The Perils of RV Sharing


The peer-to-peer or sharing economy offers a lot of unique benefits. These include things like increased self-employment opportunities, the convenience of delivery services like Door Dash and the chance to interact with new people through AirBnb. 

But when it comes to renting an RV, the practice of RV sharing – renting from an individual person through an RV sharing company – can be a risky business. Here are the top reasons why you should consider renting with a traditional company like Cruise America for your next vacation. 

The Fine Print

The rental contracts for private rental companies are often more complicated than most traditional transactions. Here are some things to look out for in the contract:

  • Privacy: If the vehicle is equipped with onboard technology like a GPS, you are at risk for a liability loophole. Even small infractions like exceeding the speed limit may cause you to unknowingly breach the contract, leaving you liable for accidents, breakdown costs and maintenance expenses.

  • Insurance: How familiar are you with insurance laws by state? It’s complicated, to be sure, and none of the peer sites have an adequate explanation of insurance coverage. There are conflicting statements that make this a truly difficult and risky area. 

  • Extra Fees: The contract often hides little fees that can rack up your total at the end, including contract changes, administrative fees, excess time and mileage, taxes and fees, repair and replacement cost, cleaning, parking fines and tolls, to name a few. At Cruise America, we spell out each and every cost and even teach you how to reduce costs on your RV rental.


At Cruise America, we know that some renters might be a little nervous to drive an RV for the first time. That’s why we guide everyone (newbie and veteran) through an orientation when they come to pick up their RV rental, teaching them all of the ins and outs of the RV’s features. 

Each one of our vehicles receives a 110-point inspection before it’s allowed to go back out on the road, ensuring that your vehicle is in tip-top condition as it transports you and your loved ones to your destination. 

What do you do if you have a problem in an RV sharing vehicle? For the most part, it’s up to you to figure it out. If problems arise in a Cruise America RV rental, our renter’s assistance resources are assessable online with instructions on your rental RV’s equipment and appliances. And best of all, you can call us 24/7 at our traveler’s assistance line, 800-671-8042, and we can often arrange to help you wherever you are traveling. 

RV-rental-RV-Sharing_Problems2-(2).jpgHelpful videos for operating your Cruise America RV rental are just a QR code away with our app. 

Custom Built for Rentals

While you can shop around on RV sharing sites for the RV you want, it’s hard to gauge the exact condition of the vehicle. At Cruise America, every single RV rental is custom-manufactured, ensuring that it is as comfortable, reliable and safe as possible. We are constantly making updates to our fleet based on customer feedback, making it so that we have the latest and greatest in user-friendly and safety features.   


With our virtual tours, image galleries and layout renderings, renters know exactly what to expect from their RV rental. 


One-way RV Rentals

One of the biggest perks available to people who choose a national RV rental company is the opportunity to do one-way RV rentals. With this type of rental, you can pick up your RV in one location, drive it to an eligible destination and drop it off without having to make a round trip. (Is anyone else picturing cross-country RV adventures?!) 

There’s lots to love with one-way RV rentals. After you drive to your destination, you can simply hop on a flight home or on to the next city on your itinerary. This can save you days off from work and money spent on food, gas and RV campsites. 

Most of our competitors don’t have the capacity to offer one-way rentals, or, if they do, charge exorbitant fees for the transfer. Not only do we offer this option, we often have great specials for one-way RV rentals. Contact us today to learn more about the availability of one-way RV rentals in your area. 

The Bottom Line

Choosing a traditional RV rental company like Cruise America will afford you peace of mind, knowing that you have chosen a reliable vehicles with a company you can trust. Check out our current RV rental deals and start planning your RV adventure with us today!