25 Feet of Freedom: One RVer’s Take on The Standard RV


One soft, metallic click and my Cruise America standard RV door swings open. A rush of cold, brisk air instantly fills the inside of the RV with the distinct scent of woods, pines, and adventure.

My Experience in a Cruise America Standard RV

It’s just after 4 am, and I have already gotten used to embracing the cold, early mornings in the deep woods in the middle of nowhere. Only a few days into my adventure, this morning routine already feels like a ritual. Almost like a portal to another dimension, the snow-white door frame marks the opening to the pitch-black world outside. Just a couple of seconds later, I find myself stepping on the soft forest soil with only the stars providing light and guidance in the dark. A rustling noise in the not-so-far distance draws my attention. One of the many inhabitants of the forest is here to keep me company.

There’s a short line of trees and bushes right in front of me, no more than a blurred silhouette right now. I'm hoping for a beautiful mountain lake surfacing in the near distance as the sun slowly rises.

View of a lake at sunset.

Comfort and Self-Contained Features

A few steps and morning stretches later, and I’m back in the standard RV. With no more than a flick of the wrist, I turn on the furnace. The thermostat clicks, and I start to feel heat warming up my cold body. Fortunately, all my photo equipment is ready to go, and the generous space in the RV’s alcove allows for the perfect organization of everything I need.

With dawn just a few minutes away, I pack the sandwiches I prepped last night into my backpack, then throw it over my shoulder, and off I go. Hello, darkness, my old friend.

The mighty dark blue light slowly transitions into an invigorating, bright orange. It’s almost as if nature deprives the world of light just to reward it back a few hours later with even more beautiful colors. What a majestic spectacle. Even after decades of watching sunrises all over the world, I have never gotten tired of their beauty and uniqueness.

The Ideal Home Base

I’m almost “home." With every step closer to the standard RV, it looms up a little more against the crimson sky. Grateful for nature and its beauty, I’m feeling happy but chilled to the bones. It’s time for a steaming hot shower and a delicious breakfast. I’ve been exploring the US by jeep, car, van, and campervan for quite a while now — a 25-foot standard RV from Cruise America turns out to be the perfect size compact unit to discover and explore. It’s spacious yet sturdy in remote places and just the right fit for my endeavors.

Cruise America RV on the road.

No Wonder the Standard RV is a Traditional Favorite

My favorite part about traveling in an RV is being independent of RV parks, parking, electricity, restaurants, water, and sewage access — being self-sufficient out there is awesome!

No need to find a hotel far away from where I want to explore or nearly freeze in a tent out in the cold. The standard RV hits the sweet spot between these options perfectly. It doesn’t just allow you to take your “home” with you, it’s also spacious and has a Queen-size bed in the back and a table to sit at for planning, working, and eating. Having a kitchen with you at all times means you get to enjoy all of your favorite meals. And a hot shower wherever you are is the cherry on top of everything.

Last but not least, the Cruise America Standard RV is equipped with a generator, so I can charge my battery packs anywhere — when exploring nature in summer, it can even power the AC unit!

Large LPG, fresh, and black water tanks mean I never have to set foot on a campground with full hookups. Driving out to the wilderness on my own, enjoying warm and comfortable nights after celebrating a home-cooked meal and a hot shower — that’s my 25 feet of freedom.

Cruise America RV rental.

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