50 Ideas of What to Do on a Road Trip

No adventure beats a good ol’ fashioned road trip in an RV. Getting the entire family or group of friends together in an RV and hitting an open road to a far-off destination offers time to reconnect and bond.

Take advantage of the time you’ll spend together by livening up your travels with fun road trip activities. If you need ideas of things you can do during the journey, you’ve come to the right place.

From driving games to snack ideas to rest-stop activities, here are 50 exciting and fun ideas you can try while you enjoy the world go by through the windows of your RV.

50 Ideas of What to Do on a Road Trip

1. Learn About the Location

The road ahead is full of natural wonders, unique towns, and interesting people. So take the time to learn about the destination you’re traveling to. You can rent books at the library or search online for fun facts. Once everyone reads up on the location, you can start a trivia game to see who knows the most about the destination!

2. Try the Food at Local Stalls

Wherever your road trip takes you, we would suggest trying out the local restaurants. Check on Google or Yelp for the best eateries on your next stop or ask the locals what they recommend.

3. Play I-Spy

No matter how old you are, enjoy a simple game of I-Spy on your RV road trip. It starts with anyone saying, “I spy, with my little eye,” and choosing an item or object they can see to describe. Then, others guess what the item is.

4. Guess the License Plate Game

While you are on the road, you will see a wide range of license plates. The game is to identify the most license plates by state or year of issue, etc. For instance, you can search for out of state license plates or vintage plates. Set the rules and start guessing!

5. Tag the Superlatives

Want to test your creativity and have fun at the same time? Get everyone in the RV to come up with creative and fun “most likely to captions” for each other. For example, John is most likely to skydive, and so on.

wendell-fernandes-AiaamjU8-UY-unsplash-(1).jpgPhoto credit: Wendell Fernandes on Unsplash

6. Destroy a Movie Plot

Select your favorite movie and let everyone take a turn to explain the movie in the poorest way possible. The person with the worst plot wins.

7. Build-a-Story

This is one of the best driving games on a road trip! Someone starts a story with an introduction, and everyone takes a turn adding characters and storyline to the tale. Who knows where you’ll end up; your imagination is crazier than you think.

8. Watch Sunsets and Sunrises

Another one of our favorite campsite activities involves looking towards the horizon. Try to find a quiet spot when it is time for a sunrise or sunset. You will be amazed at some of the most remote views and how majestic the sky appears during these fleeting moments.

9. Read Reviews of Where You are Going

Whatever your next stop is, you can use apps to check the reviews on things to do and sites to see when you arrive. This will help you anticipate the good, the bad and the ugly of each stop on your road trip map.

10. Play a Sport at a Stop

Is your RV crew sporty? Why not plan a sporting activity at a stop? It doesn’t have to be a serious competition, just something to get that adrenaline going. For example, if you stop by the lake, you can have a swimming competition or a game of skip a stone.

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11. Listen to Your Favorite Podcast

So, you are not driving and need to kill some time? You can always tune in to your favorite podcast. Listen to your favorite podcast and discuss it with your RV mates.

12. Take a Far-Off Adventure

Do a bit of digging via online maps, and you may find some great locations in remote parts of your route. Being in the middle of nowhere with a picturesque view is one of the perks of a road trip in an RV.

13. Document Your Road Trip

Thanks to smartphones, we can all be photographers. Now you do not have to miss out on those beautiful idyllic settings; you can capture them as you go. Record those moments as everlasting memories. 

14. Grab a Souvenir from Every Place Your Visit

Every place has something they are famous for; why not make it a goal to grab memorabilia from each stop on your road trip map route? 

15. Write a Blog or Create a Vlog

If you are a travel buff, why not write a blog or create a Vlog (video blog) and post it on YouTube on-the-go or at the end of your road trip?  Then, you’ll always have the memory to look back on and can share your travels with interested viewers. 

kaitlyn-baker-vZJdYl5JVXY-unsplash.jpgPhoto credit:  Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

16. Take Photos with Name Signs

Why not stop by as you are about to enter the next stop’s limits?  You can use these photos in your travel journal or share them on social media. 

17. Find a Campsite

What could be more exciting than camping at some of the most beautiful locations while on a road trip in your RV? Do not forget to put your camping gear in the RV rental the next time you find yourself planning a road trip. 

18. Have Fun with Board Games

Board games are always an excellent way to kill some time. Your road trip in an RV will be incomplete if you do not take a couple of them along. 

19. Put on a Poker Face

A deck of cards is a must, whether you are on the road or at a campsite. Play a game of Poker. “Cards Against Humanity” is another hilarious card game – Google it. 

20. Compete on Social Media

Does everyone in the RV rental have a social media account? Turn it into a competition and see who gets the most likes on Facebook or Instagram.

@coupleonthemap.jpgPhoto credit: Instagram user @coupleonthemap

21. Play Fortunately/Unfortunately

It’s another great game to kill time while you are on the road in your RV or settled by the bonfire. 

You start with “I dropped my dad’s iPhone in the lake,” the second person continues, “Fortunately, he took it very well.” The third person starts with “unfortunately …” and the story continues switching between fortunately and unfortunately. 

22. Download Fun Apps

There are many apps out there to make your road trip a fun experience. In case you are going to a place with a local language that you don’t speak, download a language app to help you on the way. 

23. Battle of the Bands

Bored listening to the same music on the radio? Play battle of the bands! Think of a scenario and pick a song matching that scenario. Once the song choices are in, you play each song and vote whose choice was the best. 

24. Good Ol’ Story Telling

Are you or anyone in the group good at storytelling? Or are you all a group of imaginative individuals? Take turns telling stories! This is a fun activity while you are on a road trip in an RV or at a campsite. Horror stories scare during the night on a lonely road or at a remote campsite as the fire crackles. 

25. Put Together a Playlist 

Ask everyone coming along on the road trip to send in their playlists. This way, you can have all the favorite songs everyone in the group would love to hear. 


26. Partake in Cracker Barrel Games

There is no shortage of games and activities at Cracker Barrel restaurants. These games are perfect for long road trips in an RV. You will find magnetic chess, checkers, crossword puzzles, and more. 

27. Enjoy Alphabet Games

This is a simple game, but it’s guaranteed to keep everyone in the RV occupied. The object is to find every letter in the alphabet while traveling but only in road signs. See how many you end up finding in your route. 

28. The “I am going on vacation, and I am bringing” Game 

It sounds like a challenge more than a game, but it is suitable for all ages. You start by saying, “I am going on vacation, and I am bringing,” and add an item. The next participants must say the same phrase and repeat all the items mentioned before them and then add theirs, and so the game continues to the next player. 

29. The Theme Music Game

So far, we have touched every activity from analog to digital. This one will bring some laughs. To play, you pick a theme or tell a story, and players try to play a song from their phones to match the theme. 

30. Binge-Watch Movies and Shows

Yes, you are going away on a road trip. But you don’t want to part ways with your daily fix of Netflix or Hulu. Thanks to 4G Internet and data plans, you can dive into some serious binge-watching of the shows on your wish list. But don’t forget to look out the window now and again!

aleciofoto.jpgPhoto credit: Instagram user @aleciofoto

31. Track Your Route on Google Map

Create your road trip journal on a Google map. Drop a pin on Google at each location and let others trace your tracks. Maybe someone might want to try it out someday. 

32. Go Live on Facebook or Instagram

If you have a good Internet data plan, why not go live with your family and friends and share the locations and travel on-the-go? Answer any questions viewers may have or ask for suggestions of things to do.

33. Read a Book

Combine quiet moments in your RV rental with a long stretch of the open road, and you have an ideal opportunity to catch up on that book you have been planning to read. 

34. Listen to an Audiobook

Audiobooks are popular amongst Millennials and Gen Z alike. Not into hardbacks? Then download your favorite titles and enjoy while you take in the scenic views on the road. 

35. Eat Some Road Trip Snacks

You cannot deny that an RV full of snacks and nibbles is a prerequisite for a joyful road trip. Trust us—you do not want a hangry driver behind the wheel. So pack up your favorite crisps, biscuits and chewies and enjoy on the road or at rest stops. 

tim-foster-pS-gqoPODSM-unsplash.jpgPhoto credit: Tim Foster on Unsplash

36. Sing Karaoke

This could be a real hoot. We all have a singer within, so why not listen to music and sing along? 

37. Breakfast at the local diners

If you find yourself at a stop in the morning, look out for a local diner and enjoy breakfast. Take a picture and post it on social media, Google maps, and Yelp. You could be a travel advisor for others by rating the local diners. 

38. Go Old School on Maps

This may sound like a crazy idea in the present, but not long ago, people used paper maps for road trips. Yes, no GPS. So, if you feel like a bit of a daredevil, why not turn off the GPS and see if all of you together can navigate a map the old fashioned way? 

39. Random Detours for Sightseeing

Maps do not tell you everything. You may come across some local information on the go about a seasonal fair or a market. Take a chance, take random detours and enjoy the unexpected. 

40. Take Advantage of Your Surrounding

If it’s a beautiful sunny day and there is a lake or a beach nearby, why not turn it into a family picnic? You and your loved ones, snacks, music and shining water under the bright sunny sky; that is the most idyllic setting one can ask for.

@travelchillo.jpgPhoto credit: Instagram user @travelchillo

41. Drive the Classic Route

Every city or area has routes and tracks popular amongst the road-tripping community. Think about places like Route 66 in the U.S. or a Grimsel Pass in Switzerland. They are some of the prestigious epic road trip routes in the world. 

42. Pick Must-do Activities for the Next Destination

A road trip in your RV should never be a serious affair; allow yourself to goof around! Pick three random activities on top of your mind for each of your next destinations. It cannot get more spontaneous than that.

43. Go Stargazing

Chances are you will find yourself in a remote dark location with the darkest sky you have ever seen. You will be gobsmacked to see the clarity and the overwhelming twinkles of stars at these locations. You can use a stargazing app to point it towards the sky and know which constellations you are looking at. 

44. Visit the Local Shops

Speak to the locals and visit the local shops and markets. You never know what gems you are going to find at a good bargain. 

45. Scavenger Hunt On-the-Go

Make up a scavenger hunt game and determine the prizes. For example, ask a stranger to take a selfie with you or get five people to laugh on the highway, etc. 

artem-beliaikin-ZcOaFnQ8ACk-unsplash.jpgPhoto credit:  Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

46. Brainstorm the Next Places to Visit

How many times do you all get a chance to be together for this long? Get to know each other better while road tripping through the country in your RV. Brainstorm the places you all would want to visit and describe why. If you are an avid traveler, share your past experiences. 

47. The Silent Game

See who can stay quiet the longest out of you all. You can make funny gestures, faces, or play a joke on the phone and see who breaks down first. 

48. Collect Local or State Flowers

If you are into gardening or botany, why not collect local or state flowers on your road trip. They can be good souvenirs for you to cherish. Just make sure you’re following the conservation rules before taking anything home!

49. Try a Drive-in Movie Theater

Who needs a fancy restaurant all the time? Grab some local greasy grub and pull into a local drive-in cinema. It is a must-do when you are on a road trip in an RV. 

50. Attend Local Events and Concerts

Chances are you may catch some local events and concerts happening as you pass a stop on your road trip route. Check online or ask the locals about events. If a farmers’ market, carnival, open-air concert or any other festival is happening, make sure to attend it.

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