Save at the Gas Pump: RV Fuel-Saving Tips for Your Trip


Did you know that traveling in an RV is one of the more cost-effective ways to get around? If you stop to think about it, it's true: You don't have to eat out since you've already packed most of your food with you. You don't have to pay for a hotel since your ride also happens to be your accommodation. You don't need a plane ticket, and also don't have to pay for a rental car once you arrive at your destination.

Aside from campground fees and propane tank fills, the only expense you have to worry about is gasoline for your rig. That is quite the worrisome expense these days, with gas prices being sky-high. However, there are methods to deal with the madness of high gas prices, ensuring your vacation is even more of a money-saving experience. Anxious to learn how to save gas on a road trip? Read on!

Fuel Saving Tips for Your RV Trip

There are many ways to save gas on a road trip, but you don't have to memorize them all. There are a few simple things you can do before or during your journey,

Keep Your Tires at the Ideal Pressure

Unsurprisingly, the same rules for the road in your regular vehicle hold true for RVs: The amount of pressure in your tires profoundly affects your gas mileage. Under-inflated car tires can have a negative effect on fuel economy, and under-inflated RV tires are no exception. So, what can you do if you're not getting the mileage you want with each fill-up of your rig? Check your tire pressure, and fill up with air as needed!

Better yet, you can save even more money if you proactively check your tire pressure on a regular basis while also trying to keep your tires at or slightly above the recommended tire pressure. When it comes to fuel consumption, it won't be long before you notice the positive effects of keeping your tires at or above the recommended pressure. To save even more money over the long term, invest in a portable tire inflator that has its own battery or can be plugged into your RV's power sockets.

The Lighter, the Better

As you know, RVs are already quite heavy, and RV weight inevitably has an effect on your mileage. While you might think that packing your rig for a road trip means you need to bring along everything, including a full tank of fresh water, take a minute to reconsider. The heavier your RV is, the worse your mileage will be. Is there anything that can "weight" until you get to your campground?

Do whatever you can to lighten your RV's load. Bring only the water you need for the journey, filling your tanks to the brim once you've arrived at your camping spot. Don't feel a need to bring firewood along with you, either; most of the better campgrounds will be happy to sell some to you, and even with that expense, you'll still be saving money thanks to your overall better mileage.

Run AC Only When Necessary

For most people, one of the less-obvious gas saving tips for a trip period has to do with an RV's air conditioning. Running the AC constantly while driving may feel great, and in some kinds of weather, you simply need to keep the AC running! The trade-off is that this has an incredibly negative effect on fuel consumption. In fact, running the AC without a break while driving has the potential to reduce your fuel economy by 20-25%.

Again, in some kinds of weather, you need to run the AC at full blast in order to survive! But frequently, you may still have the AC on even when the weather is pretty mild.

So, if the weather is good enough, open up a window or two to occasionally let a cool breeze in. This will help cycle the air in your rig while also cooling everything down for a while. Still, don't keep the windows open for too long; leaving them open can create drag on your vehicle, which will end up reducing your fuel economy. Every little thing helps!

Save Gas on the Road in a Cruise America RV

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