​​Road Trip Games That Will Help Pass Those Long Drives


Let’s face it: long road trips can be a drag if you aren’t prepared. When you’re driving hundreds of miles down the countryside, longing to reach your intended destination, your mind begins to wonder, the kids become irritated, and your patience is tested.

With the end nowhere in sight, you need creative ways to pass the time and make your trip feel like a breeze. This is where road trip games come in handy. In this helpful guide, we’ll provide you with a list of enjoyable activities to keep your family engaged and entertained for the long journey.

Top 10 Long Drive Road Trip Games

As you settle in for the long road ahead, avoid the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?” with these 10 fun road trip games: 

1. 20 Questions

As one of the most popular pastime activities, 20 Questions is a great way to keep your mind occupied. A player selects a person, place, or a thing, while the other participants ask up to 20 yes-or-no questions to figure out what the player is thinking. Is it an animal? A celebrity? A movie? The questions become more specific as you try to figure out the mystery!  

2. Would You Rather

On the surface, Would You Rather seems like something only elementary school-aged children would enjoy. This is far from the truth! Get creative by coming up with a list of comparison questions. The idea is to ask questions about unpleasant situations. Would you rather pet a rattlesnake or sleep next to a bear cave in the wilderness? It’s a great way to generate a few laughs on the road.

3. Fortunately/Unfortunately

Fortunately/Unfortunately is a great way to test your storytelling skills. One player picks the setting, then the next participant adds to the storyline by starting the sentence with the phrase “fortunately” or “unfortunately.” Participants must alternate between the two terms by coming up with hilarious scenarios that are either pleasant or unpleasant. 

4. Who Am I?

Similar to 20 Questions, Who Am I is a guessing game where participants ask yes or no questions to try and figure out the identity of a selected person. Was this man an actor? Is he a famous politician? Is he still alive? We think you get the idea.

5. Telephone

Telephone is a quality pastime activity if you have several people in the RV or car. Start by having one person whisper a message in someone else’s ear. That person then relays the message to the person next to them. The game continues until you reach the final person. The last participant must reveal the message out loud to determine how much the statement changed.

6. Word Association

Word Association is exactly what it sounds like: you reveal one word and have everyone say the first word that comes to their mind. For example, you can say “food,” and someone may associate that word with “cake.” You can get creative by setting a timer or splitting up into teams and having participants compete over who can come up with the most word associations.

7. I Spy

Nothing helps kids sharpen their perception skills better than a game of I Spy. The first person selects something that they see, while the other participants attempt to make educated guesses on what the person sees. For example, you can say something like, “I spy something round and green out of the corner of my eye.” It’s a simple way to keep youngsters focused and amused.

8. Animal Name Game

This one is pretty straightforward: a player starts the game by saying their first name, then chooses an animal whose first letter begins with the same letter as their name. The next person has to reveal what the first person said; then, they come up with an animal that pertains to the first letter of their name. You can continue up until the moment one of the participants messes up.

9. The Movie Game

There are different variations of The Movie Game. One popular version involves having someone state a letter, then everyone else in the group thinks about a movie that begins with that letter. You can keep playing by moving through the alphabet or choosing a different category. 

10. Category ABCs

Just like the previous game, Category ABCs involves a player choosing a category and then naming something that begins with the letter A. The game progresses as each player names something in the category that follows the next letter in the alphabet.

Unwind With Cruise America

When everyone is engaged, road trip games are great pastimes to grow close with one another and enjoy the long drive. If you need a little bonus for your journey, Cruise America is here to help.

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