Why RV Generators Are a Must Buy

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When you go RV camping, it’s tempting to make the most of your surroundings. After all, if you’ve reserved a space in an RV campground that has full hookups, you’re good to go — right? With full electrical hookups, you’re primed for a heightened camping experience from the moment you plug your rig into your campsite’s connections. Or, so you thought…

The truth is, you can never know what may happen when you’re out enjoying the great outdoors in an RV. Maybe your preferred campground will have all the hookups you need, and no worries; then again, maybe every campground at your destination will be full, meaning you’ll have to try boondocking this time around. Either way, it’s good to have a backup. 

Why You Need a Generator When RV Camping

And, in this case, “backup” means having a generator on hand; you know, just in case! Here’s why generators are a must-buy item for any RV traveler who wants to have uninterrupted fun wherever they go.

They’re Common and Convenient

You might be surprised to learn that some RVs come equipped with generators already — or, at the very least, are compatible with generators you can have installed. If your RV already has an onboard generator, it’ll likely be powered by your RV’s fuel tank but could also run on propane (so, always be sure that your RV’s propane tank is full, too!). The convenience of such generators cannot really be overstated!

And, if your RV doesn’t come with an onboard generator and isn’t prepped for one? Not to worry! You can achieve the same results — power at your campsite — with a portable generator. The advantage of this kind of generator (the most common kind you’ll see) is that you can take it with you from one RV to another, which works especially for you well when you rent RVs like the ones from Cruise America on a regular basis. 

Generators Are Freedom in a Box

Maybe a generator isn’t exactly a box, but most of the portable ones are boxy, so the phrasing fits! Anyways, within that form, you have freedom — freedom from the constrictions of many a campground. Maybe your site is in the middle of nowhere, so you don’t have the option to hookup. Or maybe your rig can connect to 30 amp but not 50 amp campground electricity, but not the other way around… and “the other way around” is the only connection available. 

The point is that having your own generator frees you from the worry of not knowing if you’ll be able to power up your RV’s appliances, turn on your vehicle’s lights at night, or charge the phone you’re using for GPS. Any way you look at it, your RV camping options expand when you have a generator. Even if you don’t need it on a particular trip, it’s good to have.

You’re Prepared for Anything

Extreme summer weather (especially hurricanes and monsoons) has the potential to negatively impact any RV road trip, but a generator offers you peace of mind. Why? A generator can keep things running even if your campsite’s power is knocked out by flooding or a lightning strike! 

And, if you prefer to do your RV road tripping in the middle of winter, you don’t need to worry about freezing if a sudden snowstorm hits. Your generator can help keep your appliances running in the event you need to heat up some water for hot chocolate or need warm water in general. 

They Can Reduce Your Expenses — and Carbon Footprint

RV travelers usually love being out in nature and often feel a special responsibility to preserve the environment for themselves and future generations. Most generators run on fuel, and fuel-efficient generators can provide maximum power while saving you money.

Also, solar-powered generators are more common today than ever. While these kinds of generators are more expensive than the traditional kind, they can provide you peace of mind along with the output you need to keep your rig’s power running in all kinds of conditions. 

Use a Generator With a Cruise America RV!

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and when it comes to having the power to fully enjoy your RV camping experience, that usually means bringing along your own generator. Honestly, it’s probably smart to invest in a generator whether you own your own RV or just rent a rig from time to time; either way, you’ll never have to worry about being without power when you need it, wherever you happen to be. 

Another thing you need never worry about? Getting a great RV from Cruise America. Whether you’re looking for a used RV to buy or are a regular renter, Cruise America’s RVs provide RV road trippers like you with a quality-assured vehicle packed with modern amenities and style. Call or visit Cruise America today to see which RV will help generate fun on the road!