RV Camping Near Oak Mountain State Park

Sometimes, it’s tough to decide what you’d like to get out of a camping trip. Should you spend a quiet day fishing on a tranquil lake? How about a challenging hike up to a high peak or speeding down an exciting mountain bike trail? Maybe something in between? Lucky for you, RV camping near Oak Mountain State Park lets you try all of these activities and more.

In this ultimate guide, you’ll see what makes Alabama’s largest state park the perfect place for the camper who wants to try it all!

Oak Mountain State Park Facts 

Get to know a bit more about your trip before you head out. These Oak Mountain State Park facts will give you a deeper appreciation of this Alabama wonder.
  • The park spans nearly 10,000 acres of dense forests and bottomlands. That makes this Alabama’s largest state park.
  • Oak Mountain is one more result of the Civilian Conservation Corps efforts in the 1930s. After restoring a lot of the then 940-acre park, the National Park Service gave an extra 9,000 acres of surrounding land.
  • A lot of the land was acquired from owners who settled in via the Homestead Act. You can still see remnants of old-style homesteads in the park today.
  • The park has a huge variety of activities to try thanks to the diverse landscape. These include hiking, fishing, a BMX track, horseback riding, a golf course, and more.
  • Keep your eyes to the ground near bodies of water for barrel rings. Oak Mountain State Park was once the site of infamous moonshine bootleggers. They say most of the alcohol in Birmingham during prohibition most likely came from Oak Mountain.

Now that you’re familiar with the rich history of this Alabama gem, let’s take a look at some of the best places to stay on your next trip.

Best Oak Mountain State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds 


We’ve made picking a home base easy. Our curated list below of the best Oak Mountain State Park RV parks and campgrounds is sure to have just what you’re looking for.

Oak Mountain Campground

Amenities: We recommend the park’s own campground as your first choice. The RV sites in Oak Mountain State Park are the most convenient option by far. You’ll be nestled within rolling hills and dense pine tree thickets for a private and cozy environment. The sites feature full-hookups at all sites, a rarity among national parks. Kick back at a 26-acre lake within walking distance to the campgrounds or hit the backcountry hiking trails nearby for more spartan adventures.

Capacity: 85 sites

More information: Oak Mountain Campground

Birmingham South RV Park

Amenities: This RV park near Oak Mountain State Park is another convenient, family-friendly choice. The sites have good space between them and each comes with full-hookups. There’s a small game room and a playground that are great for the kids, a clean bathhouse, and a heated pool too. Your pooch is no problem either thanks to a dog run on the grounds.

Capacity: 55 sites

More information: Birmingham South RV Park

Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park

Amenities: This RV campground near Oak Mountain State Park is inside another nearby Alabama staple — Tannehill Ironworks. The sites here include water and electric hookups, dumping stations, and two bathhouses, along with a few other amenities. You’ll get to take in the sights at another Alabama state park with a ton of history. Operational in the late 19th century, the massive furnaces here once put out over 22 tons of raw iron per day. You can still visit the fully intact ironworks today.

Capacity: 195 sites

More information: Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park

Cherokee Campground & RV Park

Amenities: This RV campground near Oak Mountain State Park features a quaint feel in a rustic atmosphere. Tucked into pines and near a small lake, you’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful and quiet stay. The rates here are the most affordable in the area but you’ll likely find a full campground that is packed a bit tight. You’ll find full-hookups, a bathhouse, a simple rec room, and a laundry room on the grounds.

Capacity: 98 sites

More information: Cherokee Campground & RV Park

Rolling Hills RV Park

Amenities: This RV campground near Oak Mountain State Park is situated in the midst of hardwoods and pines. You’ll find a good amount of space between each site and some beautiful scenery in the form of hilly terrain. There’s also a fishing lake on the grounds. All sites have full-hookups with showers, a bathroom, and a laundry room nearby. Some lots don’t include WiFi, so be sure to ask when booking if you’ll need internet connection.

Capacity: 89 sites

More information: Rolling Hills RV Park

Best Time to Visit Oak Mountain State Park


Alabama is a state with a subtropical climate. That means fairly mild winters, but the state is still home to some extreme weather patterns. Plan your visit wisely with this handy seasonal guide.


  Alabama winters offer pretty mild temperatures, bottoming out at just shy of freezing on the coldest nights. This can make a nice intro for cold weather RV camping in Oak Mountain State Park. Winter is the season you’re least likely to find extreme weather. You’ll also enjoy lower rates at some RV campgrounds and a sparsely populated park.


  RV camping in Oak Mountain State Park in spring brings with it the promise of great weather and blooming wildflowers. You’ll be able to enjoy nearly any activity you’d like with pleasant temperatures ranging from about 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. You’ll get less chance of Alabama’s thunderstorms compared to summer making spring one of the best times to visit Oak Mountain State Park.


  Summer Oak Mountain State Park RV camping has the hottest temperature, worst humidity, and highest chance of thunderstorms and tornadoes. Think temperatures over 90 degrees in the daytime and over 70% humidity to boot. We’d say give summer a pass if you can. That said, nothing makes swimming in the park more refreshing than a hot summer day.  


  Fall is another great choice for RV camping in Oak Mountain State Park. Temperatures gradually lower from the high 80s to the mid-60s as the season progresses. The park’s crowds diminish and the bright greenery slowly fades into a hue of warming rust. Aim for late October to November for the best scenes of fall foliage with brisk temperatures. 

Things to Do in Oak Mountain State Park


Now it’s on to the adventure! There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Oak Mountain State Park. This list will give you some ideas of where to begin.
  • Spot animals along the Treetop Nature Trail. Start at the Oak Mountain Interpretive Center to learn about all the interesting wildlife that calls Oak Mountain State Park home. From there, you can walk along the connected Treetop Nature Trail. See all kinds of hawks and owls up-close in their natural habitat.
  • Go on an epic bike ride. The park features some diverse terrain with a huge range of technical sections. Beginner riders should use caution since some trails can get difficult. Start easy on the Lake Trail and head towards Seven Bridges across the road for a wide track with stellar views. Past that, the trails get progressively more difficult if you want to test your skills.
  • Get some tee-time in at the golf course. Oak Mountain features a full 18-hole course open all year round. Bring your own clubs or visit the pro shop to rent a set for $25. Reservations are highly recommended since this pro-level course is a popular pastime among campers.
  • Go fishing. Try your luck at any of the park’s three lakes. There are two 86-acre lakes and a smaller 60-acre one to spend the day on. Anglers have a chance at local trout, bass, crappie, and bream. Don’t forget, you’ll need an Alabama license to fish in the park. 
  • Ride horseback. Don’t miss out on the park’s 25 miles of horse riding trails. You can bring your own horse (with Coggins papers) or book a horse and a guide to take you through the park. The trails are for horse traffic only and are a great way to give riding a try!

You’ll want to book your trip well in advance to experience all of these fantastic family activities and more!

Tips on Visiting Oak Mountain State Park


You must feel ready to hit the road and check out this gorgeous destination by now. We can’t blame you! But, make sure the trip goes smoothly with these final tips on visiting Oak Mountain State Park.
  • Dogs are welcome at Oak Mountain! But make sure you keep your furry friend on a leash for their safety and to be mindful of other visitors.
  • The park encourages a “leave no trace” policy no matter where you go. This eco-friendly concept means cleaning up after yourself and not littering. Make sure it’s as if you were never there. Let’s keep the park beautiful for everyone.
  • Rangers maintain the park in winter months with controlled burns to prevent catastrophic wildfires. Do your part by keeping all fires within designated fire pits, even in the backcountry.
  • Protect local wildlife by not feeding them. It’s tempting to interact with the animals. But, feeding disrupts their natural survival patterns and does more harm than good.

It’s time to hit the road! Using these tips and tricks, you’ll be an Oak Mountain State Park pro on your RV trip.

RV Rentals for Oak Mountain State Park

That just about does it for our ultimate guide to this Alabama gem. For the best way to make the most of your stay, kick the journey off with an RV rental for Oak Mountain State Park. Cruise America’s fleet of RVs has all the essentials you’ll need to make any spot as comfy as home. A working kitchen, shower, bathroom, seating area, and bedding are just a few of the features onboard.

Choose an RV, pick it up at one of many convenient locations, and start your adventure! Reserve an Oak Mountain State park RV rental today!