My Journey Embarking the Great Slot Canyons in Arizona


When you think of "canyons," you generally think of majestic vistas like the ones found at the Grand Canyon, right? While, admittedly, it is hard to compete with massive canyons like the Grand Canyon or smaller canyons like Glen Canyon, there are even smaller and more accessible canyons to explore on foot. 

These are called slot canyons, and they're perfect for a day trip, hiking, and photography sessions. For those interested in exploring slot canyons, Arizona is where to find some of the most accessible and famous in the Southwest

Where Are Slot Canyons in Arizona?

You're surely wondering by now, "Where are slot canyons in Arizona?" And there's an easy answer to that question: If you're looking for slot canyons, Arizona has a few in the far north, with the most popular concentrated around the town of Page. If you have enough time on your hands, you can visit a few different slot canyons in Page, Arizona for hiking, photography, and reconnecting with the natural landscape of a truly dynamic region. 

Where Do You Fly To Visit Arizona Slot Canyons?

Given their relatively remote location near the Arizona-Utah border, you can't really fly directly to where the slot canyons Arizona has are located. Not to worry, though, because you have options for airports to fly into that will get you close enough to make an easier car or RV drive to them. 

Page Municipal Airport. This is a small airport serviced by Contour Airlines. You can fly there most easily from Phoenix, but flights are extremely limited in number (once a day, if that), so you may want to instead fly into Flagstaff from Phoenix or somewhere else.

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport. Bigger than Page's airport, you have a few more airlines to choose from if you want to fly into Flagstaff, and you're not limited to Phoenix –– you can fly in from Denver or Dallas, sometimes Austin, and even Sedona, if you want. 

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Sky Harbor is farther than either Page or Flagstaff, but offers travelers the most options for inbound and outbound flights. It's also located right near major highways you can then take upstate to Page with an RV, which is a great way to take in the beauty of northern Arizona. 

Slot Canyons in Arizona You Must Visit

There are a few slot canyons in Arizona you can’t miss visiting! Read on to hear our top picks.

slot canyons arizona
Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon 

Of the slot canyons Arizona offers, Antelope Canyon at the top of our list. Located near Page, AZ, you've no doubt seen many beautiful photos taken at Antelope Canyon even if you didn't realize what or where it was. Think stunning desktop screensavers.

Tourists and professional photographers alike try to schedule tours of Antelope Canyon so they can catch the rays of the sun shining into the canyon's depths at just the right angle and time of day. The results, when successful, can be truly spectacular. So, you owe it to yourself to visit Antelope Canyon if you're planning on a tour of slot canyons in Arizona.

Divided between Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon, the most popular –– and most –– of the two sections is Upper Antelope, but you will likely pay a premium for a tour. That being said, the tour guides (and, visiting with a tour guide is a requirement) will direct you to the best photo spots in either Upper or Lower Antelope to maximize your experience. If you can, I'd say try to book your tour in the late morning to catch the sunbeam phenomenon at its strongest. 

Your time at slot canyons in Page, Arizona will be worth it if you get that perfect shot at Antelope Canyon. Keep in mind that it is one of the more popular tourist spots in northern Arizona, so book as early as you can. 

Side note: If you're in the Antelope Canyon area, I'd also recommend you pop on over to Horseshoe Bend for a few more snaps. You won't regret it.

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Rattlesnake Canyon 

If you don't care as much about getting that perfect angle, and just want to take some beautiful pictures while exploring slot canyons in Arizona, then you do have other options. Rattlesnake Canyon, a tributary canyon of the Antelope system, is one of the slot canyons Arizona has with its own unique hiking and photography experience. 

For photos you can later blow up and put on a wall (just an idea), the colors of the rocks at Rattlesnake Canyon are the ones to catch. They will blow you away! Rattlesnake Canyon is easier to explore than Antelope Canyon, as it isn't as in demand. Still, you'll need to book a tour with a licensed operator. 

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It's Time To Visit Slot Canyons in Arizona!

Now that you know a bit more about slot canyons in Arizona, it's time to visit Cruise America to pick up an RV rental and get on the road. Whether you're flying into Arizona and driving to the slot canyons, or driving to them from elsewhere in the country, Cruise America has RVs for every family or travel party size and need. Give Cruise America a call today to get your trip planning underway!