RV Kitchen Accessories: Top 10 Must-Haves

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One of the most used but often least thoughtfully-regarded spaces in your RV is the kitchen area. Since rental and used RVs both usually come equipped with modern amenities (ovens, stoves, microwaves, etc.), accessories can be afterthoughts for travelers. Road trippers may end up just stocking their RVs with items from their own kitchen, paying little mind to their practicality on the road.

There is a better way, though. Since space in an RV is something you should make the most of, it's time to look at some must-have RV kitchen accessories that can maximize your food preparation experiences and minimize the space they take up.

Top 10 RV Kitchen Accessories Must-Have Items

When shopping for RV kitchen accessories, think practically: What will you be able to use that doesn't take up much space and is easy to clean? With that in mind, here's a list of 10 must-have RV kitchen accessories for your next RV road trip. 

1. Stackable Cooking Utensils

Space is at a premium in RV kitchens, but that doesn't mean you can't bring full-size kitchen utensils along with you to use with your RV kitchen appliances! You can, but bring utensils that stack on each other. They provide the same utility as the cooking utensils in your house but take up much less space.

2. Stackable Mixing Bowls

You already think that bowls are stackable, right? Indeed they are, but stackable mixing bowls offer a wider variety of options in different sizes — and can take up much less space in an RV than even an average stack of cereal bowls.

3. Collapsible Colander/Strainer

Along with stackable mixing bowls, you'll need a strainer for washing veggies, fruits, and draining pasta cooked on your RV kitchen appliances. Traditional strainers can take up a lot of space, but with a collapsible strainer? Problem solved!

4. Microwave Lid

Space isn't the only thing you may be short of in an RV; there is also time to consider. Since you want to make the most of your surroundings, you want food that needs to be heated up to heat up faster. With a microwave cover like this one, your microwave becomes more efficient, with the added benefit of preventing splatter; you can also store it overnight in the microwave itself; it's a space-saver!

5. Cabinet Shelf Racks

When you look at your RV cabinets and shelving, you may wonder how much food and dishes you can bring. Well, you can double your estimates for each cabinet when you buy a shelf rack that fits right in it. Whether you store food on top and dishes on the bottom — or vice versa — is up to you!

6. Acrylic Glasses/Tumblers

Now, you could bring along disposable cups that you can just chuck in the trash when you're finished with them, but why create more waste at your campground? Bring along sets of acrylic glasses and tumblers that look like glass but don't break like glass; they're easily hand-washable and reusable for multiple RV road trips!

7. Magnetic Strip Knife Holder

Here's a sharp idea: While you can definitely buy an actual magnetic knife holder, you can also pay less by using 3M Command strips to mount a magnetic tool strip on the wall above your RV kitchen appliances and for your knives. Either way, you get easy access to your knives and keep them from bouncing around in a drawer — or out of a knife block.

8. Plastic Cutting Board Set

You have a gorgeous cedar cutting board at home, but you can't lug it on an RV road trip with you. Instead, bring along a plastic cutting board set. They're easy to use, easy to clean, and don't take up very much space at all.

9. Preparation Bowls with Openings

After slicing ingredients on cutting boards, where will you keep them until you need 'em? Well, these preparation bowls fit right onto the corners of a cutting board, allowing you to sweep off whatever you've been cutting and keep it safe and ready for cooking. They also are handy when cleaning up remaining ingredients you won't use.

10. Stackable Pots

Last but not least is stackable pots. You never know what you may need pots for in your RV kitchen. But, whether you're making pasta or cowboy coffee, you can count on needing pots at some point when cooking. Pots generally take up a lot of space...unless they're stackable RV kitchen accessories like these ones. 

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