Throw A Tailgate Party With An RV

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RV traveling is more than just about going on the road, exploring exotic landscapes, and embracing nature. It’s also about hitting up pre-game routines and surrounding yourself with partygoers who know how to get loose and have a good time. In case you are wondering, what we are referring to is a tailgate party. Trust us, there are plenty of those throughout the country each year!

If you want to become part of a sports culture that embraces socialized celebrations, over-the-grill food, and pre-game habits, there is no better way to do that than with an RV. This article will cover all the benefits of RV tailgating along with tips to help you get ready for your next party-style gathering.  

Perks of Tailgating in an RV

Going to tailgate parties in an RV is a cultural tradition that has spanned several generations. Whether you’re a college football fan, a motorsports fan, or someone who enjoys the perks of a music festival, tailgating in a motorhome can elevate your experience and leave you wanting more. Here are some of the perks:

Complete list of amenities

For the best tailgating experience, you need more than just a standard motorhome to get you from point a to point b. You need access to a variety of necessities. Examples include lawn chairs, tables, tents, food, coolers, a kitchen, etc. Do you want to catch the game live without purchasing a ticket? Then you will need a television. With an RV, you provide yourself with flexibility when it comes to amenities. 

Motorhomes are equipped to handle all the necessities you and your family desire for an entertaining and electrifying football tailgating atmosphere

Find your perfect spot

Let’s be honest: No one wants to spend an afternoon racing through rush-hour traffic only to find out that all the good spots are gone. With an RV, you don’t have to fixate on wasting time going through your essentials. Treat your vehicle as your home away from home. Load your motorhome with your belongings and head out early to find your sweet spot. Avoid the stress of planning and organizing your adventure. 

Quality food

It wouldn’t be an authentic tailgating experience if we didn’t mention quality food on this list. Every pre-game party will have setups with volunteers serving chicken wings, pizza, burgers, etc. However, with an RV, the kitchen is your oyster. Your motorhome will likely provide access to a kitchen complete with a stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator. Treat your stomach to the finest dishes you can make!

Tips for Tailgating in an RV

Planning for pre-game festivities requires effort, basic planning, and the right essentials. Here are five tips to keep in mind when preparing for a tailgate party:

  • Know the regulations: Your location will have several regulations applicable to those bringing their RVs. Expect some form of restrictions on music, alcohol, pets, and the types of motorhomes allowed. Parking is something to keep in mind as well. Some venues require reservations or have restrictions on how early you can arrive.

  • Arrive early: As mentioned earlier, tailgate parties are a cultural phenomenon that garners attention. Avoid the hassles of overfilled parking spaces and last-minute rushes by arriving early. This way, you have time to set up your camper, grill some burgers, and pass the time by playing cornholes or ring toss.

  • Check the weather: Like any outdoor event, you’ll want to prepare for unexpected weather-related changes, especially in the summer when monsoon season is apparent. Make sure you have a plan b in case your plans are derailed, and ensure your motorhome is equipped to handle dire conditions.  

  • Bring necessities: Aside from standard items such as meals, tables, and chairs, you’ll also want to bring other essentials, including freshwater tanks and high-powered generators. Make sure to bring enough fuel for your generator.

  • Forgo certain items/activities: While essentials will make your tailgating experience operate smoothly, it is important to remain mindful of any restrictions leveled against any activities and items. For example, some venues prohibit the use of recreational fires or open flames. In some cases, tailgaters may be prohibited from bringing charcoal grills. Do yourself a favor and avoid the hassle of being confronted by security. 

Tailgate With Cruise America

Going to a tailgate party in an RV is a great way to immerse yourself in pre-game rituals that are entertaining for the whole family. With Cruise America, you can elevate your experience to a new level. Why waste your time surfing the web for motorhome options for your trip when you can select one of our customized RV rentals?

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