Social Distancing and Travel: What Are Your Options?


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In times of an outbreak, social distancing is a critical piece of the puzzle to limit virus spreading and keep our families and communities healthy. However, staying at least six feet away from your neighbors doesn’t mean you can’t have much needed time to relax. 

So, is travel really an option for someone who wants to maintain social distance?

In short, you’ll need to choose the right travel alternative and always keep safety in mind. Staying local is best to avoid putting your family and other communities at risk. Essentially, stick to what’s familiar and limit interaction with those outside of your household members.

What is ‘Social Distancing’?

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Before we go over travel options, we first need to understand just why social distancing is a recommendation during epidemics and outbreaks.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ‘social distancing’ is the practice of maintaining at least six feet between you and other members of the public. The CDC has consistently argued that social distancing is necessary to prevent the spread of diseases due to close contact. 

However, social distancing doesn’t mean you have to stay at home 24/7 (unless you’re sick). As long as you can maintain the proper social distance to keep yourself and our global community safe, you can still step outside for some fresh air! Just remember to follow other proper guidelines, such as frequent handwashing and wiping down surfaces you come in contact with.

Safe Travel Options For Social Distancing

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So, if you need to avoid crowds, how can you travel?

Well, your options may be limited, but thankfully there are still a number of safe travel alternatives available even for those practicing social distancing.

1. Local escapes

Sometimes a good, old fashioned weekend road trip is the perfect escape during stressful times. Even better, road trips are ideal for maintaining social distance—if you choose the right destination. 

As long as you avoid populous centers, long lines, and crowds, your options are limitless when sticking to the local area. Depending on where you live, options range from setting off to a remote mountain cabin or finding your new favorite fishing spot an hour from home.

Social distancing is a great excuse to enjoy all nature has to offer, without having to go far at all.

 2. Short RV Trip

Your best option without a doubt for traveling while practicing social distancing is an RV trip for a few days. An RV camping trip, in particular, will squash that travel bug in you, while also keeping others safe. Because they’re self-sufficient, you have everything you need inside.

By keeping things short, you won’t have to depend on campsites with hookups, and don’t need to stock up at the grocery store more than once. There are also tons of free RV campgrounds to explore in your area that don’t require multiple stops or run-ins with strangers. Many nearby state and local parks can also be a good option.

Another idea? If you start to feel sick, you can practice social distancing at your own home by staying in a rented RV parked on the driveway to keep your family safe.

With RVs, you can see your community through a new lens and experience the amazing benefits of getting outdoors in safety and style.


Escape to Nature for a Safe Retreat

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Thankfully, there are still plenty of ways to get out of the house and enjoy yourself, even when practicing social distancing. 

From renting an RV to trying your hand at fishing, just because you can’t be near people doesn’t mean you can’t get out there, experience the world, and have fun!