12 RV Bathroom Accessories For A Life On The Road

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When you're on the road for long stretches in an RV, chances are good that you're going to use your own bathroom more than the ones at rest stops and hotels. After all, why use any other bathroom than the one you've got?

Choosing which RV bathroom accessories to bring with you and coming up with RV bathroom ideas that'll work with the space you have can be hard. To help you out, here are 12 essential RV bathroom accessories for life on the road!

Essential RV Bathroom Accessories for Life on the Road

Keep in mind that since different RVs can come equipped with different bathrooms, you might not need all of the RV bathroom accessories on this list on every road trip. Still, these RV bathroom ideas can come in handy!

1. Motion-Sensor Bathroom Nightlight

When you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, turning on the light can disturb others. Rather than risk that simply install a motion-sensor bathroom night light. It's bright enough to let you see but dim enough not to wake everyone else.

2. Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

There are times when an RV's toilet paper holder is placed in a very inconvenient spot. With a self-adhesive toilet paper holder, that's a frustration of the past. You can choose where and how to hang your TP roll for easy access.

3. RV Toilet Paper

Do you need RV-specific toilet paper? Yes! You're not dealing with indoor plumbing when using your RV bathroom. You want toilet paper that will break down easily and not clump together and back up your RV's septic system or block sensors. Be smart, and buy some rapid-dissolving RV toilet paper to put on that self-adhesive holder.

4. Anti-Bacterial Wipes

These are good anywhere in your RV for multiple reasons but can come in particularly handy when cleaning up your bathroom before, during (sanitizing after toilet use, for example), and after a road trip.

5. Towels, Towels, and More Towels...Oh, My!

Never underestimate how many towels you may need on an RV camping trip. Even if you're staying at a campground with laundry facilities, you may need clean towels when your dirty ones are in the machine. Bring along as many bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths as you can.

6. Magnetic Organizer for Bathroom Drawer

If your bathroom drawers tend to be disorganized, get one of these bamboo-covered magnetic organizers. Put them on the side of your drawer with adhesive strips, or simply put them in a corner to keep smaller metal items from moving around.

7. Hanging Caddy/Shelf for Shower

At home, because you have plenty of space, you have shelves in your shower or bathtub for your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. In an RV bathroom, you have much less space. Make use of it by hanging your shower essentials over the neck of the shower faucet in a caddy, or mount one to a wall with suction cups or water-resistant strips.

8. Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder

Some folks might be content to leave their toothbrush exposed between uses on the bathroom sink, but not you. No, you put your toothbrush in a holder mounted on the wall with suction cups or 3M strips. Oh, and this holder has a cover on it to protect toothbrushes from shower and toilet water splashes. Good on you!

9. Mini Pop-up Trash Can

You can't flush trash away down an RV toilet, but you can get a pop-up trash can to place it in instead.

10. Holding Tank Treatment

Even if your RV campsite has a dump station, it may be inconveniently located. Until you get a chance to clean out your RV's black water, you can use holding tank deodorant to get a handle on waste and keep odors to a minimum.

11. Retractable Laundry Line

Face it, laundry racks are impractical in an RV. Better to have a retractable laundry line mounted in your bathroom that you can string across as needed to hang towels, bathing suits, and wet laundry. This is one of the best RV bathroom ideas around.

12. Over-Door Pocket Organizer

By hanging a pocket organizer over your bathroom door, you can keep your toiletries organized, visible, and easily accessible. It's better than keeping them all in a bag or haphazardly in a small cabinet.

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