Most Relaxing Hot Springs in the U.S. Worth Visiting

As you enjoy the breathtaking views of the hot springs across the U.S.A., take a moment to remember the rich history that brought these healing sites to us. 

The Ancient Greeks and Romans used natural hot springs as a health and relaxation aid. Few people realize, however, that it may have been the 300 Spartans in 480 B.C. who provided hot springs their most defining moment.

Those warriors fought the historic Battle of Thermopylae (‘Hot Gates’) at a natural hot spring.

As centuries passed, people discovered that the naturally heated water of these springs also has many other therapeutic effects. Fewer muscle aches and pains, skin conditions, and improving blood circulation are just some of the benefits of bathing in natural hot water. 

Hot springs in the United States are now big business. Whether it’s for vacation or for specific medical reasons, hot springs in the U.S.A. are hot spots for summer tourists.

Best Hot Springs on the East Coast

Most-Relaxing-Hot-Springs-in-the-U-S-Worth-Visiting-2.jpgThe greatest concentration of hot springs in the eastern United States is in the Appalachian Highlands. This list covers the entire seaboard, from Massachusetts to Florida. 

Radium Hot Springs

Considered one of the ‘Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia’, Radium Hot Springs in Dougherty, Georgia, is a wonderful tourist attraction. The springs pump crystal blue water into the pool from an underground cave. You’re free to stroll the grounds with its restored terrace, new sidewalks, and gazebos. Picnic areas are also available so you can enjoy a scenic meal.

Saratoga Springs 

Of the many things to do in Saratoga Springs, New York, the hot springs are the cornerstone attraction. Native Americans knew of these springs in the 14th century and recognized their healing and medicinal qualities. Tourists can find springs at both Saratoga Spa State Park and Congress Park in the downtown area. 

Warm Mineral Springs

Located in Sarasota County, Florida, this is not only a place for those seeking medicinal waters but also one of fascinating history. Tourists can learn how Warm Mineral Springs naturally developed from the time of the prehistoric glaciers and native paleo Indians as they explore the area. This is a stop that’s probably worth more than a day or two.

Sand Springs

Sand Springs in Berkshire, Massachusetts, continues to attract tourists even after 250 years. If you’re traveling the Northeast, this is certainly a point of interest. It’s one of the only thermal spas in the entire region, so you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to visit.

Berkeley Springs

Of all the hot springs in the U.S., Berkeley Springs is often referred to as ‘America’s First Spa’. In 1853, Dr. Williams Burke commented on the medicinal and psychological benefits of its thermal waters. It’s a great vacation destination only 90 minutes from Washington, DC.

Best Hot Springs on the West Coast

Most-Relaxing-Hot-Springs-in-the-U-S-Worth-Visiting-1.jpgWhile tourists can find most of the hot springs in the East in the Appalachian Highlands, the greatest concentration of hot springs in the U.S. is in the West. 

Dunton Hot Springs

Snug in the Colorado Rockies in Telluride, Colorado, is a unique hot springs vacation spot. It’s a perfectly preserved ghost town, and interested parties can rent the entire town for special occasions. The Dunton Hot Springs only add to the singular atmosphere. Tourists will find many of them nestled under beautiful snowbanks, waiting to heal the lucky individuals who discover them. 

Morning Glory Pool

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is one of the prime vacation spots for many Americans. Located only a mile walk from the famous Old Faithful is the Morning Glory Pool. Named for the pool’s resembling of a Morning Glory Flower, this famous hot spring is deteriorating due to environmental concerns and may soon be gone, so you’ll want to book your RV trip soon. Tourists can visit many more famous geysers along the one-mile walk.

Fifth Water Hot Springs

The most picturesque hot spring in the U.S. may just be this one, located in Diamond Fork Canyon in Utah. Tourists can combine an invigorating hike to Fifth Water Hot Springs with some time relaxing in the heated waters. It’s a great way to loosen those muscles following the scenic hike in and prepare for the hike back.

Black Rock Hot Spring

If visiting noteworthy hot springs in the U.S. is on your bucket list, this is one to see. Located in Gerlach, Nevada, this one is a bit remote. The Black Rock Hot Spring requires some desert and off-road travel but is well worth the effort. Tourists can follow the famous pointed black rock formation to the hot spring, where they’ll find a breathtaking pool of crystal blue water.

Verde Hot Springs

Located along the banks of the Verde River in Yavapai County, Arizona, this hot spring has an interesting history. The Verde Hot Springs was once the location of a famous resort that burned to the ground in the 1960s. That resort may have been one of Al Capone’s secret hideouts. There are many different pools of varying temperatures, so you can enjoy whichever works for you. This site tends to be quite busy during the spring and fall months with the milder temperatures but is also well worth a summer visit as well. 

RV Your Way to These Must-See Hot Springs

Whether you take the east coast or head out west, there are plenty of hot springs in the U.S. that are worth the trip! So rent an RV and hit the road for a fun-filled family vacation to these stunning locations. 

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