RVing = Camping With Convenience

If you’re just not into that whole “pitching a tent” thing, you can still experience the great outdoors. Staying in an RV rental is a great way to get out into nature, but with more amenities and modern conveniences. Still sound too much like roughing it? Consider these five reasons why the RV life is the best life. 


Today’s the day to embrace RV camping … here’s why!

You’ll feel more secure.

If you’ve ever been camping in a tent, you’re bound to have a story — or two — of a wild animal that wandered its way through your site. Or maybe you were hit with a crazy thunderstorm that left a puddle in the middle of your tent. RVs provide better security from the natural elements surrounding you. Never underestimate the effect four solid walls can have to give you peace of mind. 

It’s easier to cook. 

Yes, there is something wonderful about building a fire and trying out your grilling recipes for camping. However, if you’re not a camping pro, trying to figure out what to make and how to make it can be overwhelming. An RV provides an element of familiarity when preparing meals as many units come with a refrigerator, gas cooktop and microwave. Plus, if the weather ever gets bad during your trip, you can rest easy knowing you can still prepare a delicious meal inside. 

You’ll sleep better. 

In addition to feeling safer, RVs offer similar comforts of home, like an actual mattress, that can help you get more shuteye. This is especially true for families with young kids. Having four solid walls and a mattress instead of a sleeping bag in a tent will make a world of difference. If you’re still worried about how your children will adjust, bring sheets, blankets and pillows from home to make the transition a little smoother. 


It’s more comfortable to … “go.” 

One of things you should know before RV camping is to never underestimate the value of a toilet. We’ll try to keep this tasteful, but let’s be real; having a fully functioning toilet is glorious. And you never quite realize that until you’re in the middle of nowhere without a bathroom and you need to use the facilities.

You can keep it clean. 

From the dishes to your kids, an RV makes it much easier to keep everything clean. Camping often means long days playing outside and endless amounts of dirt. Having a bathroom with a shower is a mother’s dream. You won’t have to stress about how much grime gets on them because you can just wash it away before bed. You also won’t have to worry about having to purify water to clean your dishes. Having a kitchen with a sink means you can clean and reuse dinnerware, avoiding the single-use plates and utensils that are bad for the environment. 


Your family members can explore and play to their heart's content knowing there is a warm shower awaiting them at the end of the day.

Unpack. Once.

Think about all the things you have to unpack and pack on a daily basis during a road trip: hair brushes, binkies, outfits for each day, your kid’s favorite teddy bear … and the list goes on! Keeping track of all that sounds exhausting. Simplify things by renting an RV, where you can unpack once and spend the rest of your time enjoying your vacation.  

Embrace the RV Life.

In short, RV camping is pretty much the best way to experience the awesomeness of the outdoors, because it offers the convenience of the indoors. With the ability to fully immerse yourself in nature and still have the convenience of home, your family will be begging to go camping again. Share your adventures with us by following us on social media (@CruiseAmericaRV) and tag #BeThereNow.