How to Embrace Your Inner Eco-traveler


The Cruise America tribe comes from all walks of life, from outdoor adventurers and young families to international travelers and retirees. But there is one thing that bonds all us together  – apart from our affinity for RV camping, of course – and that is the love our RV rental customers have for nature and their desire to preserve the great outdoors. 

We encourage our tribe to be good stewards of our beautiful natural surroundings by incorporating eco-friendly practices into their next outing. It’s easier than you think to embrace the eco-traveler in you. Read on for easy ways to do this on your next RV adventure.  

Reduce Waste

Camping is traditionally the time for single-use plastics and papers. We get it – it’s super convenient! But this is one of the biggest sources of waste and trash in the camping community. Consider these five, easy ways to reduce your waste:

  • Water Bottles: It’s important to hydrate when you RV camp and for many of us, the go-to plan is pick up a case of single-use water bottles. Consider bringing along a couple of five-gallon water jugs and filling reusable water bottles and hydro packs as you camp. The super dedicated eco-traveler (and the one trying to pack a little lighter) can opt for various water purification methods and skip plastic jugs all together. 
  • Plastic Baggies: You can also ditch those handy but problematic plastic baggies by investing in reusable food storage like silicone or cloth sandwich/snack bags and Tupperware. Get crafty and make your own Beeswax food wraps and ditch the plastic wrap for good.  
  • Paper Towels: Be sure to pack plenty of dish towels so you can skip the paper variety altogether. You can dedicate a storage bin for dirty laundry and just toss them all in the wash when you get home. You might even be able to wash them at your RV campsite, as many have laundry facilities available for guests.
  • Plastic Utensils: Bring silverware from home or opt for one of our kitchen kits and we’ll stock the essentials for you. Toilet Paper: Just kidding, we’ll let you keep the toilet paper. But opt for recycled versions and brands with sustainable business practices.     
  • Toilet Paper: Just kidding, we'll let you keep the toilet paper, But opt for recycled versions and brands with sustainable business practices.

rv-rental_eco-friendly-travel_3.jpgPhoto Credit: Insta User @KeepNatureWild

Pack It In, Pack It Out

It’s an old saying that bears repeating – whatever you bring into nature should be taken out with you. Don’t leave any trash or debris behind. Leave your campsite, hiking trail and fishing hole in as good of shape as you found it … or better. If you see trash, pick it up, even if it isn’t yours. 

Equally important is to not take anything extra with you. It can be tempting to snag a pretty rock, vial of sand or piece of fossilized wood, but each item you take out of nature is one less thing for others to enjoy. Over time, the collection of natural souvenirs can have a dramatic impact on the environment. Let’s be real, we all have cell phones these days – document your trip with travel photos, not objects. 

rv-rental_eco-friendly-travel_2.jpgPhoto Credit: Insta User @danny_lincoln

Be good to the environment and it will be good to you. Leave it in great shape for the next generation to explore and enjoy. Have other tips for eco-friendly RV camping? Share with us via social @CruiseAmericaRV.