RV Camping Near Morro Bay State Park

Sometimes nature can surprise us by hiding mysteries in plain sight before our very eyes. One such marvel is a common tourist attraction in Morro Bay State Park.

In the serene blue waters of the Pacific rests a strange but unassuming rock formation called Morro Rock. This once chunk of molten magma turned volcanic plug is the centerpiece of the scene’s tranquility. Go back about a billion years earlier, and you’d see a massive volcano in its place. It seems our eyes are naturally drawn to this pillar of strength when looking out at the bay, even if you’re not exactly sure how they got there.

This kind of mystical scene and so much more is waiting for you to discover when RV camping in Morro Bay State Park!

Morro Bay State Park Facts

Learning the history of a place is the perfect primer for a meaningful journey. Before your RV camping in Morro Bay State Park, get to know a little bit more about the park with these Morro Bay State Park facts!
  • The first people to form settlements in the area were the Chumash Native Americans. They used the bay to sustain their people with fresh fish and shellfish.
  • The earliest explorers into the land were the Spanish, led by Don Gaspar de Portola in 1769. Their presence disrupted Native American life and permanently changed their culture, teaching them new ways to farm in the process.
  • In the modern era, a new country club’s development stopped in the area because of the Great Depression.
  • The to-be country club and golf course was converted by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1934 to the park as it stands today. 

Best Morro Bay RV Parks and Campgrounds 

There are plenty of options for Morro Bay State Park RV campgrounds to call home base. The list below has five options to get you started.

Bella Vista by the Sea

Amenities: If you’re looking for picturesque RV campgrounds near Morro Bay State Park, Bella Vista by the Sea should be at the top of your list. This campground is in a stunning location slightly above sea level and offers great views of the bay. The park is also right near downtown Cayucos, a charming town full of personality. Fantastic views, nice amenities, and clean facilities put Bella Vista in the number one spot. 

Capacity: 84 sites

More Information: Bella Vista by the Sea

Morro Dunes RV Park

Amenities: Morro Dunes is the most convenient choice for RV campgrounds near Morro Bay State Park. It’s situated within viewing distance of Morro Rock and the bay itself for a wonderful view to wake up to. 139 of the 170 sites include WiFi, full hookups, and sewage.

Capacity: 170 sites

More Information: Morro Dunes RV Park

Morro Strand RV Park

Amenities: This convenient and affordable Morro Bay State Park RV campground is a nice alternative to Morro Dunes. It’s a stone’s throw further from Morro Rock and features the same amenities plus picnic tables, fire pits, coin showers, and a laundry room.

Capacity: 44 sites

More Information: Morro Strand RV Park

Bay Pines

Amenities: If you don’t mind a short drive out from the bay itself, Bay Pines has all the makings of a great stay. All the sites have a quaint feeling and are partially shaded with trees and grass between parking pads. Enjoy full hookups everywhere, WiFi, a spa, and a heated pool to boot.

Capacity: 112 sites

More Information: Bay Pines

Avila / Pismo Beach KOA

Amenities: This campground near Morro Bay State Park is a good option if you’re looking to be centrally located for easy access to both the park and the town of Morro Bay. There are plenty of things to do for kids here too. Just be aware that it’s right near 101 Highway and so you won’t be having a perfectly quiet night.

Capacity: 89 sites

More Information: Avila/Pismo Beach KOA

Best Time to Visit Morro Bay State Park for RV Camping 

Now that the place is set, use our handy guide to choose the time. This seasonal list has all you need to find the best time to visit Morro Bay State Park for RV camping.


Even winter can be the perfect time for RV camping in Morro Bay State Park. The temperature holds steady at about 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. That means, unlike other parks where the winter means empty lots and trails aplenty, Morro Bay’s crowd size will not dip much lower than normal. Winter is the rainy season, though, with about seven days expected each January through March so pack rain gear!


Lush fields of verdant growth are waiting for your Morro State Park RV camping trip! Spring is a great time for wildflower viewing in the park. Check out the Black Hill Trail for some great views at the peak and along the way. The walk is uphill but rated a moderate difficulty for nearly any hiker. Expect a balmy temperature with very little rainfall. 


More sunlight equals more fun when Morro Bay RV camping in summer. The temperatures stay consistently pleasant with an expected zero days of rainfall through the season. That means no need to worry about an aggressively hot sun while still enjoying all that summer has to offer. Grab a spot on the beach and enjoy the best season to take in the slow sunsets starting around 8 pm. 


Fall might be the best season for a non-traditional family trip. This is the most event-filled season of the year, with so many things to do around the town of Morro Bay. After your adventures in the park, take in the local culture at the Museum of Natural History, harvest festivals, or Halloween-themed activities. 

Things to do in Morro Bay State Park 

RV camping in Morro Bay State Park offers a wide variety of options to enjoy your trip. Here are just a few of the many things to do in Morro Bay State Park to tack on your list.
  • See Morro Rock. The signature landmark of the park is a distinct feature of the bay’s scenery. The rock is a volcanic plug, a hunk of hardened magma formed at the base of a formerly active volcano. Imagine a towering mountain spewing lava billions of years ago as you look out over the now tranquil scene.
  • Go bird watching. The bay is a critical point in the migration of a hundred different bird species. Pack some binoculars to get a chance at spotting flocks in the hundreds stopping by their seasonal feeding grounds. Aim for February to June for the highest chances of a memorable sighting.
  • Enjoy the scenery. Morro Bay is an expansive and spectacular destination to spot beautiful natural scenery. Hike the Black Hill Trail for some of the best viewpoints in the park. Or find Eagle Rock, a secluded and hidden spot away from the crowds. Catch the sunset all along the bay for the perfect ending to the day.

Tips on Visiting Morro Bay State Park 

Before you get started, make sure you’re prepared with these last-minute tips on visiting Morro Bay State Park!
  • The bay waters tend to be cold in any season. Make sure to bring a wetsuit if you’re planning to try some surfing.
  • The bay is a great chance for fishing. Over 60 species live in the bay’s ecosystem. Just make sure to pick up a fishing license from the marina.
  • Pack some warm clothes for seeing the Bay. The area around the water can get much cooler in any season, so be prepared with some layered clothing. 
  • Buy all your own firewood before entering the park. Gathering wood for fires is not permitted.

RV Rental for Morro Bay State Park

That just about finishes our guide for your next big adventure. Whether you’re bringing your own wheels or need a Morro Bay State Park RV rental, the park is sure to offer some lasting memories.

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Book today and make the road your home away from home in an amazing Morro Bay State Park RV rental!