5 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road


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Staying healthy is an essential part of everyone’s daily lives, as is traveling to unwind and relax! 

You may have a routine and convenient resources for staying healthy at home, but how can you adapt this to life on the road?

Whether you’re on an RV camping trip or driving to the supermarket, there are plenty of ways for you to stay in tip-top shape and feel your best.

Check out these tips for staying healthy on the road, without having to sacrifice fun and relaxation to do it!

Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

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1. Wash your hands regularly 

This is something you’ve likely heard since you were a kid. Washing your hands is important, after all, especially when exploring new environments on the road. 

Because bacteria can be easily transmitted through touch, washing your hands regularly while traveling matters. Time is also a critical factor, so make sure you wash long enough to last the “Happy Birthday” song or through the ABCs—approximately 20 seconds.

What if I don’t have any soap or water?

Soap and water should be your preferred way of washing your hands. Thankfully, your RV rental gives you some easy access to water when you need it. 

In the case that you’re away from your RV or a rest stop, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends hand sanitizer if you are unable to use water and soap. The key is to have clean hands before touching food, others, or your own body.

2. Social distancing in the great outdoors

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You’ve likely heard of social distancing, especially during cold and flu season. However, social distancing may not look like what you first imagined. 

A safe way to distance yourself during flu season or other outbreaks is in the great outdoors. In fact, experts say that it’s O.K. to go outdoors for fresh air and exercise when practicing social distancing. Staying away from others doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your own well-being!

Along with the many benefits that being outside provides, it is also a great way to get away from your daily stress. 

In the end, the best way to distance yourself and stay healthy is to avoid crowds—which is made so much easier by spending time in nature in an RV!

3. Avoid pesky bugs and bug bites

No one wants to get bitten by bugs while they’re outside! Not only do bug bites make you pretty uncomfortable, but insects can also spread certain diseases. 

So, avoiding bug and bug bites is a must for staying healthy on the road. 

Guidelines provided by the CDC for avoiding bug bites recommend using EPA approved insect repellent. 

Make sure to apply some before getting out of your RV or vehicle to step into nature! Plus, if you’re using sunscreen—and you should be—make sure to apply that before your repellent. 

There are also some plant-based insect repellents you can try out while traveling. 

Plus, studies have shown that plant-based repellents like lemon eucalyptus can be pretty useful for keeping certain types of mosquitoes away. In the end, find the best repellent that works for you before setting out on your roadtrip adventure. 

4. Protect your skin with sunscreen

  Applying sunscreen is another tip for staying healthy on the road that you’ve likely heard before, but it’s as necessary as ever.

If you’ve ever had a sunburn before, you know it isn’t fun, especially when driving with no escape from the windows. When packing for your road trip, don’t forget the sunscreen!

Should I still use sunscreen, even if it’s a cloudy day?

Yes! Even when the sun is hidden behind the clouds, up to 80 percent of its rays can still get through. So, even if you can’t see the sun, it’s better safe than sorry to wear some sunscreen. 

5. Pack some delicious and healthy roadtrip snacks

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 We’ve all been there: you’re at a rest stop and can’t resist buying not the healthiest of snacks to spice up your time on the road. 

Thankfully, there are lots of great healthy roadtrip snacks you can prepare before you hit the road! Plus, making and sharing delicious snacks with your family is one of the best parts of time away. 

Generally, a good roadtrip snack is one you can easily bring with you and eat on the road without cooking or preparation. Some examples include protein or fiber bars. You can even make your own granola bars if you’re feeling creative. 

A staple of healthy roadtrip snacks includes trail mix. 

When making a healthy alternative to the store-bought trail mix, there are a lot of variations for you to experiment with. Start out by mixing together some nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, and even a little dark chocolate as an extra treat! 

Apples, bananas, and other fruits are also a great, portable treat that you can eat anywhere without cutting up.

Relax and Stay Healthy the Right Way By RV Camping! 

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By and large, one of the best ways to destress all year round is by spending some time outdoors. 

Even better, you can get the healing benefits of nature without leaving behind the amenities you’re used to! 

That means you can enjoy camping in nature while still getting to use a gas stove, a microwave, a running shower, and more! 

Renting an RV with Cruise America means you’ll experience the most comfortable adventure while camping out in nature.