to back into concrete pads, but the site’s owners will help guide you. Each one is immaculately leveled like the rest of the lovely grounds. Enjoy full hookups everywhere, solid Wi-Fi coverage, and top-notch service courtesy of this quaint camp’s owners.

Capacity: 21 RV sites

More Information: Creekwood Resort Campgrounds & Cabins

Yonah Mountain Camping Resort

Amenities: This big RV campground near Unicoi State Park is a nice choice for families. A mix of fun activities await, like a s’mores cookout, a slip ‘n slide, bingo nights, live music, and flea markets. Yonah is also one of the more luxurious choices in the area. Take a load off in the clubhouse with a good book, which is fully furnished with comfy seating. After some rest, get in a few games of basketball, cornhole, or horseshoes. Take a dip in the pool or let your kids romp around the playground. Full hookups and Wi-Fi are available everywhere in the park.

Capacity: 108 RV sites

More Information: Yonah Mountain Camping Resort

Cherokee Campground

Amenities: Cherokee is a smaller campground situated next to a gently running stream. The sites are wooded and offer some decent privacy. Amenities include full hookups and Wi-Fi everywhere. A big rec hall filled with parlor games is a nice way to pass the time, or get a sweat on with a basketball or tetherball. The elevated picnic area offers pretty views of the mountains while you enjoy a meal. But, you might hear a lot of passing traffic since the park is so close to the highway.

Capacity: 38 RV sites

More Information: Cherokee Campground 

Best Time To Visit Unicoi State Park 

Every season can offer a wonderful experience in Georgia with just a few, small differences. Figure out the best time to visit Unicoi State Park with this handy guide.


Winter RV camping in Unicoi State Park is perfect for first-timers who are curious about the off-season. Georgia winters are mild and rarely drop below freezing except for the coldest of December days. The sparsely populated park and neighboring Helen are a lovely sight after a light dusting of snow, too.


If you’re looking for some spring RV camping in Unicoi State Park, April seems like the way to go. You’ll be missing most of the heavy rains of other spring months while enjoying a pleasant temperature. Days hover at about 75 degrees Fahrenheit on average.


RV camping in Unicoi State Park doesn’t come along with the typical oppressive heat of a summer trip. The temperature tops out at just 86 degrees on the hottest days of the season. You will have to contend with a bit of rain though. Pack some light rain gear if you’re planning a long day out.


Fall is the high season for RV camping in Unicoi State Park for good reason. The fall foliage is brilliant and warm in tones of red, auburn, and umber, just as Helen is ringing with activity. The village is packed full of autumn festivals like Oktoberfest to match the atmosphere of the Bavarian stylings therein. 

Things To Do in Unicoi State Park 

Get your trip started off right with this list of our favorite things to do in Unicoi State Park!

  • Work on your aim. The park has archery and air gun courses to enjoy. Take in three ways to play: the static archery range, the 3-D course, and an air gun range. The static archery and air gun ranges are your standard shooting ranges with targets at various distances. The 3-D course features models of beasts both real and imagined to plink away at.  
  • Learn to fly fish. The park’s lake makes a great place to get some fishing in. And if you’ve never tried it before, Unicoi is the best place to start! Their course teaches you all the basics, including casting a line, thinking like a fish, and using the right kind of lures. Try your hand at landing a real mountain trout.
  • Go on a GPS scavenger hunt. This is a great chance for your kids to get a hang of navigating with a map, combined with the excitement of a real life treasure hunt. You’ll be asked to take pictures of spots in the park with your phone camera. Once you collect them all, you’ll win a prize for your efforts.
  • Rent a kayak or paddle board. Get out on Lake Unicoi in style with a kayak or paddle board. There’s no better way to enjoy the water. Rent a kayak for something easier. Or, take the park’s paddle boarding class to try something a bit more challenging and new. 
  • Ride a mountain bike. Pack your bike to take on one of the park’s mountain biking trails. They range from light to moderate intensity, so you'll find one that just about any biker can enjoy. Make your way through forests, fields, and wooded paths for an exciting way to take in the scenery.

Tips For Visiting Unicoi State Park 

Before you go, read through our final tips on visiting Unicoi State Park.

  • Make it a point to see the town of Helen if you’re making the trip to Unicoi. The charming village has plenty to offer that we couldn’t cover here.
  • Pack layered clothing even in spring and fall. Temperatures in Georgia can drop as much as 30 degrees in the evening. 
  • Practice eco-friendly camping. That means leaving no trace of your presence to keep our parks beautiful.
  • Schedule a mid-week visit to avoid heavy crowds if you’re looking for a more peaceful experience.
  • Be mindful of your pets and keep them on a leash to be courteous to fellow visitors.

RV Rental for Unicoi State Park  

That wraps up our review of this Georgia gem! No matter what season you go, you’re bound to find something exciting to do and make some lasting memories.

And what better way to do it than an Unicoi State Park RV rental? Cruise America’s RVs are packed with everything you need to make the road your home away from home. Working kitchens, restrooms with showers, and comfy spaces to sleep and enjoy the ride await.

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