4 Coolest National Parks in Louisiana for Bayou Adventures

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Whatever you're looking for when you travel, you're bound to find it in Louisiana. By way of geography and history, it has become a cultural crossroads –– a true American melting pot, taking in all that has happened and those who have made it happen. The French, African, Canadian, and American influences on Louisiana are profound and inescapable –– each culture making an indelible mark on its places and people. 

So, whether you're in the Creole State for the jazz, the food, or Mardi Gras, you'll never lack for things to do. Once in the Bayou State, you might as well explore the best national parks in Louisiana, too, giving you insight into what makes it so special. Perhaps, by visiting the best national parks in Louisiana, you'll also finally get an explanation for all of the different nicknames "The Boot" goes by! 

The Best National Parks in Louisiana

Louisiana has a number of national monuments and parks for tourists to choose from, each telling a different tale. For visitors, the best national parks in Louisiana to recommend going to are the ones that give you as full a picture of the state's history as possible. Here they are! 

New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park

Jazz was born in New Orleans, so it is fitting that there would be national parks in Louisiana dedicated to what some say is the only uniquely American art form. At the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park, most of the rangers are musicians themselves, and they will often perform for you. In addition, at the Visitor Center you can find interpretive programs, learn about live jazz events in the Big Easy, and plan historic walks that take in the city's jazzy history.

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Cane River Creole National Historical Park

For over 200 years, generations of different families of Creoles (people of mixed African, French, Spanish, and Native American descent) worked the land of the Cane River region as owners, enslaved human beings, and tenant farmers. Cane River Creole National Historical Park largely preserves two Creole cotton plantations (Oakland and Magnolia) for visitors to see what life was like for Creoles in the Cane River region of Louisiana both during and after slavery. 

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Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

Long before anyone would hear the adventures of fictional pirate of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow, a real pirate prowled the waters of the Gulf of Mexico: Jean Lafitte. A Frenchman, Lafitte and his brother engaged in piracy and smuggling until the U.S. Navy put a stop to their operations. Receiving a pardon, Lafitte and his fleet of ships were of great help in defending New Orleans from a British invasion during the War of 1812. 

A mysterious man, not much is really known about Jean Lafitte himself, though six sites dedicated to his piratical legacy are scattered throughout south Louisiana. The Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve tells the stories of Lafitte, Cajun and Native culture, bayous, and more. 

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Poverty Point National Monument

Both a National Monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Poverty Point is dedicated to the indigenous people who, 3,000 years ago, achieved astounding feats of engineering in what is now northeastern Louisiana. Hosting Late Archaic earthworks and ceremonial sites, Poverty Point is an essential stop for anyone interested in the cultures living in North America long before the establishment of the first European colonies. 

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When To Visit the Best National Parks in Louisiana

The national parks Louisiana has, along with the state's monuments, can be visited any time of year. However, it should be noted that Mardi Gras is one of the most popular times to visit Louisiana; it usually takes place in mid-to-late February or early March, and RV campgrounds and hotels may be fully booked up long beforehand.

If you are wanting to tour jazz sites, New Orleans will be packed for Mardi Gras, so if you prefer a calmer atmosphere, any other time of year may be better for you. If you don't mind a bit of excitement and noise, then you might as well join in the fun!

See the Best National Parks in Louisiana in an RV!

Travelers seeking out the national parks Louisiana hosts have many choices when it comes to how to see them. One of the best ways to see them all, though, is by RV. You can rent an RV in Louisiana and travel up, down, and around the Bayou State. Now that you know what there is to see, it's time for you to start exploring Louisiana's national parks in an RV rental! Get in touch with Cruise America today, and get on the road!