Guide to RV Camping Near Jimmie Davis State Park


There’s something charming about smaller state parks. And sure, the unknown mystery of massive expanses of backcountry wilderness has its perks too. But, that brings with it a degree of danger and stress no matter how long you’ve been camping.

A small state park places everything you come to enjoy right at your fingertips. A pleasant stroll from your RV site gets you to that scenic lake, winding trail, or fishing dock you’ve been dreaming of without the hassle of primitive camping.

If a relaxing trip to a beautiful place, stress-free, is what you’re seeking, you’ll find it at Jimmie Davis State Park.

Stick around to learn more about this quaint state park, where to stay, the best times to visit, and everything this Louisiana gem offers.

Jimmie Davis State Park Facts 

Get up to speed on what this park has to offer with these Jimmie Davis State Park facts!

  • Jimmie Davis State Park is a small, 294-acre state park in Chatham, Louisiana.
  • It’s situated on the northern shores of Caney Creek Lake, a 5,000-acre reservoir.
  • Bikers and hikers can enjoy a variety of trails ranging from easy walking paths to challenging hills.
  • Anglers can enjoy a day of freshwater fishing by boat or pier.
  • This is a great park for a one-night stay between destinations or the perfect spot for a relaxing family getaway.

Now that you know more about the state park let’s move on to the best places to go RV camping near Jimmie Davis State Park.

Best Jimmie Davis State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

Spend less time planning and more time adventuring with our handy list of RV campgrounds near Jimmie Davis State Park!

Jimmie Davis State Park

Amenities: For the most convenient option available, check out the park’s very own RV campgrounds. Besides sleeping and waking in the heart of the action, the park’s RV grounds have a few nice perks. Plenty of open greenery, newly-renovated concrete pads, and clean restrooms and laundry rooms await you. The campgrounds are still slightly on the rustic side, and only electric hookups are available.

Capacity: 90 RV sites

More Information: Jimmie Davis State Park

Pavilion RV Park

Amenities: Are you traveling across states for your Jimmie Davis State Park visit? This small RV park alongside I-20 is a great place for an overnight stop. It doesn’t have the fancy perks and huge amenities list of a larger campground. But, you’ll find a homey rec room, pond fishing, and full hookups at all sites. And most importantly, the owners treat you to small-town hospitality that can’t be beat.

Capacity: 104 RV sites

More Information: Pavilion RV Park

Lincoln Parish Park

Amenities: If you’d like to add a second park visit to your itinerary, make some time to camp at Lincoln Parish Park! This quaint park is a hidden gem of Ruston and has its very own RV campgrounds to boot. Enjoy the view at the park’s scenic lake, situated right beside each RV site. Or pack a bike to hit a challenging 10-mile trail. Amenities include electric hookups, restrooms, and showers. Try to book early; this park is deceptively popular and can fill up. 

Capacity: 33 RV sites

More Information: Lincoln Parish Park

Gum Springs Campground

Amenities: Need a spartan, budget-friendly option? Go with Gum Springs Campground! This small, heavily forested park makes a decent getaway for just $10 a night. You’ll enjoy a primitive form of RVing since there are no amenities at all except picnic tables, grills, and a few port-a-potties. The park features easy walking trails, a pretty fishing lake, and shady sites to unwind in peace.

Capacity: 16 RV sites

More Information: Gum Springs Campground

Best Time To Visit Jimmie Davis State Park 

Wondering when’s the best time for your visit? Make your plans with our handy seasonal guide below.


Late winter is a fine time for a Louisiana visit. By February, daytime temperatures rise above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and dry winds remove the damp humidity present in other months.


Blooming wildflowers and comfortable temperatures with few rainy days make spring a good option too. But be aware of Mardi Gras, which draws massive crowds, some of which may spill over into local campgrounds. The Mardi Gras celebration date changes every year but falls somewhere between late February to March.


Summer brings with it oppressive Louisiana heat and humidity. Expect temperatures topping 90 degrees in the daytime and a swampy quality to the air. Summer marks the high season, which means you’ll have crowds to contend with, too. Avoid it if possible.


September and October are the two months with the lowest rainfall in Chatham, about five days each. Combine that with the temperate, summery weather (about 65-80 degrees on average), and you’ve got the recipe for a great stay.

Things To Do in Jimmie Davis State Park 

Get your trip started right with these fun things to do!

  • Catch freshwater fish. Pack some tackle and a reliable rod, anglers. Jimmie Davis State Park has two boat launches and a fishing pier giving you access to a prime freshwater fishing lake. The park is renowned for its big catches of largemouth bass. 
  • Go water skiing. Water skiing is allowed on the lake, too. Just remember there are no boat or equipment rentals, so bring your own gear. Enjoy a rush of adrenaline as you take in the pines and hardwood trees surrounding you.
  • Relax on the beach. Beaches in North Louisiana? Yep! A sandy shore along Caney Creek Lake gives you the perfect backdrop to kick your feet up, read a novel, or just enjoy some warm sunshine. 
  • Spot unique birds. Louisiana is home to about 400 unique species of birds. That makes Jimmie Davis State Park a great spot for birdwatching. Pack some binoculars and keep your eyes on the treeline to spot our feathered friends in their natural habitat. Don’t forget to download a Louisiana Birder’s Guide to know what to look for.

RV Rental for Jimmie Davis State Park  

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