My Journey Finding Spiritual Healing in Sedona, Arizona


Sedona, Arizona is a world-renowned destination for natural healing and spirituality (and incredibly beautiful scenery and epic hiking, of course!). Mecca is actually a far more accurate word. Located in north-central Arizona, Sedona’s iconic red rocks, perpetual sunshine, and restorative energy beckon people seeking to nourish their souls from all over the world.

Whether you’re looking to feel more spiritually connected or are in search of physical healing or recovery, there are many, many spiritual things to do in Sedona that will help. And I’m fortunate enough to live just 1.5 hours away. Here’s a crash course on all things Sedona spiritual from a semi-local — Sedona Spiritual 101, if you will. 

Sedona’s Spiritual Healing

Sedona itself has a distinct, almost palpable energy. Many people refer to the iconic red rock formations as “temples” and indeed, just visiting is transformative. But dive into the experience a bit deeper and you’ll learn all about the Sedona AZ healing powers. 

Spiritual Things To Do in Sedona, AZ

Here are some of the best spiritual things to do when visiting Sedona, AZ. 

  • Energy vortexes. According to Visit Sedona, vortexes are “places where the Earth seems especially alive with energy.” For centuries, people have reported feeling more centered, recharged, and spiritually connected after visiting a vortex. Sedona as a whole is considered a vortex, but several places throughout town have notably more intensity.
  • Healing therapies. In addition to the physical side of Sedona’s spiritual healing, there are many therapies that can enhance the experience further. From hot stone massages and reiki to chakra balancing and light healing, Sedona truly has something for everyone. 
  • Spiritual readings. Many people believe that the Sedona, AZ healing energy heightens the ability of clairvoyants and other energy workers. Keep an open mind and have your aura read with tarot cards or another spiritual means. 
  • Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park. This 14-acre park is widely recognized as a sacred space for transformative spiritual healing. The 36-foot Amitabha Stupa near Thunder Mountain invites people to come simply sit and reflect.
  • Healing crystals. If energy readings and chakra balancing are a bit outside your comfort zone, start small by shopping for crystals at one of the many Sedona spiritual shops. 

Next, I’m going to share how I found my own spiritual healing in Sedona. Read on to hear more about my personal experiences.

How I Found Spiritual Healing in Sedona

I often say that Mother Nature is my church and my therapy. For me, it’s deeply therapeutic just being outside, enjoying the fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery. Nowhere is this more true than in Sedona, where the energy healing is on another level.


I never knew anything about the healing powers or spirituality of crystals until spending time in Sedona. It seemed like a great place to start, though, so I eagerly dove in. There’s no shortage of metaphysical or crystal shops in Sedona, but I highly recommend visiting Crystal Magic and Mystical Bazaar, both of which have a more approachable vibe. 

Side note: Although I didn’t take advantage of it, Mystical Bazaar also has an innovative “aura room” where biofeedback cameras are used to read your energy. 


I’ve hiked to the vortexes at Boynton Canyon and Airport Mesa (both moderate hikes suitable for just about anyone), and I consider this one of the best things you can do to reap the benefits of Sedona spiritual healing. Personally, I sat on the ground and meditated, inviting all that incredible energy into my body. However, you can lie down or do yoga or another ritual — you’ll likely see people doing all of the above! Just remember this is a sacred place, and remain quiet. 


Reiki was on my bucket list to try long before I actually did. Literally translated from Japanese, the word reiki means “mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign,” and it involves transferring energy from the practitioner to the recipient. The basic idea is that energy becomes stagnant inside the body over time, disrupting the natural flow. Manipulating it and getting it moving again is believed to have numerous health benefits, including improving sleep quality and mood, as well as boosting natural healing abilities. 

As a form of energy healing, Sedona seemed like the perfect place to experience reiki for the first time. I chose Winged Energy Healing and was extremely happy with my experience. Immediately and for weeks after my treatment, I felt calmer and physically lighter, and I definitely slept better. 

Heal Your Own Heart and Soul in Sedona

Whether today is the first time you’ve heard about Sedona as a spiritual destination or you’ve been considering visiting for some time, now is the time to go! I can’t recommend it highly enough, whether you want to hike, shop for crystals, or have your energy read. 

Regardless of which of the spiritual things to do in Sedona you want to try first, a great way to make the journey even better is renting an RV from Cruise America. The combination of mobility and modern amenities allow you to experience every aspect of spiritual Sedona in privacy and comfort. Wherever your Sedona spirituality journey takes you, best wishes and safe travels!