RV Camping in Kings Canyon National Park


Whether you’re looking to de-stress or you’re planning a family getaway, nothing beats RV camping. 

Not only can your body and mind benefit from being outdoors, taking a trip through nature is a blast!  

So, if you’re looking for your next adventure, why not try RV camping in Kings Canyon National Park? 

Explore California’s interesting history and natural wonders on your visit to Kings Canyon National Park. 

Keep reading to learn more about RV camping in Kings Canyon National Park so you can plan the perfect trip. 

Kings Canyon National Park Facts

Kings Canyon National Park is one of the best places to catch a glimpse of California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada wilderness. Before your RV camping trip, learn more about the park’s history and splendor with these Kings Canyon National Park facts!

  • Kings Canyon National Park is a direct neighbor of Sequoia National Park. In addition, both parks are managed by the National Park Service. Together, the parks are known as the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. 
  • Before Kings Canyon National Park was officially established, it was known as General Grant National Park. General Grant National Park was established in 1890 but was expanded and renamed to Kings Canyon in 1940. 
  • Kings Canyon is home to a variety of flora and fauna. More than 1300 species of native plants and 300 native animal species live in the park. 
  • The most distinctive feature in Kings Canyon’s landscape is the park’s giant sequoia groves
  • The park’s giant sequoia trees are immensely tall, growing as tall as 8,000 feet! 
  • The second-largest tree in the world is located right in Kings Canyon National Park. This tree is the General Grant Tree.

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Best Kings Canyon National Park RV Parks and Campgrounds 

The highlight of any RV trip is choosing an amazing RV campground to stay at! 

It is no surprise that RV camping in Kings Canyon National Park is one of the best ways to experience the park. 

Stay at one of these unique RV parks near Kings Canyon National Park and have an unforgettable adventure. 

Upper Stony Creek Campground

Amenities: Upper Stony Creek is an RV park near Kings Canyon National Park, located on the north side of Hume Lake. Amenities at Upper Stony Creek Campground include vault toilets, a fire pit, and picnic tables. The park is also near mountain biking paths that visitors can traverse. Individual campsites at Upper Stony Creek cost $25 per night. 

Capacity: This park has 23 sites for RVs or single vehicles. Each campsite has a maximum capacity of six individuals and two vehicles. 

More information: Upper Stony Creek Campground

Buck Rock Campground

Amenities: Buck Rock Campground is one of the smaller sites for RV camping near Kings Canyon National Park. This campground is one of the top choices because it is free to go RV camping here! Buck Rock Campground’s amenities include vault toilets, picnic tables and a campfire ring for individual campsites. 

Capacity: There are a total of five individual sites available at Buck Rock Campground. The maximum RV length for these sites is 16 feet. 

More information: Buck Rock Campground

Landslide Campground

Amenities: A RV park near Kings Canyon National Park to consider is Landslide Campground. This campground is one of the smaller campgrounds surrounded by Californian wilderness. When staying at Landslide Campground, visitors can go hiking on trails within the Giant Sequoia National Monument. Amenities include vault toilets and water that is available for visitors. Staying at Landslide Campground costs $25 per night with an additional $7 fee for an extra vehicle. 

Capacity: Landslide Campground has nine campsites, six of which are tent-only sites. The maximum length for RVs at this campground is 16 feet. 

More information: Landslide Campground

Dorst Creek Campground

Amenities: Dorst Creek Campground is an RV campground located in Kings Canyon National Park. The campground is in the Lodgepole/Giant Forest area of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Camping at Dorst Creek includes access to the free Sequoia Shuttle, which takes passengers to various stops, including the Sequoia National Park. Amenities at the campground include a pay telephone, flush toilets, and ranger programs at the camp’s amphitheater. The cost of individual campsites at Dorst Creek is $22 per night, while group sites cost $40 to $60 per night. 

Capacity: There are 218 individual sites at Dorst Creek. Various sites allow RVs of any length, including pull-through campsites. Individual sites have a max capacity of six individuals and two vehicles. Group sites allow anywhere from 25 to 50 occupants. 

More information: Dorst Creek Campground

Princess Campground

Amenities: Princess Campground can be found in a natural sequoia grove, providing visitors with spectacular scenery. Several sites at this campground view the nearby Hume Lake while others have a view of a meadow near the camp. If you’re looking for seclusion while RV camping in Kings Canyon National Park, Princess Campground is the place to be! Amenities include drinking water as well as vault toilets. The camp also has standard nonelectric recreation sites. Staying at Princess Campground costs $29 per night. 

Capacity: The maximum capacity for individual sites at Princess Campground is six individuals and two vehicles. 

More information: Princess Campground

Best Time to Visit Kings Canyon National Park for RV Camping

Both Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park are open 24 hours a day, all-year-round! 

Nevertheless, you might wonder: when’s the best time to visit Kings Canyon National Park? 

Thanks to the elevation range throughout the parks, the weather at Kings Canyon National Park can vary. 

Check out the seasonal information below to find the best time to plan your visit to Kings Canyon National Park! 


During the winter season, Kings Canyon National Park is a snowy wilderness wonderland. Visitors will often visit during the snowy seasons to see the sequoia groves covered in snow.

If you’re looking to visit the parks during the winter, be sure to check the park’s opening schedule. Some of Kings Canyon National Park can be closed during the winter or might close due to a winter storm.  


As the weather begins to warm up, more visitors flock to see nature in bloom at Kings Canyon National Park. Lower elevations in the park have beautiful scenes of wildflowers in bloom along the park’s foothills. Higher elevations in the parks have plenty to offer, including gorgeous waterfall trails in Kings Canyon National Park. Despite the rising temperatures, early spring still promises some snow throughout the sequoia groves.  


The most popular time for Kings Canyon National Park is summer. Visitors can take a break from the summer heat by resting in the shades of the sequoia groves. Many of the park’s ranger-led programs take place in the summer as well. 


Fall in Kings Canyon National Park promises fewer crowds and lower temperatures. This is a great time to explore the park away from the heat and the snow. Some higher elevated areas of the park can still experience snowfall during certain parts of the season. Additionally, certain facilities and areas within the park begin to close in the fall. 

Things to Do in Kings Canyon National Park

Now that you’ve picked the perfect campsite and know the best time to visit, you’ll need to find fun activities to do! 

There are plenty of things to do in Kings Canyon National Park throughout the year:

  • Visit the five unique areas of the park, which have different climates and features. Some areas to note include Grant Grove and Giant Forest, which are home to some of the largest sequoia groves! 
  • Take a tour through Cedar Grove to witness spectacular tumbling waterfalls and tall cliffs. 
  • Hike throughout the different park areas, such as Roaring River Falls. This particular trail is a short and shaded walk to a waterfall, featuring thunderous walls of water. 
  • Give horseback riding a try as you trot your way through the park, starting at the Grant Grove Stables. 
  • Feel the thrill as you experience rock climbing in Kings Canyon. One place that’s great for climbing at the park is Bubbs Creek. 

Tips on Visiting Kings Canyon National Park


By now, you’re almost an expert on all things RV camping in Kings Canyon National Park. You’re very likely excited to start your trip and might be looking for an awesome RV rental for Kings Canyon National Park. 

Before you hit the road, though, here are some tips you should check out to make the most of your trip! 

  • Many parts of Kings Canyon National Park are considered bear country. To protect your food, you have several food storage options. It is highly recommended that you bring bear-proof food containers to the park. Visitor centers throughout Sequoia Park also rent containers to visitors. 
  • If you cross paths with a bear who gets your food, the park asks you to clean up any debris left behind. In addition, you are responsible for reporting this to a park ranger. 
  • Some roads in the parks are narrow, so checking out vehicle length limits for the various roads in the area is important.
  • Lighting a campfire is only permitted in established fire rings at your campsite. You are not allowed to make your own campfire ring if there isn’t one already. 

RV Rental for Kings Canyon National Park


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