Hidden Gem Locations To Visit in Colorado


Photo Credit: Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash

No matter the season, Colorado is known for its bustling tourism hotspots. In the winter, travelers gravitate to its snowy mountains and luxury ski resorts. The summer months bring outdoor enthusiasts from across the globe to hike its popular peaks. As popular as it is, there are still a few hidden gem vacation destinations in Colorado everyone should visit in their RV rental in Colorado

Sky Pond, Rocky Mountain National Park

Rock Mountain National Park may not be a hidden gem, but Sky Pond within the park grounds certainly is. If you want to see this beautiful glacier lake, you’ll have to trek the nine-mile trail it takes to get there. But we can assure you the hike is worth it. With scenic views along the way and an Instagram-worthy destination, this hidden gem is a truly breathtaking experience. And thankfully, the park features numerous RV campgrounds where you can relax after a full day of hiking to gorgeous scenery. 

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Bishop’s Castle, San Isabel National Forest

This hidden gem is a little more unusual, but just as interesting. Tucked in the San Isabel National Forest, this three-story castle sits on two acres and was built entirely by one man Jim Bishop. A massive structure of stone and iron, the castle has been in construction since 1972 and is known for its anti-government signs, spiraling staircases and a fire-breathing dragon built into the side of the castle. Visit for free anytime you want – the castle is always open to visitors! The dragon usually gets fired up weekends through the summer.

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Big Meadows Reservoir 

A popular and easily accessible fishing and boating location, the Big Meadows Reservoir is a great location for the lake lover in your group. It’s located on the east side of Wolf Creek Pass in the Rio Grande National Forest, with a convenient campground adjacent to the lake. The best times to go are between Memorial Day weekend and about mid-September to catch the plentiful rainbow, brook and brown trout.  


The Manitou Springs Incline

The Incline at Manitou Springs is no mere walk in the park. Originally designed for a cable tram, this staircase climbs nearly 2,000 feet of elevation in under one mile and athletes from across the globe travel to tackle this one-of-a-kind hike. If you’re lucky, you may find yourself huffing and puffing next to an Olympic athlete, as many visit the Incline as part of their training regimen. 


Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

When you think of wildlife refuges, we bet you’re thinking of an African safari or an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Well, this wildlife refuge is in Denver’s backyard and is known for protecting more than 300 species of animals. This hidden gem is the perfect vacation destination in Colorado for any naturalist, with options to explore on foot or by auto.

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Paint Mines Interpretive Park

The Paint Mines Interpretive Park is a vibrant display of Colorado’s natural beauty. Known for its bright-colored clay, these grounds were once used to make paint by early American Indians. Follow the park trails and learn about the early inhabitants of this area, dating back nearly 9,000 years ago, as well as the many animals and geological formations that are still present today.  

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Rainbow Falls, Manitou Springs

Also known locally as Graffiti Falls, this unique waterfall features street art all along its walls. This isn’t the only colorful display, however, as many believe the name came from the rainbow cast by the water in the 45-foot drop. For the architect enthusiast, be sure to check out the Highway 24 Bridge that crosses the creek near the base of the falls. Built in 1932, this bridge was considered super technologically advanced because of the open arch design.

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Hidden Gem Vacation Destinations in Colorado

Sometimes, taking the road less traveled leads to the most memorable adventures.  With these vacation destinations in Colorado, your tribe is sure to experience nature at its finest in one of the most-visited states in the U.S. for RV adventures