RV Camping in Bryce Canyon


Bryce Canyon National Park has some of the most unique rock formations found in the world! Within its 55,992 square miles, you’ll find diverse plant and animal life, as well as a landscape you don’t want to miss. 

Would you like to learn more about RV camping in Bryce National Park? Use this comprehensive guide to help plan your trip!

Bryce Canyon Facts

Bryce Canyon holds thousands of years worth of history within its magnificent landscape. As you traverse through the tall mountain peaks and the lush forests below, keep in mind these incredible Bryce Canyon facts!

  • Bryce Canyon was first settled by Mormon pioneers in the 1850s, though archeological surveys show people have been in the area for at least 10,000 years.

  • The area was designated as a national park in 1928.

  • Though it’s called a canyon, Bryce Canyon is actually a series of natural rock formations of about a dozen natural amphitheaters that extend more than 20 miles north-to-south.

  • The largest amphitheater is Bryce Amphitheater, which is 12 miles long, three miles wide, and 800 feet deep.

  • Bryce Canyon is known for its protruding rock formations called “hoodoos,” which are formed from sedimentary and volcanic rock. These unique formations make up the amphitheater, making it the largest collection of hoodoos in the world. They can reach up to 200 feet tall.

  • The Paiute people believed the hoodoos were real people that a trickster Coyote turned to stone.

  • The rocks at Bryce Canyon are roughly 65 million years old, which is the youngest in the Colorado Plateau. During that time, water and ice have carved the rugged landscape. In about fifty years, the present rim will be cut back by about a foot.

  • In most places in the United States, you can only see about 2,500 stars in the night sky. At Bryce Canyon, however, you can see as many as 7,500 on a clear night.

  • There are more than 400 plant species at Bryce Canyon, 175 species of birds, 11 species of reptiles, four species of amphibians, and over 1,000 different insects, including 45 butterfly and moth species. 

  • There are three life zones in the park, including a spruce/fir forest at high elevations, Ponderosa Pine forest at mid-elevations, and Pinyon Pine/Juniper forests at low elevations.

  • The lowest elevation in the park is 6,620 feet at Yellow Creek. The highest elevation is 9,115 at Rainbow Point.

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Best Bryce Canyon RV Parks and Campgrounds

RV camping has tons of benefits! It’s healing, therapeutic, and provides an escape from your busy life. Even better, it’s addicting. Below, we’ve compiled a list of RV campgrounds in Bryce Canyon, as well as the best RV parks near Bryce Canyon. Keep reading to find out where you should stay!

North Campground

Amenities: The North Campground is located just to the east of the Bryce Canyon Visitors Center. There, you will find year-round amenities, as well as some amenities that are limited to warmer seasons. For example, trash and recycling collection, as well as flush toilets, are available all year to visitors. Seasonal amenities include a camp store, an amphitheater, laundry facilities, a dump station, potable water, staff on-site, and firewood and ice for sale.

Capacity: 99 first-come-first-serve sites, which include 49 RV-only sites

More information: North Campground

Sunset Campground

Amenities: Sunset Campground is located just west of Sunset Point, one and a half miles south of Bryce Canyon Visitors Center. This site is open from late April through the end of October and thus only offers seasonal amenities. These include trash and recycling collection, a camp store, laundry facilities, portable toilets, a dump station, potable water, staff on-site, and firewood and ice for sale.

Capacity: 100 reservable sites, which include 50 RV-only sites

More information: Sunset Campground 

Ruby’s Inn RV and Campground

Amenities: Ruby’s Inn RV and Campground is one of the best places to go RV camping near Bryce Canyon. Located just a half-mile from the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park, each RV has access to electric and water or full RV hookups. There are even some large pull-through areas to make driving into the campground easy. Additional amenities include hot showers, clean bathrooms, a dump station, laundromat, internet, a camper’s store, and propane. There are even fun activities such as a rodeo, ATV rides, a pool, a hot tub, old west photos, and horseback rides.

Capacity: 250 sites

More information: Ruby’s Inn RV and Campground 

Bryce Canyon Pines RV Hookups and Campsites

Amenities: Bryce Canyon Pines is nestled in a beautiful Ponderosa Pine forest, surrounded by incredible views of the Red Canyons and Bryce Canyon National Park. This site has full hookups that include water, electricity, and sewer. Additionally, each camper has access to a fire pit, picnic table, restrooms, hot showers, and guest laundry. 

Capacity: 30 RV sites

More information: Bryce Canyon Pines RV Hookups and Campsites 

Bryce Pioneer Village RV and Camp Sites

Amenities: Bryce Pioneer Village sits on 13 acres of beautifully landscaped property. The RV sites are located on a large grassy area with full hookups, 50 AMP power, shower facilities, and restrooms. There are also fire pits and picnic tables for friends and families to enjoy. 

Capacity: 12 RV sites

More information: Bryce Pioneer Village 

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Best Time to Visit Bryce Canyon for RV Camping

Bryce Canyon National Park is open 24 hours a day throughout the year, allowing you to choose which season you would like to visit. Keep reading to learn about weather conditions and crowd sizes so you can find out what the best time to Bryce Canyon National Park is!


From December through February, temperatures are typically 15 to 39 degrees Fahrenheit, with December being the coldest month. On average, the park experiences an annual snowfall of about 95 inches.

Despite the below-freezing temperatures, winter is incredibly beautiful at Bryce Canyon. Snow is scattered over the evergreen trees and rock formations, the air is crisp, and the sun is usually out. 

Because of the beautiful conditions, there are many fun winter activities for visitors to enjoy. For instance, winter hiking, snowshoeing, ranger-guided full moon snow hikes, cross-country skiing, winter backpacking, sledding, and winter astronomy are some of the things you can enjoy when you go RV camping in Bryce Canyon in the winter!


From March to May, temperatures can be cool or moderately warm, with some runoff from melting snow. March may still have some below-freezing temperatures, but by May, the average high is 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wildflowers are in bloom this time of year, making the area alive with vibrant color. Spring is thus a perfect time of year to take a scenic drive and tour and see all of Bryce Canyon’s astonishing rock formations.


Between June and August, you can expect moderately hot temperatures with low humidity. July is the warmest month, with daytime temperatures reaching a high of 83 degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime temperatures reaching a low of 47 degrees Fahrenheit. However, mid to late summer bring afternoon thunderstorms.

Generally, summer is the busiest time of year. You can expect busy trails and full campgrounds, in addition to most facilities being open.

Many park visitors enjoy hiking, stargazing, and RV camping at this time of year.


Between September and November, temperatures start cooling down again. September highs can reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but by November, temperatures can be below freezing. In late fall, you may see an early snowstorm.

Late fall means fewer crowds and cooler temperatures. If you would like to avoid crowds as well as heavy snow, fall may be the best time to visit Bryce Canyon.

Things to Do in Bryce Canyon


There are many exciting things to do in Bryce Canyon National park! No matter what time of year you decide to visit, you’ll never run out of activities to do and sites to see. 

For example, ranger programs and astronomy programs are great interactive experiences that allow you to get in touch with nature and learn about the area.

Additionally, hiking is one of the best things to do in Bryce Canyon National Park. Not only are there several scenic hiking trails, but special full moon hikes and backcountry hikes are unique experiences exclusive to Bryce Canyon that you won’t find anywhere else!

Other activities include astronomy, fishing, photography, horseback riding, biking, and ATV tours, as well as sleigh rides and cross-country skiing in the winter months.

One of the best ways to see the entire park is to take the scenic drive, which takes about three hours to complete. The 38-mile round-trip drive brings you to 13 spectacular viewpoints in the park. 

On your visit, be sure to check out Rainbow Point, which is the highest place in the park. There, you can see the expansiveness of Bryce Canyon National Park!

Tips on Visiting Bryce Canyon

When you visit Bryce Canyon, have cash ready. The entrance fee is $35 per vehicle per week. If you are camping in the park at North Campground or Sunset Campground, each RV site costs $30 per night.

Moreover, take safety precautions by keeping in mind the following:

  • Wear supportive hiking shoes with good traction.

  • Be wary of altitude sickness. When you are over 9,000 feet, you are only getting 70% of the oxygen you might be used to getting. Avoid overexertion and altitude sickness by taking frequent breaks and drinking lots of water.

  • Because the national park is at such a high elevation and the sun shines bright year-round, UV rays can be intense. Wear sunscreen whenever you are doing outdoor activities, even when it’s cold outside, or you will probably get sunburned.

  • It is recommended you drink at least one liter/quart of water every one to two hours.

  • Lightning can be dangerous in the park. As a rule of thumb, if you can hear thunder, lightning is less than ten miles away. You will need to take shelter immediately. Practice lightning safety to stay safe.

  • Weather can swing as much as 50 degrees in one day, so be sure to plan for all weather types!

  • Never feed wild animals. Even small animals have been known to become aggressive when fed.

  • Climbing up or sliding down cliffs can be very dangerous. Parts of the rock that look like hand or toe holds likely won’t hold more weight than a chipmunk.

  • Always practice safe driving while in the park!

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RV Rental for Bryce Canyon

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