How Does Renting an RV for a Long Road Trip Work?

There is something about the freedom of the open road that stirs the human soul. Being free from a work routine, even temporarily, is pure bliss. All that stands between you and happiness are the miles to go to get to your destination. In reality, there is a lot you need to do to prepare for an RV adventure, including renting an RV for the road trip. 

But, don’t worry! All the planning can seem daunting, but once it’s all out of the way, you will find things will go far more smoothly than for those who chaotically leave everything to chance. Keep reading for tips on renting an RV for a road trip and other key information you need to know before you go!

Road Trip RV Rental 

You have several different options when renting an RV for a road trip, such as picking it up from one location and returning it to that same location. There are also one-way RV rentals which may be more practical if you’re concerned about your ability to drive long distances or want to save money on fuel. If you have questions about one-way RV rentals, Cruise America has answers!

Booking Your Trip

Those who push things to the last minute don’t have as many options as those who prepare well in advance. When renting an RV for a road trip, book it as early as possible to ensure the right RV for you is the one you get!

Assuming you have a destination (or destinations) picked out beforehand, you’ve probably already done some research as to the best times to visit –– and have also figured out when the worst times are to try to book an RV campground near or at your destination.

Do your due diligence –– read Cruise America’s guides to RV camping in national and state parks. Then, handle renting an RV for your road trip and booking the parks you want ASAP.

Factors To Consider

Preparing for renting an RV for a road trip is only one aspect of trip planning you need to consider. It’ll be important to budget for everything you possibly can before heading out. 

Average Fuel Costs

Whether the fuel cost of an RV road trip will be $300 or $500 depends on a few things. Gas prices are constantly in flux. Furthermore, flexibility in the routes you can choose (and unpredictable weather) can add (or remove) the necessity of an extra fill-up. 

What isn’t in flux are the sizes of RV gas tanks, and you need to factor in the size of your vehicle, the size of its tank, and when and how far you’ll be traveling. You also should think about the mileage your RV gets on local roads versus highways.

RV Park Costs

Prices for RV parks can vastly differ between states and around different destinations. The average cost of an RV campsite ranges between $25 to $80; larger campgrounds, or those with full hookups, free Wi-Fi, and other amenities, may be on the higher end, while RV sites with basic hookups can be much more affordable. 

Suppose you’re trying to stay within a budget, and want to save money on RV parks? If you’re willing to rough it a little, you may want to try out dispersed camping, otherwise known as boondocking. There’s usually nothing in terms of amenities or hookups, but also usually nothing (or almost nothing) in terms of fees. 

Road Conditions

RVs are much bigger than your average car or truck, and some roads that you could normally drive on with your personal vehicle will simply be inaccessible with a much larger RV. You’d be smart to plan a drive on RV-friendly roads or routes. If you don’t know which roads to take, you’re in luck, as there are many apps out there that can help you find the perfect route!

Dump Station Locations

Of great concern to those setting out on an RV road trip is where to dump your waste –– which should only be done in designated areas. Your best bet is to call ahead to any campgrounds you will be staying at, or make use of the dump stations or information at your RV rental facility. Many RV campgrounds will have dump stations for you to use, but some won’t. 

RV Hookups

RV hookups, such as 30/50 amp electric and water/sewage connections, are available at most RV campgrounds you’ll encounter. Dispersed camping/boondocking campgrounds won’t have any at all. Consider the type of camping experience you’re hoping to have when you book your trip.

Now that you know what to plan for, it’s time to rent an RV for your road trip with all the amenities you’ll need! 

Find Your Perfect Road Trip Rental With Cruise America

Cruise America can handle all of your RV rental needs before you head out on your road trip. With a selection of RVs second to none, Cruise America will help make your RV road trip as enjoyable as it can possibly be.

Get in touch with Cruise America to rent an RV and experience for yourself what the freedom of the open road can do for you!