The 6 Best Outdoor Gifts for an Outdoorsy Mom


Mom is always looking out for the family, but moms are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. Gift cards can feel impersonal and homemade coupons are out. The best gifts for mom help her unwind or add a bit of luxury to her daily life. 

Look for gifts that she may not buy herself but that she totally deserves. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Mom’s birthday, or you just need to prove you are her favorite child, this list of outdoorsy gifts is sure to make your mom smile. 

The Best Outdoor Gifts for Mom 

There are as many ways to enjoy nature as there are moms to enjoy it. Be sure to wow mom with something special that highlights and improves upon the way she does the outdoors. 

For the Mom Who Needs To Relax 

Give mom the perfect spot to relax the next time she heads outside. A foldable camping chair is not only incredibly portable for car or RV camping but also can easily be used anywhere outside. 

Go ahead and splurge on all the features, so mom never wants to stand up. This GCI Outdoor Sunshade Rocker is a great choice for the removable sun awning and the ability to rock on any kind of ground. Pair it with a folding ottoman, too, so she can kick her feet up by the campfire as her stresses melt away. 

For the Mom Who Likes To Cozy Up By the Fire 

Camping doesn’t have to feel like roughing it. For a mom who likes to get cozy, a soft, lightweight blanket could be the perfect gift on the next occasion to spoil her. Fouta blankets are made of ultra-soft cotton and are the perfect size to pack up, spread out, or wrap up in.

Take it with you to the desert or beach for a sand-resistant layer, wear it as a scarf or sarong, or just enjoy the perfect travel blanket for warmth. Make sure to get mom’s favorite color because this blanket will quickly become a constant companion. 

For the Mom Easing Into Outdoor Life

What’s better than waking up to nature’s many beautiful sights and smells? And what’s worse than stumbling out of a tent or camper to put your boots or shoes back on before tackling the morning chores. 

With the unbelievably comfortable slippers from Teva, Mom can slide right into an “outdoor slipper” that’s soft enough for inside but tough enough for outside. She won’t ever want to take them off! No matter where the Ember Moc may take her, she’ll think about you as she floats from place to place in this cushioned, lightweight slipper. 

For the Mom Who Wants To Keep It Classy 

My mom doesn’t go anywhere that doesn’t have wine. When it comes to the outdoors, she will certainly bring her own. One of the best camper gifts for moms who love a nice glass at the end of the day is a Wine Table that can keep her favorite treats close at hand. 

This portable picnic table has four wine glass holders (buy her plastic ones if she doesn’t have them yet!), plus plenty of space for charcuterie on top. This camper gift for moms is perfect for your next glamping adventure

For the Mom Looking To Get Away From It All 

Some moms look to the outdoors as a way to escape the busy pressures of everyday life. For that type of mom, help her unwind in a double hammock from Eno. A single is okay, but the larger double size offers more room to stretch out in any direction. 

These hammocks pack up small and weigh in at a little more than 1 pound, so Mom can bring it along anywhere. Just don’t wake her up from one of the many naps she’ll enjoy among the trees. Don’t forget to buy the straps, which are sold separately. 

For the Mom Who Longs To Explore 

A little rain doesn’t need to keep Mom tethered to camp. With a new and high-tech waterproof layer, she can handle any precipitation mother nature has to throw her way. 

The Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Jacket is lightweight, breathable, waterproof, and packs into its own pocket. The hood stays up when you need it, and the jacket comes below the waist for added protection. Bad weather will be a thing of the past when mom can add this layer to her hiking wear. 

Make Mom’s Day With Outdoor Gifts

You don’t need a special occasion to treat your mom to something special. The best outdoor gifts for Mom help her enjoy nature in her own way. Whether your mom wants to relax by the fire or wants to find a more exhilarating adventure, these gifts are sure to quickly become her new favorite outdoor accessories.