Riding Off in the Sunset RV Style


Next time you get the bug to travel, consider these recommended Arizona destinations to visit in your Cruise America rental motorhome.

San Pedro House: Located near the San Pedro River on Highway 90, and not far from Sierra Vista, San Pedro House, located in the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, is an incredible adventure for the entire family. You will find amazing guided, interpretive hikes and bird walks along the river and surrounding areas. Here you will learn anything you'd like to know regarding this area's rich history, ecology and archaeology. The San Pedro House is a 1930's era converted ranch house that now functions as a visitor's center and bookstore/gift shop. You'll find a wonderful array of birding, history and travel books, as well as CD's, arts and crafts and locally made goods. It’s a great place to take your family throughout the entire year. The towering cottonwood trees help to keep the area cool during the summer, providing shade along the river. Listen closely and you will hear frogs, animals and birds—a lot of birds. The trail stretches for miles, and provides the perfect setting for a leisurely stroll, kid's exploration or a mountain biking adventure! Enjoy the workshops on birds, wildflowers and butterflies at the house. From the base, you can meander along the beautiful trails that lead through the area. It’s an experience that is not only educational, but beautiful as well.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument: This monument is one of several areas in the U.S. with protected and preserved ruins of ancient Native American dwellings. These sacred ancient canyon lands were officially designated in 1931 to be protected by the National Park Service. The monument includes fascinating dwellings built into rock cliffs in a rugged and picturesque canyon. There are also a great number of scenic drives and hiking trails.

Chiricahua National Park: Filled with endless rocks and rock formations, Chiricahua National Park offers hiking trails where visitors can get up close to these towering stone formations. And for those of you who are traveling with your four-legged friends, pets are welcome as long as they remain on a leash. The 8-mile drive meanders through several breathtaking scenes, and overlooks the incredible Massai Point. At the visitors center there is a short movie that tells all about the park and the area's history. The park is in the Chiricahua Mountains just less than 40 miles off Interstate 10.

Antelope Canyon: A slot canyon is a narrow crevice formed by powerful, rushing water tearing and forcing its way through rocks, creating a pathway. Antelope Canyon is a perfect example of one of these canyons. Located on Navajo land this slot canyon is often visited by nature lovers, history buffs, hikers and photographers. These visitors provide a tourism trade for the local Navajo people. Although some photographs taken in the canyon are stunning, it can take a great deal of skill to capture some of the breathtaking images, due to the overhead lighting, or lack thereof, within in the red canyon crevices. Antelope Canyon is located near Page, Arizona.

Meteor Crater: The Barringer Crater was formed by the mighty impact of a meteor that crashed into the earth centuries ago. The rim of the massive crater measures approximately 4000 feet across, and plunges to a depth of 570 feet. It’s a reminder of the powerful forces of nature, and the perils of the universe in which we live. Visitors will find this incredible site near Winslow, Arizona approximately 35 miles east of Flagstaff. The crater is not far from Interstate 40. The site even offers RV parking should you desire to stay overnight, but be sure to make your reservations ahead of time.

The Sonoran Desert: This classic North American desert covers territory in Arizona, California, Mexico and Baja California. The great city of Tucson lies within this colorful desert, and that is where you will find the renowned Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. It is a living museum, garden and zoo, and an amazing place to visit and learn about local desert animals and plants. There is a short trail that crosses over about 20 of the 100 acres reserved for protection by the facility. Visitors can get close to rare and endangered animals as well as unusual plants. A gift store, cafe (with outdoor seating and scenic views), and animal shows are some of the other features of this popular museum.

The Grand Canyon: This is one of the most beautiful destination spots in the world. RVers travel from all over the country to gaze on one of the most spectacular scenes on earth. This vast canyon has been forming over several thousands of years by the rushing waters of the Colorado River. Within the walls of this natural wonder of the world are many spectacular rock formations that were carved by the rushing water. There are viewpoints and trails that you and your family can enjoy on both the north and south ends of the canyon, the north side being in Utah and the south side being in Arizona. Travelers that are especially rambunctious can hike down to the canyon floor, where they will find accommodations to stay in as they prepare to hike back up to the rim. There are several scenic drives and panoramic lookouts that allow you to enjoy this monolithic natural wonder. It’s one of mother natures best creations. Oh, and there are plenty of RV parks in the area, some of which are right in the park.

So climb into your Cruise America rental RV and set out to enjoy the vast beauty of the deserts to the south and the mountains to the north—in beautiful Arizona.