Fun-Filled Roadside Attractions for Your Alberta Road Trip


Alberta, Canada, is primarily known for its spectacular natural scenery and abundance of outdoor recreation (we’re looking at you, Banff and Jasper National Parks). However, that’s just the beginning of what the province offers. 

With a history and culture deeply rooted in cattle ranching, oil, European settlers, and Native American influences, Alberta is one of the most interesting destinations in Canada. Making it even more interesting, there are a number of enormous and quirky roadside attractions in Alberta, affectionately — and appropriately — known as “Giants of the Prairies” (Alberta, along with Manitoba and Saskatchewan, is considered one of Canada’s prairie provinces).

These funky and oh-so-photogenic giant Alberta roadside attractions are best explored on a road trip, and there are truly dozens and dozens of them. To help you start checking some of them off, here are our suggestions for seven of the best roadside attractions in Alberta, including, of course, several enormous Alberta statues. 

7 Can’t-Miss Roadside Attractions in Alberta

From popular sci-fi memorabilia and a nod to potential extraterrestrial life to several of the official world’s largest statues, Alberta roadside attractions are unique and varied enough to keep anyone interested in exploring. Consider it a choose-your-own-adventure type of scavenger hunt and have fun with it!

1. World’s Largest Dinosaur

If you’re a fan of larger-than-life roadside attractions (and really, who isn’t?), make a beeline for Drumheller, Alberta, the heart of Canada’s badlands. Here, you’ll find Tyra, an 86-foot-tall dinosaur statue, the official Guinness World Record holder for the world’s largest. She’s 4.5 times taller than real T-rexes were, and visitors can actually climb up about 100 steps and stand fully upright in Tyra’s mouth. 

2. World’s Largest Oil Lamp

In the small town of Donalda, you’ll find another of the most famous roadside attractions Alberta has — this one a replica oil lamp. At the Donalda & District Museum, the 42-foot-high statue is an homage to the museum’s extensive collection of 900-plus antique kerosene lamps. This giant Alberta statue is made of steel and fiberglass, took over four years to build, and even lights up every night. 

3. Replica Starship Enterprise

Calling all Star Trek fans! Vulcan, a coincidentally-named town 1.5 hours south of Calgary, is home to a replica Starship Enterprise spaceship, as well as several other Star Trek-themed attractions. The visitor center (which is, naturally, shaped like a space station) where the Enterprise is located serves as a small museum of the show, and visitors will find informational placards in English, Vulcan, and Klingon!

4. World’s First UFO Landing Pad

Not to be outdone by Vulcan, the town of St. Paul has a famous Alberta roadside attraction of its own: the world’s very first official UFO landing pad. The town built the enormous 130-ton concrete structure in 1967 when it was named Canada’s Centennial Capital. There’s also a visitor center on-site with photos of crop circles, UFO landing sites, and unexplained mysteries. Whether you believe in extraterrestrial life or not, this is a fascinating roadside stop in Alberta.

5. World’s Largest Mallard Duck

Spanning 23 feet and poised in flight, this well-known Alberta roadside attraction is found in the small village of Andrew, about an hour east of Edmonton. The one-ton duck pays tribute to Andrew’s Whitford Lake, a major site for annual duck breeding. While in town, stroll the picturesque main thoroughfare to soak up some authentic small-town charm and the distinct slower pace of life in the country.

6. Limohenge

Also cheekily referred to as Canada’s Lincoln Memorial, “Limohenge” is unique among even the quirkiest roadside attractions in Alberta. On the grounds of an auto salvage yard in Lamont in central Alberta, visitors will find a number of limousines — specifically Lincoln limousines, as you may have guessed — arranged in unusual manners. Some are partially buried, sticking out of the ground at dramatic angles, and others stick straight up. 

7. World’s Largest Teepee

Last but certainly not least, we have another one of Alberta’s roadside attractions that qualifies as the world’s largest. This 215-foot-tall Alberta statue carries a bit of local history and culture, as it was built specifically for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. With its stature and 160-foot-wide circular base, not only is this the world’s largest teepee, but it’s also the largest roadside attraction in Alberta of any type. 

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