RV Rentals in New Jersey Can Lead You to Some Great Places


If you should happen to be piloting your Cruise America RV through the great state of New Jersey, we have an idea.

The New Jersey Delaware River Region is full of great things to see and do, especially for RV travelers. There are a variety of parks where you can set up for the night, week or month. As always, one of the great things about Class C RV traveling is that there are so many places you can park your motorhome!

Visit the New Jersey State Aquarium at Camden and watch the fascinating action in the 760,000-gallon open-ocean tank. It is a great place for you and your family to take a seat beside nature and see the beauty of sea life, and its relationship to mankind.

If history fascinates you, there is plenty of it in the Delaware River Region area. Visit Trenton, where George Washington tasted one of his crowning victories of the Revolutionary War. And speaking of Gorge Washington, You can actually visit the spot where he crossed the Delaware River. You can also see the aged barracks that were used by soldiers during the French and Indian War. You could always take your RV to Princeton, home of one of the nations oldest and most world-renowned universities. There you will find the site of the first Continental Congress, Nassau Hall. Drive by a beautiful menagerie of Georgian mansions, walls covered in rich, green ivy.

Believe it or not, the Delaware River Region contains within its boundaries the majority of the Pine Barrens. This is a million acres of preserved forest and waterways, and is, in fact, the largest wilderness area east of the Mississippi. These great barrens provide wonderful outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, canoeing, fishing, etc.

While in Jersey, don’t miss a trip to the town of Batsto. The whole town is a beautiful antique. It is like stepping back in time as, still today, you watch the craftsmen work on their trades. If your timing is right, you can participate in the October Cranberry Festival that occurs annually in the town of Chatsworth.

Not only are these places a pleasure to visit in your RV rental from Cruise America, they are a pleasure to get to as well. This is a popular, and highly suggested vacation.

It’s not surprising that when you think of RV rentals, New Jersey may not be the first thing you think of, but don’t be fooled. To learn more about how you can enjoy a rental motorhome from Cruise America, visit our website, or drop by one of our many rental centers in the US or Canada; there are four of them in New Jersey alone!