Relaxing Staycation Ideas for Families to Escape Crowds


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Are you looking for a way to relax with your family without breaking the bank? Traveling is tons of fun but can get more expensive and time-consuming the farther away from home you go. 

Luckily, there’s a great alternative: a staycation! There are tons of staycation ideas for families. From fun-filled day trips to activities you’ve been dying to try but didn’t have time for—until now.

To give you some trip inspiration, we’ve put together some of our favorite staycation ideas for families below. Check it out and start planning your next trip!

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1. Stargazing

One of our first staycation ideas for families is a great one for any time of the year. Plus, getting away from the bustling city lights and taking a moment to gaze at the stars is very relaxing. 

This can either be a short day—or rather, night—trip, or you can make it part of a more extended trip while camping out or staying in an RV. 

You can also plan a stargazing trip with a 2020 stargazing calendar to witness some rare events, like meteor showers!

2. Venture out into nature

If you live near a lake or river, a staycation is a perfect way to enjoy your neck of the woods—literally.

On a trip to a nearby national park or nature preserve, you can spend some quality time swimming, hiking, or just camping out. 

Want to make this campout trip even better? Camp in your neighboring expanses of nature in a cozy RV rental

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3. Destination dinner

If you and your family love to try out new foods, a destination dinner may be the perfect idea for you to try. 

Essentially, a destination dinner is when you bring a location’s cuisine to your own home! Let’s say you’ve always wanted to try a meal from Germany, but traveling there isn’t in the cards. 

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can easily search for some tasty dishes and recipes and make your own version.

All that’s left is getting any ingredients you need and cooking. Plus, you can make cooking the meal a family activity, too! After your food is ready, your family can dig in and celebrate some well deserved time together. Take it a step further by decorating your dinner table according to the theme.

 4. Geocaching

Looking for a way to test your brain while enjoying your staycation? 

One of the staycation ideas for families that promises an adventure involves geocaching. Basically, geocaching is like a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt

There are tons of locations for these hidden treasures—some of which may be right nearby without you even knowing! 

If you do set out to do some treasure hunting, make sure you read up on geocaching and always stay aware of your surroundings.

5. Camp in your living room or backyard

living room camping

Maybe you’ve wanted to go camping but haven’t had the chance or aren’t sure where to go. To get a taste of what camping life is like, you can spend your staycation camping at home. 

Remember those pillow forts you and your friends would make when you were a kid? Go all out with your fort building skills with your kids and build a pillow fort in your living room. 

With your cozy nest of pillows all set up, you can relax with some feel-good movies or do some crafts with your children. 

If the living room isn’t big enough to camp in, you can also camp in your backyard. This can involve setting up an actual tent and spending a night under the stars. 

Or, you can do some fun camping activities, like making smores or tell some classic campfire stories, before heading back inside.

Avoid the Stress of Crowds With a Unique Family Staycation

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Hopefully, you’ve found a little inspiration from these staycation ideas for families for your own brand of local fun! 

No matter what you decide to do, the goal of your staycation is to rest, relax, and spend some time with your family. 

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Make the most out of your staycation thanks to the guaranteed low prices from Cruise America and have an unforgettable family adventure!