RV Camping Near Gulf Shores State Park

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There’s nothing quite like the anatomy of a lazy beach day. Sipping a refreshing cocktail before a dip into the brisk ocean, the pressures of daily life seem a million miles away as the time pleasantly slides into the rolling waves. 

What if there were a place where such an escape is possible all year long? What if this 3.5-mile long slice of paradise existed right along the southern coast of Alabama? If such a white-kissed sand beach called your name, how would you answer?  

Read on to discover why a Gulf Shores State Park RV rental might be a getaway you had never imagined were possible right here in the US of A.

Gulf Shore State Park Facts

It never hurts to learn a bit of the history of a place to appreciate it even more. So, get ready for your stay by getting up to speed with these Gulf Shore State Park facts!
  • The park’s total area encompasses over 6,500 acres. The most famous of which are its 2.5 miles of sugary white sand beaches.
  • Gulf Shore State Park was built in the 1930s by members of the Civilian Conservation Corps.
  • The Civilian Conservation Corps was a relief effort created during The Great Depression as a part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. It went on to become one of the most popular New Deal era programs.
  • Gulf Shore State Park is one lasting testament to the admiration and respect paid to the great outdoors through the program’s manual labor force that made the CCC so popular.
  • In September 2020, Gulf State Park was awarded the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice award for its consistently high reviews and ratings.

Best Gulf Shores State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

Best-Gulf-Shores-State-park-RV-Parks-and-Campgrounds-@apaixonadasporai.jpgPhoto Credit: Instagram User @apaixonadasporai 

Do you prefer quiet seclusion, adventurous ruggedness or something a bit more luxurious? No matter your style of RV camping, you’ll find just what you need for the perfect home away from home. Avoid analysis paralysis with this handy guide to the best RV parks near Gulf Shores State Park!  

Luxury RV Resort

Amenities: Luxury RV Resort tops our list of the best Gulf Shores State Park RV sites. The site itself is modern with free WiFi, showers, 24/7 laundry rooms, a pool, a clubhouse with a kitchen and full-service hookups on all sites.

It’s within walking distance to white sandy beaches for some relaxation in the sun. Or you can explore the nearby city of Gulf Shores for plenty to see and do. There is the Fort Mims historic site, Big Beach Brewing for some local craft beer, Gulf Coast zoo and great restaurants to discover!  

Capacity: 94 RV sites

More information: Luxury RV Resort

Doc’s RV Park

Amenities: Doc’s RV Park is one of the most quaint, affordable and quiet family-run campgrounds in Gulf Shores State Park. If you’re looking for a peaceful stay tucked away amongst a grove of sturdy oak trees, you’ve found your place.

Doc’s offers full-service hookups at all sites, propane for park guests, barbeque grills, an outdoor pool and a playground for your little ones. It’s located about four miles away from the beach. But the short ride is worth it for anyone looking for a secluded space to call home.

Capacity: 75 RV sites

More information: Doc’s RV Park

Buena Vista RV Resort

Amenities: Buena Vista is the destination for luxury among RV parks near Gulf Shores State Park. This modern, upscale RV resort is located between Gulf Shores State Park to the north and the white sand beaches to the south for a little bit of everything.

All sites come with a massive plot averaging over 4,000 square feet, full-service hookups and brick-paved RV pads. The resort itself has stunning views courtesy of its Orange Beach Waterfront Park. The picturesque dock there is the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. And don’t miss out on their huge pool and lazy river, perfect for your whole family!

Capacity: 111 RV sites

More information: Buena Vista RV Resort

Gulf State Park RV and Primitive Campground

Amenities: If you’re looking for RV campgrounds in Gulf Shores State Park, the park’s own RV and Primitive Campground is your best bet. The campground is a massive expanse containing 496 paved RV sites with full hookups. If hiking the park is your goal, this is the spot for you.

You’ll have easy connections to all 28 miles of the trails that the park has to offer. If you need a break from the outdoors, there are some fun activities available on the grounds too. There are horseshoe, volleyball, and tennis courts, a swimming pool and a nature center with info about all the local fauna. 

Capacity: 496 RV sites

More information: Gulf State Park RV and Primitive Campground

Fort Morgan RV Park

Amenities: How does a secluded retreat far away from any hustle or bustle sound? How about picturesque views overlooking the sea within your campground? Fort Morgan, a quaint, family-operated RV park, is happy to oblige.

Fort Morgan RV Park is situated just south of Bon Secour Bay, resting far up the eastern peninsula that makes up the Gulf Highlands. The park’s low site capacity is spread over a space of six acres to ensure as much privacy and comfort as you need. The park has simple amenities like a laundry room, an open-space dog run and a 200-foot crab fishing pier. For a wonderful way to connect to the sea just a short drive away from the beaches and Gulf Shores State Park, check out Fort Morgan RV Park.

Capacity: 34 sites

More Information: Fort Morgan RV Park

Best Time to Visit Gulf Shores State Park

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It might seem like a clear choice to go with a summer visit to a city known for its beautiful beaches. But don’t go so fast! First, check out our guide below to see the advantages of visiting off-season. Below is all you need to decide your own best time to visit for a quality Gulf Shores State Park RV camping experience.


Gulf Shores is mainly a beach town. That conjures up thoughts of balmy days in the sun, sunbathing, and swimming in the ocean. But don’t let that make you pass on RV camping in Gulf Shores State Park in the winter! A winter visit is the quietest season of the year. But the temperatures stay a pleasant 60 degrees all winter long. That means you can still enjoy all the trails you want or a tranquil walk along pristine white sands without a soul in sight. It’s the perfect season for a safe, socially distant family vacation.


The spring from roughly March through May is our pick for the best time to go RV camping near Gulf Shores State Park. The precipitation level is low, and you get to avoid the crowds of the busy summer season. If water sports or swimming on the beach are your things, aim for late May when the temperature averages around 80 degrees.


Summer is, unsurprisingly, the most popular time to hit the beach in Gulf Shores. The temperatures rise to the high 80s from July through August. This makes it the perfect time to enjoy the ocean and water sports or a long afternoon baking in the sun. Keep in mind that summer also has the highest precipitation levels, so be prepared with rain gear if you’re hitting some trails for the day. 


If you’re more interested in nature trails and less so in taking in the ocean, fall is the best season for RV camping near Gulf Shores State Park. Plan your visit in late October through mid-November. Enjoy the brilliant orange and yellow fall foliage of sturdy oak trees that line most of the park trails. Fall has the lowest levels of precipitation, and temperatures stay around a brisk 60 degrees. It’s a real sweet spot for a refreshing walk through all the tranquil woods Alabama has to offer.

Things to do in Gulf Shores State Park

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Now that you’ve learned a little about the park, found the perfect accommodations, and chosen the right time to visit, it’s time to unwind! Let’s go over some wonderful things to do in Gulf Shores State Park. 

Escape a harsh winter. Unlike some beach towns, a winter visit is absolutely worth your time to consider, thanks to the area’s year-round warm climate. Enjoy a reprieve from the cold and the peace and quiet of the slow season.

Enjoy the beach. The beach is a 3.5-mile stretch of sugary white sand that’s a marvel to behold in any season. Enjoy some fun in the water in summer, or read a novel in perfect solitude during the temperate off-season. It’s a must-see if you’re taking the trip through Alabama.

Go cycling. Cycling trails around the park comes highly recommended by visitors and features well-maintained paved paths for bikes. If a lazy beach vibe isn’t your thing, get yourself on two wheels and hit the road at any time!

Take part in fall revelry. Fall in Gulf Shores has some of the most fun events of the year. There’s the National Shrimp Festival in October or the Oyster Cook-off in November for good eats, live music, local crafts beer and even a “Miss Shrimp” pageant.  

Go freshwater or saltwater fishing. Check out the stunning Shelby Lake for a relaxing time for freshwater fish. Or make your way to the piers to try your hand at the saltwater varieties. Bass, bream, catfish and trout are all up for grabs. Make sure you pick up a fishing license and take home whatever you catch!

Tips on Visiting Gulf Shores State Park


Don’t forget these handy tips for your Gulf Shores State Park RV camping adventure!
  • Be considerate when cycling. Give a friendly warning when passing people on the trails since it may be difficult to hear your approach.
  • Make sure to pick up a freshwater fishing license if you’re aiming for Lake Shelby. You can pick up a fishing license online.
  • Shrimp, crickets, or nightcrawlers are the most highly recommended bait types across all fishing sites. 
  • Keep your eyes up on the trails! This part of Alabama is known for migrating birds. Stay alert to spot herons, woodpeckers, osprey or even a bald eagle.

RV Rental for Gulf Shores State Park

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Well, friend, you’ve got just about all you need to know to make for one heck of a trip in one of Alabama’s finest state parks. And if you don’t have the wheels, there’s always the option of a Gulf Shores State Park RV rental. 

An RV rental has all the amenities of a hotel with the freedom and mobility to explore at your own speed. There’s no better way to make the road your home away from home than an RV, even for newbies!

Cruise America’s line of RVs is equipped with a gas top stove, air conditioning, generator, fresh water toilet, refrigerator and shower. Cruise America’s got you covered with an RV sized perfectly for any party. 

Book a Gulf Shores State Park RV rental today and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!