Girls’ Night: Throwing the Ultimate RV Sleepover

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Girls’ nights are vital to keeping sane in this busy world and also keeping up with friends. When it’s your turn to host the next girls’ night gathering, think outside of the box and try something a little more unusual.  

You don’t have to already have your own RV to throw the ultimate RV sleepover, and you definitely won’t need to run out and buy your own. Try an RV rental for a low-pressure, short-term experience in a vehicle you can trust. If this is your first time in an RV at all, don’t worry! At Cruise America, our expert staff is completely prepared to make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of your rental so you can feel confident on the road and at your campsite. 

Before Hitting the Road

Planning the ultimate RV sleepover starts well before the main event. The first key to a successful sleepover is reserving the perfect spot. Since you'll likely only be planning for one or two days, you don’t have to worry about finding the biggest, most perfect location. 

Choosing your location

Start by looking fairly close to home so driving doesn’t eat into too much of your girls’ night time. You don’t have to go far to have an excellent time. Even if you can’t reach mountains, vast remote forest, or another otherwise perfectly picturesque location, you can still have a wonderful time in nature. Smaller state parks or other more local recreation areas may provide a nice campground for low-cost and often smaller crowds. 

If your girl gang is not super comfortable with camping and the outdoors already, make sure there are plenty of easy trails and approachable outdoor activities available. Maybe you won’t all take that sunrise hike, but it’s nice to have a few options ready for anyone feeling adventurous. 

It’s all part of the fun uniqueness that can come from an RV sleepover! Technically, you don’t even need to go to a full-blown campsite if there is nothing nearby. Don’t underestimate the joy and fun that can come from a backyard (or driveway) sleepover celebration. The point is being together — it’s up to you to decide how outdoorsy you want to make your get-together. For those without their own RV, try to rent yours at least a day early if you can. This will give you a little extra time to get comfortable with all of the functions of your rental as the host. Your girls will all be looking to you with any questions or issues that may arise. A bonus day to get used to your RV can make sure that the only thing you have to worry about during your sleepover is your guests and nothing else. 

Sleepover Day

Before you know it, the day of your RV sleepover will arrive. With all your preparation done, you now have an RV and a great place to park it. All that’s left is filling the RV with all of your favorite girls! Everyone’s going to be so excited to check out the RV, so start there when your guests arrive. 

The Full Tour

For anyone who’s never been inside an RV, many are surprised at just how big they seem inside. Show your girls the full tour when they arrive, taking special care to show them a bit of everything. For just one night, everyone doesn’t need to know how to do the full set-up or how to dump the septic system. But there is one appliance you absolutely must highlight — the toilet! That’s right! The toilet! 

The toilet on board of an RV does not work like the one at home. If you want to make sure it stays usable all night long, be sure to show your guests how to flush and drill home the necessity of using a minimal amount of toilet paper. If this is the only tip you take with you, great! It will save you a massive headache! 

If this is your RV, make sure you’ve cleared space for everyone to keep their things. If you don’t have a dedicated place for each of your guests, you’ll all be falling over the clutter all night long! A lot of stuff everywhere will also make the RV feel super small and less luxurious, no matter how nice it is inside. If you’re renting an RV, all the storage space won’t already be full but do still ensure everyone has a spot for their stuff. 

Sleeping Arrangements

The last stop on the tour can be a quick explanation of the sleeping accommodations. Of course, RVs have a maximum limit for how many people they can comfortably sleep, and you should never exceed this limit for safety. But many of the beds in an RV are tucked away or disassembled in the daytime or travel set-up of the RV. Be sure to point out where the beds will be if they are double or single beds, and how they’ll go together come nighttime. 

Try assigning the most easily accessible bed to the person or people most likely to go to sleep first. Later in the night, you can set up the rest of the RV for sleeping but try to wait till the last minute to maximize the amount of space in the RV for everything else. While many RVs can fit 4-6 people, it’s definitely a tight squeeze at times. No need to take over the RV with beds until it’s actually time for sleeping. 

Get Active!

When getting together with the girls, there’s usually no lack of conversation topics to keep things flowing through the night and well beyond. That’s the best part of girls’ night! But your sleepover will be more memorable and much more exciting if you have a few planned activities. The key here is just making sure that the plans are loose and flexible. 

What’s an RV stay without a couple of s’mores? If your camp spot doesn’t allow open fires for any reason, you can still use a portable stove (or the one in the camper) to get those perfectly golden — okay, maybe slightly burnt — marshmallows. In addition to the s’mores, make sure your camper is stocked full of snacks for nibbling and fun drinks. 

You don’t have to go fishing or hiking but plan to have enough chairs so everyone can hang out outside of the RV. Unless the weather keeps you locked inside, take advantage of the space outside to make the camper seem much bigger than it actually is. If outdoor activities aren’t the thing for most of your guests, then you can plan a light craft or just bring games to play inside and out. If your RV is filled with outdoorswomen, then maybe a group hike or other nature excursion can be the perfect complement to the evening. 

Your Ultimate RV Sleepover

Girls’ night doesn’t have to be extravagant to enjoy time away with your best friends. An RV sleepover is a creative way to get out of just the usual dinner and drinks and instead catch up in the beautiful open air. Try something different for your next night out and spread the joy of RVing with the girls. Contact Cruise America for a quality RV rental!