Cruise America Partners with Santa and Team for 2022 Deliveries


Mesa, AZ - July 12, 2022 - Cruise America is pleased to announce their agreement for cooperative efforts with Santa Claus and his gift delivery team (GDT) for the 2022 Christmas Season. This comes in the wake of an announcement made by Christmas authorities, who claim that this season will be the busiest yet, with the growing population and the expansion of the gift requests.

When interviewed, Mr. Kringle said, “I have been at this for several centuries now, and never has there been such a large number of presents to be delivered. I think this merger of efforts between my GDT, Cruise America and I is going to significantly improve the efficiency and time management for this record-breaking year. “I would love the chance to sit down on Christmas Eve and enjoy some of the millions of cookies I gather each trip, and this year looks like it might just come to pass, said the jolly old soul!”

Sources inside the Arizona-based Cruise America headquarters said, “Santa and his wife have been struggling for the last several seasons to complete the delivery of gifts before the sun rises. While it has been accomplished every year without fail, the reindeer team, along with Santa and Mrs. Claus, are completely exhausted after the lengthy sleigh runs. We just want to step in and help. It’s what we do here at Cruise America.”

“We used to depart from the North Pole with just one load of presents and get the run completed before the sun would be up.”

Seymore Jinglepants, Assistant Head Elf at the North Pole, said, “We used to depart from the North Pole with just one load of presents and get the run completed before the sun would be up. Believe me, It’s a scheduling nightmare to keep in sync with the international dateline, and now we have to return to the North Pole at least four times to gather more gifts.”

Seymore went on to explain that, “Santa decided to include Mrs. Claus in the delivery efforts. She will be driving the ‘command vehicle’ along the same route as the sleigh so that when his gifts are depleted, Santa can just land on the closest roadway to transfer presents, candy canes, and (sadly) coal from the rental RV to the sleigh.”

Santa told officials at Cruise America that he has searched the world over to find an RV that was easy enough for Mrs. Claus to maneuver through the night, yet spacious enough to carry the surplus toys and goodies that are scheduled for delivery. When he saw the top-of-the-line class C RVs, he knew he had found his coach!

When asked if his wife took part in the decision making, Santa said, “Oh, you bet your best dolly she took part! When she saw that these RVs from Cruise America were like-new and easy to drive, and had a bathroom, shower, and kitchen on board, her interest was piqued. Then, when she saw the spacious cargo bins and rear storage, her mind was made up! I’m rather certain this will be the first of many RV rentals for the upcoming Christmas seasons.”

Santa has purportedly spoken of owning an RV but subsequently decided that the upkeep and the storage would be best handled by the maintenance team at Cruise America. He mentioned the cost of insuring nine reindeer (usually a team of eight, unless conditions are foggy, then Rudolph joins up with the team). He realized that it made more economic sense for him to rent an RV. He did comment several times throughout the rental process that if he should decide to buy a coach, he will purchase it from Cruise America. He was glad to discover that Cruise America sells their used RVs after they have been on the road for a certain number of miles. He was highly impressed with the refurbishing policies and the fact that the used RVs are so well maintained. He mentioned that it’s practically like getting a new one, but so much less expensive.

“I don’t know everything there is to know about RV travels,” said Santa, “but I do think that Mrs. and I will rent one of these comfy coaches to drive to the west coast to see her mother this summer. It’s a trip we have to take every single year to see the woman to whom I refer as The Abominable Snowman!” Santa chuckled and looked around cautiously to make sure that nobody was eavesdropping; “But if she knew I called her mother that, I’d be sleeping in the reindeer stable until Christmas of 2026!”