Cruise America Introduces Trailer Camping


Summertime means travel time, but how best to set out on your next great adventure? Millions of people own or rent RVs each year, but RVs aren't the answer for everyone. Many road trippers don't like the idea of leaving their own vehicle at home and unattended. And, let's face it, not everyone needs all of the space that comes with an RV, especially if it's just you and your significant other!

This is why millions of summer adventurers prefer to go trailer camping instead! Why go camping with a trailer? One big reason in this economy is that your rental costs will be significantly lower in a trailer than camping in an RV. In fact, by bringing your own vehicle on the trip, you can easily pick up an Adventure Travel Trailer and tow it, saving hundreds of dollars over an RV!

Photographer Christopher Balladarez shares his thoughts on his experience with the Cruise America Travel Trailer. 

Cruise America camping trailerInstagram @christopherballadarez

Benefits of Trailer Camping

By far, one of the most awesome benefits about trailer camping is surely the ability to bring your own car… but is that all? No, in fact, there are a number of other reasons to go camping in a trailer!

Smaller Size, Same Amenities

One really amazing thing about camping with a trailer is that you get the same amenities as an RV but in a more compact form. Travel trailers usually come equipped with similar kitchen appliances as RVs and, just like an RV, can also have pop-outs, slide-outs, and stairs. Your fridge will be smaller, as will your other appliances; this is true. But trailers help you to maximize your sleeping space, making the trade-offs worth it. 

Christopher Balladarez says, “I was surprised at how compact it was but with the same amenities of an RV. It’s pretty much the same thing as an RV, but you have more flexibility.”  

Your Mobility Gets an Upgrade

Traveling in an RV is an unparalleled and rewarding experience, but it's not without its challenges — including finding convenient parking spots. Of course, this isn't a problem at campgrounds, which are often laid out with RVs in mind. Roadside stops, too, are usually designed to accommodate big vehicles. However, if visiting a national park visitor's parking lot in an RV, you may find that space is much more limited. What to do?

Going camping in a trailer helps to solve this issue. With trailers, you get all of the benefits of camping in an RV but far more mobility. You can hitch your trailer to your vehicle, park it where you want to camp, and then leave it there. Just like that, your "parking footprint" gets significantly smaller, and your parking options increase.

Christopher Balladarez shares, “You have the flexibility to unhitch at your campsite and go sightseeing or pick something up from the store, which is much harder in an RV. You are able to get to locations an RV just can’t take you.” This is one of the major benefits of using a travel trailer vs. an RV. 

Cruise America Introduces Trailer CampingInstagram @christopherballadarez

What It's Like To Drive With a Trailer

Driving with a trailer takes some getting used to, but then again… so does driving an RV! The difference is that in an RV, you're behind the wheel of one big vehicle, which comes with its own concerns.

With a trailer, though, you're driving your own vehicle and towing something with its own wheels behind you. You have to ensure that you make wider turns and make those turns so that your trailer follows you, rather than going in another direction! This might seem intimidating at first, but driving with a hitched trailer is easy to learn. Once you master it, it'll be like second nature to you.

How To Back Up a Trailer

Backing up a hitched trailer is a little more challenging than driving while towing one, and for good reason: Everything is the opposite of what you know when backing up a trailer. For instance, you turn the wheel left, and the trailer wants to go right; you turn the wheel right, and the trailer wants to go left. 

This is how things are when backing up a trailer with a ball hitch, and you'll have to practice a bit to get it right. Christopher Balladarez shares, “It’s a feat to take into consideration and may feel intimidating, but you get used to taking wide turns. It’s easy to use in cities too, which is a plus!”

But rest assured that as long as you do practice — and as long as you always remember to turn the wheel the opposite way from the way you want the trailer to go when backing up — you'll get used to it faster than you think.

Cruise America Introduces Trailer CampingInstagram @christopherballadarez

Go Adventure Travel Trailer Camping With Cruise America!

Travel trailers are one of the most convenient and cost-efficient ways to road trip. You can simply rent the trailer, show up with your own vehicle and hitch it up, and then off you go on your next adventure in the Great Outdoors! If you're in need of just such a travel trailer for your road trip, guess what? Cruise America's got you covered!

Cruise America is renowned for its fleet of travel vehicles, and the travel trailers are no exception! Cruise's 16-foot Adventure Travel Trailers are easy to tow, easy to operate, and easy to camp with! Get in touch with Cruise America today to experience for yourself the joy and convenience of a great summer road trip in an Adventure Travel Trailer!