Theme Parks


Whether you go for surf and slides or roller coasters and rides, you’re sure to have a memorable time. When you rent an RV from Cruise America, you’ll have convenient transportation to and from the park, as well as a place to stay - without paying for pricey hotel rooms. Both Busch Gardens and Six Flags amusement parks make it easy to park your RV onsite, giving you a relaxing home base if you need to stop by the RV for a break during the day or want to wait out traffic before leaving the park at night.

With plenty of RV parks catering to the theme park crowd, it’s easy to find a great place to overnight near almost all the Six Flags and Busch Gardens amusement parks - including at a local KOA, the nationwide campground chain where Cruise America renters receive 10 percent off their RV rental costs. With locations across the country - from Busch Gardens in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California and everywhere in between, it’s easy to find a KOA for your Cruise America RV from coast to coast.

There are so many options, the only hard part of planning your RV vacation is deciding which park to visit. Read on for more information about Six Flags and Busch Gardens, and start planning your amusement park vacation today.


Founded in 1961, Six Flags operates 21 amusement parks in North America, including theme parks, water parks and zoological parks. Perhaps best known for famed Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California, all the Six Flags amusement parks offer plenty of pulse-pounding excitement, as well as milder options for kids and families to enjoy together. For a splashing good time, try a Six Flags water park like Hurricane Harbor. Available in New Jersey, Texas or Los Angeles, Hurricane Harbor offers some of the wettest and craziest slides and rides in the country. No matter where you spend your spring break trip or RV summer vacation, you’re sure to enjoy Six Flags.


With two locations - one in Colonial Williamsburg and another in Tampa Bay - you’re always in the middle of the action on Busch Gardens vacations. Whether you come for the theme park thrills or are in the area checking out other tourist attractions, it’s always a good time to hit the rides at Busch Gardens. In Williamsburg, you’ll find a European-themed park, complete with French Alps, a German Oktoberfest, Roman Rapids and more. Meanwhile, Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay offers an African-themed Safari adventure featuring live animals from the Serengeti Plain and white-knuckle rides.

Whether you plan a trip to Busch Gardens or Six Flags amusement parks, you’re sure to have fun with Cruise America. Choose any of our 132 locations nationwide for your RV rental, and plan your amusement park vacation today.