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Visitors to South Carolina usually head to the Atlantic coastline to check out Charleston, a port city with hundreds of years of history going back to some of the earliest settlements. However, while the attention on Charleston is understandable, there is actually so much more to see by venturing deeper west into the Palmetto State. In fact, there are 47 South Carolina state parks to choose from, and most of them are in the state’s interior. 

One South Carolina state park that shouldn’t be missed is located about as far inland as you can go in the state: Oconee State Park. Read on to learn why Oconee State Park should be your next South Carolina RV road trip destination!

Where Is Oconee State Park?

Located in the westernmost portion of Upstate South Carolina, historically known as the Upcountry, Oconee State Park is a perfect Palmetto State family getaway destination. Situated amongst pines and hardwoods at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Oconee State Park is a place you can easily connect with nature and your loved ones in a variety of ways. To get there, travel about an hour west of Greenville, SC, to Mountain Rest. 

What Can You Do at Oconee State Park?

Like many parks established during the Great Depression, Oconee State Park was built by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps in 1935; some of the original park buildings from that time period remain standing today, so keep a lookout for them! In addition to finding living pieces of the park’s history (and, of course, camping at the Oconee State Park campground), there are plenty of other, more outdoorsy, things to do while there.

Hiking, Biking, and Geocaching

Hikers and mountain bikers can enjoy the many miles of trails open for exploration. For visitors into geocaching, there are several geocaches situated within the park.


For families that like to play together, there is an 18-hole mini-golf course open year-round, with children aged five and under able to play for free. Go there and get your putt-putt on!

Swimming and Boating

More aquatically-inclined guests can have a good time at one of the park’s two lakes (there’s a 2- acre lake and a 12-acre lake to choose from). Starting from Memorial Day, you can go swimming when hanging out at the designated swimming beach or venture out onto the waters in a rented canoe or in your own kayak, canoe, or boat. 

Year-Round Fishing

As for anglers, as long as you have a South Carolina fishing license, you can fish for bream, catfish, and bass in the park’s lakes year-round. If you’re more into catching trout, you’ll have to wait for the lakes to be stocked with them during the winter.

If you’d prefer to fish while on the water instead of from the shoreline but didn’t bring your own boat, you can rent a non-motorized fishing boat for a day, half day, or by the hour (prices vary, depending on rental time).

Can You Go RV Camping at Oconee State Park?

You can go RV camping at Oconee State Park, though the amenities you’ll be greeted with are not universal throughout the camping sites! Only two dozen of the 140 designated campsites available to RV travelers are full hookups with electricity, water, and sewer connections; 110 are standard electric sites that feature electricity and water. For those without sewer hookups? Well, there is a dump station for you to make good use of!

To clean yourself up, there are restrooms and showers along with laundry facilities. Beyond that, there are other great advantages to staying overnight at the Oconee State Park campground, namely access to Oconee State Park’s lakes for fishing, swimming, and boating; Campground Lake even has its own fishing pier!

And, if hunger strikes, you can enjoy meals with your friends and family at your campsite’s picnic table. 

When Is the Best Time To Visit Oconee State Park?

Summer is when the weather is at its best at Oconee State Park, and you can make the most of the park’s lakes — including swimming — then. As the seasons change and the weather cools, Oconee State Park comes alive in a different way, with the trees bursting into various shades of red and orange…perfect for family or landscape pictures!

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