12 Ways To Improve Sleeping in an RV

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No matter how luxurious an RV is, it can’t quite compare to sleeping in your own bed. And one issue that RV travelers commonly have is the quality of sleep they get while on a road trip. Your sleep quality on an RV road trip can be affected by many different factors.

Getting a lower quality of sleep in an RV isn’t just annoying; it can be dangerous, especially if you’re getting on the road the next morning. You need the best rest you can get. What can you do to improve your experience sleeping in an RV? 

12 Ways To Improve Your Sleep in an RV

Whatever the reasons for the issues you might have when sleeping in an RV, there are solutions!

1. Find a Quiet Camping Spot

One of the best things you can do is try to choose a quiet campsite. At busy campgrounds, it might not always be possible to find a quiet spot. Still, do some research and see where in the campground might be the quietest, or at least the most isolated. 

2. Bring Along Some Earplugs

If you can’t arrange for your RV to be parked in a quiet space, bring along some earplugs. If you can’t avoid noisy campgrounds (or noisy campers at your own campground), at least you can keep the noise to a minimum!

3. Watch the Temperature in Your RV

Your RV’s temperature can seriously affect the quality of sleep. If RVing in winter, consider using a cold-rated sleeping bag and warm pajamas. In summer, turn on the AC or fans. If your RV doesn’t have AC? Leave the windows open!

4. No Drinking and Sleeping

Look, you’re in the great outdoors, there’s a campfire, and you’re with good friends. You want to drink. That’s fine, but don’t drink right before you try to sleep. It can really negatively affect the quality of sleeping overnight in an RV.

5. Leave the Screens Off

Aren’t you camping to get away from it all? Put your phone or tablet away well before bed! Blue light from screens can negatively affect your sleep, so belay checking your email or the latest celebrity gossip. But, if you must read before bed, try to use an e-reader that has a nighttime setting to avoid the effects of blue light.

6. Change Your RV Mattress

RV mattresses — at least the ones that come with the vehicle — aren’t known for their comfort. If you can, try to upgrade your mattress. Better yet, if you only ever rent RVs, get your own mattress topper and use it if you find the stock RV mattress uncomfortable. 

7. Change Your Pillows and Sheets

Right along with the mattress, think about your sheets and pillows. Even with a fantastic mattress, the wrong pillows can cause neck pain that wakes you up, and rough/scratchy sheets can do that, too. Splurge a little, and bring the best bed coverings with you.

8. Block Out Light for Quality Sleep

Some campgrounds pride themselves on being well-lit, as this can make them safer. At the same time, those bright lights at your campsite can affect your sleep. If your RV doesn’t come equipped with blackout curtains, bring some of your own. Or, just bring a sleep mask!

9. Don't Let Pets in the RV Bed

Your furry family members love sleeping with you, but you shouldn’t let them do it on the road. Since your pet is in unfamiliar surroundings, they may move around a lot — not great news for your sleep. 

10. Stay Level for Steady Sleep

Sometimes, you may be sleeping at campgrounds with sites that aren’t exactly level. This means that whenever anyone walks around in your RV at night, it can rock — and that can wake you up. If you know your campsite isn’t level, use levelers or your RV’s stabilizers/jacks to steady things. 

11. Get Out and Get Tired

Try to be active during the day, wherever you are. Go hiking, do exercise, or go kayaking. The more active you are, the more tired you’ll be at night — and more likely to sleep through the night.

12. Sleep at the Same Time Every Night

This one isn’t always easy to do, especially on vacation in a different time zone. But, if you can, try to go to bed at the same time you would as if you were at home. Your body knows its rhythms, and the fewer disruptions there are to its schedule, the better your sleep will be. 

Improve Your Sleep in a Cruise America RV

There are many different reasons why the quality of your rest may be affected while sleeping overnight in an RV. As you can see, there are also many different ideas for how to have a truly restful and restorative night sleeping in an RV. But, there is one more idea you might not have considered: How the RV you choose to travel in can affect your sleep. This is an issue you can easily solve, however, with the help of Cruise America.

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