RV Camping in Rainbow Springs State Park


There’s a timeless force that draws people to water. Looking out over a serene lake calms the mind in a way only nature can. Diving down into cool, clear water has a ritual quality that is as human as it is awakening. The brisk chill of going under seeps into your bones in a way that makes you feel completely present. It’s the best kind of a shock to remind you that you’re here and well, alive in this beautiful place.

Rainbow Springs State Park is home to some of the most gorgeously blue, clear natural springs in the US. There’s no better place to celebrate life than this marvel of nature. Read on for everything you need to know to visit this Florida gem. 

Rainbow Springs State Park Facts 

The park has been a popular tourist destination as far back as the early 1900s. Find out why it’s remained an American gem with these Rainbow Spring State Park facts!

  • The park is home to some of the purest phosphate rocks in the world. This discovery in the 1880s made the area a mining hub before it was ever a park for tourists.
  • Massive digs of the soil of the miners back then were the foundation of the beautiful waterfalls there today.
  • The gorgeous blue waters at the park are the result of Rainbow Springs, a naturally formed spring that pumps out 400 to 600 million gallons of freshwater every day.
  • Business owners eventually used Florida’s tropical backdrop to create a kitschy tourist destination. Remnants of this period in the park’s history still exist, like the entrance walkway, gift shop, animal cages, and dining terrace.
  • When the area was made a state park in the 1990s, local Florida residents helped regrow the greenery and restore Rainbow Spring’s natural beauty to its current state. 
  • Today, the park spans 1,470 acres of lush gardens, beautifully clear lake water, and a rich ecosystem of wildlife perfect for nature-lovers everywhere.

Best Rainbow Springs State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds 

Our curated list below is full of some of the best Rainbows Springs State Park RV parks to choose a perfect home away from home.

Rainbow Springs Campground

Amenities: The RV sites at Rainbow Springs State Park are the most convenient way to experience everything this Florida gem has to offer. The camping area is small but filled with everything you’ll need to enjoy your stay. Full hookups at every site, bathrooms, and showers are all in reach right on the park grounds.

Capacity: 54 sites

More information: Rainbow Springs Campground

Goethe Trailhead Ranch Campground

Amenities: For something completely different from a typical RV campground near Rainbow Springs State Park, check out the Goethe Trailhead Ranch. This is both an RV park and a horse ranch with a ton of open space. You’ll have no problems parking any sized rig in the huge area each RV site includes. Bring your pup along to enjoy the dog run in their massive park.

Capacity: 73 sites

More information: Goethe Trailhead Campground

Lake Rousseau RV Resort

Amenities: Lake Rousseau is just a 10-minute drive away from the RV sites at Rainbow Springs State Park. The grounds are situated next to the beautiful Lake Rousseau, making a great spot for anglers looking for an alternative to the park. Try your hand at catching bass, bluegill, and crappie a few strides away from your camp.

Capacity: 125 sites

More information: Lake Rousseau RV Resort

Quail Roost RV Park

Amenities: Quail Roost offers a nice alternative to the park if you need a few extra amenities during your stay. Besides the full hookups at all sites, enjoy reliable WiFi, a pool, gym, and community kitchen space for preparing meals. It’s your standard RV park without too many special perks overall. But, the well-maintained facilities and affordable price make Quail Roost a great choice. 

Capacity: 72 sites

More information: Quail Roost RV Park

Ocala Sun RV Resort

Amenities: Ocala Sun RV Resort is a large campground with the hospitality and service of a small, local business. The friendly staff will personally guide you to your site, where you’ll have access to full hookups, cable, and high-speed WiFi. There are plenty of fun activities to do for families too like pickleball, shuffleboard, and bocce ball too. You’ll be a short drive from Ross Prairie State Forest if you’d like to add this peaceful spot to your trip plans.

Capacity: 170 sites

More information: Ocala Sun RV Resort

Best Time to Visit Rainbow Springs State Park 

With pleasantly warm weather all year, there’s no wrong time to go! But this guide to the best time to visit Rainbow Springs State Park will explain a few seasonal differences to inform your choice. 


Winter is still a cozy time for RV camping in Rainbow Springs State Park. The temperature hovers around a comfy 75 degrees in the daytime. Little to no rainfall and low humidity make it easy to enjoy the whole day with no need for breaks from the heat. The park gets decorated with lights and Christmas decorations throughout to add a festive atmosphere. It’s also the low season for a peaceful stay.


Spring is a nice way to get a summer feeling without the big crowds. Spring RV camping at Rainbow Springs State Park promises balmy warmth around 80 to 87 degrees without the heavy humidity that comes along with a Florida summer. You’ll find a bit more rain in May so a mid-April visit is ideal. This is a good balance between early enough to avoid summer crowds while still enjoying nice weather and the spring bloom.  


It’s no secret that summer RV camping in Rainbow Springs State Park brings with it throngs of people looking for a cool dip in the water. Expect the highest crowd density and temperatures around August and July. A lot of visitors prefer tubing in the summer, so you’ll most likely spot a lot of folks enjoying a slow float downriver. July and August are also the height of the rainy season, with 12 or 13 days of rain on average per year. 


Fall offers a similar experience to winter RV camping in Rainbow Springs State Park. You’ll find temperatures at just about the same sweet spot of 70-80 degrees in the day. Fall is at the tail end of hurricane season in Florida. About one-quarter of all hurricanes hit Florida around August to October. Still, the season is a great chance to avoid crowds while ditching the yuletide atmosphere of the park in the later winter months.

Things to Do in Rainbow Springs State Park 

With nearly a full 1,500 acres of park to uncover, it can be tough to know where to begin. These fun things to do in Rainbow Springs State Park will get you started on the right foot.

Swim in the Rainbow Springs. These crystal clear waters are sure to rejuvenate your body and spirit. They range from 10 to 18 feet deep, and the clarity means it’s a great spot for snorkeling to spot fish, turtles, and other local fauna. The water sits at a perfect 72 degrees Fahrenheit all year, too.

Float down the Rainbow River. Enjoy the laid-back flow of this lazy river from atop a tube. The crystalline water makes it a great way to peek down at local fish and turtles as you enjoy the refreshingly cool blue.

Hike the waterfall-laden nature trails. The trails here are just about 2.5 miles long, making them a great fit for any skill level of hiker. You’ll be able to see the falls, walk along the river, and enjoy a quiet time in the park.

Go snorkeling in the headsprings. The water’s clarity offers a wonderful chance to snorkel with high visibility that’s tough to match. Pack some basic snorkeling gear for a fun and refreshing treat.

Tips on Visiting Rainbow Springs State Park 

Before you hit the road, these final tips on visiting Rainbow Springs State Park will give you a smooth trip.

  • While you may think winter days are still warm enough for some time in the water, tubing is closed during the winter season, so plan another time if you wanted a float downriver.
  • The park temporarily closes when it reaches capacity. Try avoiding weekends or the high season if you want to be sure there’s no wait to enter.
  • Swim within your limits. There are no active lifeguards on duty, so it’s your responsibility to stay safe in the water. 
  • Picnicking pavilions are available for reservations. They’re a great way to spend an afternoon in the shade with friends and family.
  • The trails are mostly in the sun, so make sure to pack some sunscreen and try hiking them in cooler temperatures.

RV Rental for Rainbow Springs State Park 

That’ll do it for this ultimate guide to this wonderful destination. If you’re looking for a fun and convenient way to tour this lovely state park, look no further than a Rainbow Springs State Park RV rental from Cruise America in Florida. Their RV lineup is perfect for any size party or budget. And they’re loaded with all the necessities and living space to make the journey as fun as the destination.

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