RV Camping Near Biscayne National Park


There are few joys more pleasant than a day spent boating at sea. Gentle waves lap against the hull while a fresh, salty breeze invigorates even the most tired of spirits. The sun shines across the blue water. An adventure spent at sea is a lot easier to experience than you might think. At Biscayne National Park, the park’s land area is 95% water. It’s a playground for lovers of water activities and is accessible to anyone. 

To see what a trip like this entails and how to make it happen, read on for everything you need to know to experience the joy of Biscayne National Park!

Biscayne National Park Facts

Before you embark on your journey, learn about this park’s rich history with these Biscayne National Park facts!

  • The park is home to several ecosystems which uniquely meld into one another. This means Biscayne is home to hundreds of fish and plant life you can’t find anywhere else in America.
  • Biscayne’s original inhabitants were the Paleo-Indians dating back to the ice age when the Florida peninsula was a landmass twice as large as it is now. 
  • Unfortunately, few remnants of these original peoples remain since their former stomping grounds are most likely now at the peninsula’s bottom.
  • Biscayne is the resting place of 6 shipwrecks that are open and available for anyone to see! One such wreck, The Alicia, was pillaged by divers for precious metals, which expectedly changed the course of history over 100 years ago.

Best Biscayne National Park RV Parks and Campgrounds 


For your trip’s home base, check out our list below. We’ve curated the four best RV campgrounds near Biscayne National Park so you can spend less time researching and more time enjoying the trip!

Larry & Penny Thompson Memorial Park and Campground

Amenities: For one of the best public RV sites near Biscayne National Park, look no further than Larry & Penny Thompson. This budget-friendly park has all the amenities you’d expect from a private RV campground at about half the cost. Enjoy hot showers, full hookups, laundry facilities and picnic areas. It even has its own private beach and freshwater pond!

Capacity: 240 RV sites

More information: Larry & Penny Thompson Memorial Park and Campground

Boardwalk RV Resort

Amenities: Check out Boardwalk for camping near Biscayne National Park RV with a little something for everyone. This large RV campground has plenty of sporty activities like shuffleboard, volleyball courts, a heated pool and a fitness center. For something a bit quieter, check out the lending library for a peaceful way to unwind outdoors. 

Capacity: 145 RV sites

More information: Boardwalk RV Resort

Southern Comfort RV Park 

Amenities: If a convenient location is your priority, this is your best bet among RV sites near Biscayne National Park. Be at Biscayne in under 20 minutes from this nearby campground. You’ll find full hookups on all sites for a convenient place to rest, a swimming pool and even a tiki bar open every day for some refreshment.

Capacity: 130 RV sites

More information: Southern Comfort RV Park

Miami Everglades RV Resort

Amenities: Looking for a more tropical feel in a Biscayne National Park RV campground? Miami Everglades might be the spot for you. Enjoy camping among palm, avocado and mango trees dotting the sun-soaked greenery. Take a dip in the pool or soak in their whirlpool hot tub at the end of a long day of exploring. Ask at booking if you need hookups or WiFi since not all sites include them.

Capacity: 300 RV sites (100 full hookups)

More information: Miami Everglades RV Resort

Best Time to Visit Biscayne National Park 

You’ll find sunshine year-round when camping in Biscayne National Park. But some small differences and hurricane season might make choosing the right time for you easy. Check out our handy guide for the best time to visit Biscayne National Park!


Winter months are still fantastic for RV camping in Biscayne National Park. The climate remains warm and dry from December through March. Expect the temperature to hover around a brisk 65 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the season. You might see some occasional gusts of cool wind with a bit of rain here and there. 


Spring seems to be the people’s favorite time for RV camping in Biscayne National Park. The crowd density is the highest in this season. So make sure you plan and book early for a spring visit. March through mid-May seems to be the most pleasant time, with a temperature around the 70s to 80s. May has a bit more rainfall than average, so it might be good to pack a light raincoat.


It’s tough to recommend a Biscayne National Park RV camping trip to Florida in the summer. The average temperature sounds perfect on paper giving you visions of an idyllic sunny day by the bay. However, the humidity is killer. You’ll also be rolling the dice since June to November is hurricane season. If you want to take a chance, you’ll be rewarded with sparse crowds and cheaper lodging than usual.


There isn’t a lot of difference between the summer and fall months for RV camping in Biscayne National Park. It’s another hard time to recommend for all the same reasons. The temperatures are slightly cooler with a more tolerable humidity. But you’ll be taking a chance at the tail-end of hurricane season if you plan a fall visit. 

Things to Do in Biscayne National Park


The ocean blue will be your finest photo backdrop, travel method and entertainment during your stay. Let’s dive right into all the exciting things to do in Biscayne National Park!

Go fishing. With fishing grounds as far as the eye can see and no special license required, Biscayne is heaven for new and seasoned anglers alike. Take advantage of plenty of piers and a massive area of water within the park grounds teeming with diverse fish species.

Pack a canoe or kayak. Rentals aren’t offered in the park, so sure to pack your own!  This is the best way to enjoy some areas of Biscayne that are inaccessible by any other way. Adam’s Key is a great base for experienced kayakers to branch out along the creeks and canoe trails south. 

Dive back in time along the Maritime Heritage Trail. See the remnants of 19th and 20th-century shipwrecks with nothing but snorkeling gear and a sense of adventure required. “The Alicia” is the most interesting of the six wrecks. The Alicia was a steamer that sank in 1905, carrying roughly one million dollars of precious cargo. The ensuing skirmishes by diving teams to secure the goods eventually led to a permanent change in US salvage laws.

See Marine Life with Snorkeling Gear. Snorkelers won’t want to miss out on Hurricane Creek or Jones Lagoon (accessible by kayak or canoe). Make your way between mangrove roots in Hurricane Creek to spot anemones, sea squirts and other marine life.

Camp on an Island. Biscayne features two islands—Boca Chita and Elliot Key with tent campsites. These islands are only accessible by boat. The beautiful scenery, simple, sparsely developed landscape and secluded feeling will make for an unforgettable way to spend a night.

Tips on Visiting Biscayne National Park 

Since you will probably rely on boats to fully enjoy the park, these handy tips on visiting Biscayne National Park will set you up to safely navigate the waters. 

  • If you’re fishing, be wary of and try to capture the troublesome lionfish. Lionfish make for a delicious meal, but their spikes are venomous, so be extremely careful not to touch any of them. They can cause a lot of pain if mishandled.
  • Be sure to check out the prohibited species list and size limitations if you’re going fishing. Let’s make sure to maintain the ecosystem that makes Biscayne such a pleasure to visit!
  • Observe the posted speed limits not only for your safety but to protect local wildlife vulnerable to boat strikes. Your own wake can disrupt other boats or even capsize smaller vessels.
  • The bay is full of shallow areas or water obstructed by coral reefs. Water color is a good indicator if it’s safe to sail through. 
  • Remember: White or brown, run aground. Sand bars or coral make the water look white or brown—be careful! Green or blue, cruise on through. You’re safe to pass over all green and blue water.

RV Rental for Biscayne National Park

You’ve read the guide; now it’s time to ride! If you need some wheels, Cruise America has just what you’re looking for in a Biscayne National Park RV rental package.

Whether you’re making a weekend trip or thinking of roaming long-term, any family size or budget can make the road their home. With a vehicle packed with all the essentials like a shower, generator and stovetop, you can plant your base anywhere you desire. Book a Biscayne National Park RV Rental today!