Forums for the Boondocking RV Community to Gather



Boondocking is the practice of “dry camping”—or camping in an RV without any water, electrical, or sewer hookups. RVers who boondock are self-sustained by supplying their own water, power, and waste tanks. 

This is a popular way to camp among many RV enthusiasts because if you can boondock, you can overnight away from the crowds that are often on scenic public lands. Boondocking is also a convenient way to make an overnight stop from point A to point B—no campground required! All there is to do is pull over at the side of a rural road (where local authorities allow it), in a Walmart parking lot, or in a friend’s driveway, which is affectionately called “moochdocking.”

Avid boondockers love to share information and tips on boondocking RV forums. These active online discussion boards and Facebook groups are chock full of boondocking advice, especially for those new to the concept. Read to learn more about some of the best boondocking forums on the internet.

Boondocking RV Forums for Campers to Explore



The IRV2 (get it — “I RV, too”) forum is wildly popular for many different RV lifestyles, rigs, and camping subjects, and its specific threads about boondocking are no exception. 

Don’t be put off by the old-school bulletin board layout — the folks here know their stuff! Join and post a question about boondocking (consider doing a search first to see if the topic has been covered!), and surely, the knowledgeable and helpful community will jump in with answers.
More Information: IRV2

Boondocking & Free Camping USA

This private Facebook group is incredibly active, with more than 110,000 members and multiple new posts a day. 

Boondocking & Free Camping USA focuses on all options for free boondocking and free camping sites, and members are encouraged to share specific places to dry camp throughout the country. (Just be sure to stick to the topic of boondocking and free camping, lest your post gets deleted—there are many other Facebook groups dedicated to other RV camping topics!)

More Information: Boondocking & Free Camping USA

Escapees RV Club RV Network

This is another website in a bulletin-board style with multiple channels on various RV subjects, including a thread dedicated to boondocking.
Topics here include everything from specific boondocking locations (especially in warm-weather climates) to how to air down tires on dirt washboard roads to “What’s the best size motorhome for boondocking?” 

More Information: Escapees RV Club RV Network

Book Your RV Rental for Boondocking

After reading about dry camping on various boondocking RV forums and newly armed with knowledge, you might be ready to book your RV rental! Consider Cruise America, with multiple sizes of campers available to rent. 

Cruise America also has several locations throughout the United States (including Alaska) and Canada, so you can pick up your rental and return it at a location that’s convenient to you. 

Whether these boondocking forums inspire you to give dry camping a whirl for a night or two, or you spend a week or more off the grid, consider Cruise America for all of your RV rental needs on your next trip.