Small RV Rentals - Class C


While the sizes of motorhomes are completely relative to the class-type of RV you may be renting, this article deals with the class C RVs. That is because class C motorhomes are the only type that Cruise America rents and sells. Compared to the giant class A RVs, the class C could be considered a small RV. A few advantages to the small RV rental are:

  • Easy Maneuvering — Because the class C is built on a passenger van or pickup chassis, the vehicle is low enough to the ground to maintain good visibility on everything going on around you. Your small RV rental is not near as susceptible to having problems in high wind conditions either.
  • Easy Parking — The length of the class C RV is not near that of the class A motorhome, hence parking, whether at the grocery store or in the RV Park, becomes much easier.
  • Fuel Economy — While it should go without saying, the small RV rental realizes much better gas mileage than the larger RVs. This equates to a very large savings while traveling the highways.
  • Easy Backing — Backing up is a part of RVing that many have great difficulty with. In a class C this operation becomes much easier, as visibility and turning radius are much like a family passenger vehicle.

There is a movement in our nation towards economic vacationing. While the damaged economy has not stopped all families from enjoying their travel and vacations, it has certainly made many of them place a high emphasis on modifying their plans and sticking to a tighter budget.

Thanks to Cruise America, motorhome adventures remain affordable, as there is no purchase necessary. Their rental programs allow families and friends to travel in style and comfort, leaving the airline tickets, hotels, and even restaurants for someone else to use.